Pray for Others

Please send someone to buy my son's bar/banquet hall.

I pray for Johnny hes,worried about his job plus hes been sick an his tires are bad on his ride,i myself have a bladder infection i ask it be healed in Jesus name an help me to deal with him we both have just went off at the mouth on each other an are hurt no sure if i need to see him again but i let him use my car pl. let him get new tires so i can have my car back ,in Jesus name heal us an help help us an show us if we need to be apart of each others lifes or just let go.

Please join me in prayer for wisdom in spending and saving money for provisions for necessary house repairs.

Hello, Guideposts -- I am having eye surgery tomorrow and after surgery will have to maintain a "face down" position for 3 days, which I expect to be quite difficult. Please pray for me and for the surgeon, Dr. W-. Thanks -- Laurie

Pray for the awful pain I have from Plantar Fasciitis. It hurts so bad to walk on my left foot. Also, pray for strength in my left hip which is very weak. Thank you!

praise jesus lord and savior - my god, my god, why have you forsaken me - wisdom - in jesus name - diane/nj/usa

I pray to get more interpreting and translation jobs. Amen

Tomorrow I have an appointment for my first chermotherapy treatment. My prayer is that I feel very little discomfort or nausea and I pray for my nurses and doctors who are doing their best to give me a longer life. My husband has dementia and really needs me with him.

Please pray for my wife Cindy who has had respiratory problems for 2 months now and currently has pneumonia. Pray for me also, as I have caught some of the airborne germs and now have sinus congestion. Please pray the she and I are are healed. Dear Jesus bring healing in your wings!!!

Please pray for Ginny and Mike, they will hear today if nursing home will accept Mikes Mom Josie. She has dimentia bordering on alzheimers and she can barely walk and she gets really mean and sometimes cannot dress herself. Pray she gets into this place it is nice. Ginny and Mike have had her in an out of 2 homes and felt guilty and brought her back home, they just cannot do this. She needs to be in a facility where they can care for her.
God Bless,