Pray for Others

Help er to get well, JA, EA,SP and NA to have everything they need and be safe and totally well. Help me to do a better job at both my jobs.

Heavenly Father, Louis and Linda. I pray for the miracle of love. Restore, renew and grow us together. Do a new thing, Father. Bless us with with a future together that glorifies you. I pray that our relationship progresses to a joyous, intimate, Christ centered, marriage. Please grant the desires of my heart. All things are possible. I place Louis into your loving hands. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

pray for my families financial situation, I am having a hard time in supporting them. I pray to God each and every day asking him to help out and thanking him for having a healthy family. I pray that one day I can be a servant of God and help out other families like he will help me. Amen

Father, heal my sister, Karyn. She losing feeling in her hand and arm and is headed to the ER again. Heal supernaturally or through your people. Heal Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for Candy, she is a caregiver to her severly depressed husband and has rhueumatoid arthritis herself. I see her fading away as she tries to keep up with the demands of taking care of her husband. Please pray for God's strength, comfort and peace.

Those who go to God for safety will be
protected by him.
I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of
safety and protection.
You are my God, and I trust you.” Psalm 91: 1-4. Father, protect my son and his children who are in potential danger. Save, protect and provide for them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I pray that the love of my life, forgives me... and sees me as a man who has changed for the better... and sees me as a beacon to guide her through her troubled times, to protect and shelter her. to allow her to feel safe in my arms. that we can weather this storm together, as a team.
I was unkind to her during a difficult time, and I have seen the error of my ways.
I am working hard to be the man that she deserves. I hope to be granted the strength, power and guidance to be the man that she deserves... the man that i hope to be... to be with her to have a child and become her husband... i pray to be the man that she loves for the rest of her life... and she the woman i love for and care for the rest of my life.
i pray this in jesus' name...

Please pray for a bill I have drafted in Indiana & Florida. This bill is called The J. A.. It has been introduced in both states this year (2012) It is named after my daughter, Jennifer, who died Jan.15, 2009 at age 29 of an accidental drug overdose. Many are caught in the trap of addiction and many are dying due to bondage of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Satan's plan is too kill and destroy lives. We can do more to intervene for those who are helpless and trapped in a deep sea of substance addiction. Please pray specifically for God's perfect will to be done with The J. A. and for His wisdom and purpose and plan be done with The J. A.Bill (INDIANA Senate ConCurrent Resolution No.7) and (FLORIDA Senate Bill No.1744)I pray that Jennifer's life will leave a legacy of bringing aid and help to others who are trapped in their substance addiction and that this bill bring help and healing (including faith based treatment services) to those incarcerated and those who are not but drowning in addiction and feel helpless to overcome their addiction. (You have my permission to share this prayer request with others) Thank you for interceding prayers. Sharon -(Jennifer's mother)

For our daughter, Katie, to be able to save money provided to her and use it wisely for food, rent and gas and not waste it on her boyfriend. Thanks, Jon

I have asked for prayer before for my family. I lost my husband to suicide September 15, 2011 and now I have lost my nephew on January 15, 2012 to cancer. Please keep our family in your prayers. I know if God leads you to it he will lead you through it but some days are really hard.