Pray for Others

This is unbelieveable: My son's girlfriend brother just got married in May to this young woman, and she got involved with her boss who is a vice-president of a very large corp. and committed adultery on her newlywed husband of only a few months. This vice-president is married with children, and is about 25 years older than she is. He has told his wife, and children that he is divorcing her, and getting married to Megan. Christmas was a sad time for this young man, and he stayed in bed most of the time. Please pray for Alan that he realizes that he lived in sin with Megan before he married her, and that one cannot expect peaches from a thorn bush. Please pray that all those in involved come to repentance, and that the vice-president gets his eyes opened and realizes that Megan is just using him for his money. Pray that Alan learns to listen to his dad, and that the Lord protects Alan, and the vice-president's wife and their children. In the matchless name of Jesus. Amen

for daughter Laura to stop drinking and to go to AA

my name is ashly my boyfriend just joined the army and im scared for just really love prayer that he would be safe and that God would send him the right friends and help him make the right choices in life while hes away.....and on top of all that hes not a christian so id also love prayer that God makes himself known to him and accepts God....and a side prayer that I get a new job at in the cafateria or as a room assistant....thank you and God bless

Please could you pray with me for relief of longstanding constipation and digestive problems? I so need a touch of Jesus, my Healer right now. Thank you, J.

Dear Lord,
You know what is on my heart today. I am living in an unsafe and unprotected condo. My neighbors are on crack, have 30 cats unspayed living and roaming around the inside of the house, junk is piled all around the house-cars, trucks etc. You know what conditions I have been living in since April, 2011. I live in a prestigious community and these people live next door to me. Please protect me and direct me into a new and safe living environment very soon. I have on my heart to buy a condo but I need your help to secure a loan. Please hear my plea and help me to find peace and safety in a most timely manner. I really need you Lord Jesus to help me!

Please pray for George who just had surgery. He had a hynerated disc in his back. George is my little dog, my best friend. Please. Thank you so much and may God bless you too.

In Jesus name I pray for the people in and Alaska. I pray for the people that they survive through all the snow. I pray for the ships that are trying to get help to them.

My daughter is so lost & she has been for such a long time. Her depression is holding her down & she feels so alone. Please pray for a solution to this affliction, be it the right doctor, medication or situation. It has been so long since she has felt joy, it hurts me so deeply to see her suffer so much. Amen

please pray that god will bring my kids father back home and that we will seek the lords will on what he want us to do. please pray that god will humble my husband and deliver him from his current stae of mind and bring him home to me and his kids

I will under go testing for colon cance on Jan 16th.. I have survived 3 other types of cancer....pleae pray that I have my health restored and am cancer free,,, I really need prayers and miracle