Pray for Others

Please pray that God will give me strength to get away from my emotionally abusive relationship. Thank you.

Heavenly Father, deliver me and bless me. You know the needs, concerns and my heart's desires. Intervene on my behalf. Help me to see your good plan for my life. You promised to show me if I asked. I'm praying until You say differently, Father. Forgive me for the idle thoughts and words I have spoken and for my lack of faith. I retract and rebuke the words and the lack of faith. Bless my needs and concerns. Bless me with the desires of my heart. Be it unto me as it was with the woman in in Mathew 15:28. Thank you Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

I have endured many losses in my life, the greatest of all the death of my 15 yr old daughter to cancer in 2006. My husband divorced me shortly after that and I was on my own after 27 yrs of marriage. My other 2 children are my world, and God blessed me with a beautiful grand daughter a year ago. My children recently relocated to Montana from CA. I could not imagine my life without my children and grand child so I moved to MT also. I do not like the weather here or the small town life style, but, this is where my family is. I am so conflicted and devastated about the circumstances of my life, past, present and the future scares me. I feel lost, lonely and so confused. Please pray for guidance, clarity and peace as I embark on this new journey. I am praying for God to take my hand and lead me where He wants me to be, the prayer I prayed as my daughter passed away. Thank you all for your prayers. CW

For Steve, Jed and Mike - all have cancer and need your prayers for mental and physical strength. Also pray for their caregivers who are tired and need God's help to carry on. Tanner, a 12 year old boy is in ICU because of a ruptured appendix. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you, Jesus!

Please help me to remember and believe that things happen for a reason.......that God has a plan for all of us and things will work out the way the are suppose to. Please give me the strength and wisdom to get through this and help others.

Karyn & Dee, Father. Save, protect, open employment and educational opportunities. Grant these young people favor in every aspect of their lives. Speak to their parents hearts, save them and help them to guide, support and encourage Karyn & Dee. Help Karyn and Dee to develop into good, contributing adults despite their parents lack of involvment and support. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray that the Lord will bless me with a perfect and normal child. Please pray that the Lord will open the treasure houses of heaven and bless me financially.

Pray for peace in our household. My wife is trying to help her 30 year old son. She is praying that God will let her buy a business and let him and his son work there or to see if God will let her buy a house in his behalf, having him lease it from us and then buy it from us in a year. I am against the idea and believe that he needs to seek this on his own. I was raised that business and family does not mix. Often times feelings get involved and when things does not goes right, then you get blame for it. Please pray that God will give us peace.

Please pray for Rocky -. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is a young man who would like to live a full life, get married, have children, finish his career. He is in treatment and prays that the treatment works. Please pray that he recovers from this painful, miserable illness.

Father, save my son, Darrick. Help me to say the right things to Darrick. Help me to be an example of your unconditional love. Save Darrick, Father. Please protect Darrick and keep him safe. Provide for Darrick, meet his needs and grant him favor. Change his heart and change his life. Draw Darrick to you, Father. Show yourself strong in his life. In the name of Jesus. Amen.