Pray for Others

Please pray for my left foot has been hurting (painfully) for the past 2 days. Please pray for my healing. God Bless

I am needing prayer for a mass that is found in my left breast. I just found out today and will be sent to a surgeon for more tests. I am a Christian and still I am very scared and worried about this . Please pray that this will turn out to be nothing serious. Thank you. My name is Linda -

Latest business situation. My walk.

I have been battling gallbladder cancer since Januaey 2011. Gallbladder is not a cancer that is rare and not very good "cure" results. All of my family,friends, and church family have been prayer for my healing. Yesterday, I found out the results of my last medical treatment unless I want to do more chemo. The treatments of chemo and rediation did not work. I need to make some decisions. Do I go for more treatments that are so toxic to my body or just follow God's plans for me. It is difficult to not seek for "opinions and treatments". Maybe I just need to seek God's answers for me?

dear heavenly father pray for me and my family. thank you heavenly father for the blessing that you have gave me and my family.dear heavenly father pray for me and my soon to husband. just wrap your arm around us and say everything is going to be ok. we give you the glory and the praise and we worship you thank you for the blessing amen

Please pray for me and daughter. My ex-husband has gone off his medication as had become VERY controlling, demanding and abusive. In his state of mind, everything I do to try and protect my daughter and I, he thinks that I am trying to destroy him. He is mentally ill and I am VERY scared what he is going to do next. He is ignoring the Judge and agruing with police. I am really scared and having a difficult time functioning. I have to work - I have to take care of my little girl BUT all I can think about is what is he going to do next,

Today is Friday, January 13th, 2012. Please pray that our Lord & Savior bless me to become financially secure for the rest of my life. And bless me with my very own home & business.
And our Lord & Savior bless Donnell whose in jail for a crime. Lord bless him to be freed. And keep him safe and sound.
In Jesus name I pray Amen!!!

something is bothering me from the inside of my stomach and attacking me from the inside of my stomach day and late at bedtime while l am sleep something evil with strange smells comeing in my room late at night.

Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit,
Please answer.
God bless.

I have been unpleasant to someone earlier today...I can't tell you how. Please pray for me...for God to fill me with the Holy help me to happy and to be a pleasant person to be around. I feel bad right now and I am so sad. Please pray to make me happy and pleasant. Ginny