Pray for Others

Please pray for Rita who has breast cancer. Also she was fired/layed off from her job. She has a lot of faith in God and a very positive attitude.
Thanks and may God bless you all

I ask you to bring Kathleen back into my life. I miss her and luv her very much.

Please pray that Erin feels motivated to get herself in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Please pray to the Lord and ask that he will keep my son cancer-free. Pray that he will bless us financially so we can pay off our debts. Pray that I will trust in his plan and that I can be the person he wants to be.

I am asking for everyone's prayer for my son, Derek Lance -, all my siblings and their families for good health, our safety, well being, employment, school, financial help, and drinking/drug problems. It has been a struggle and things to be getting a little better even though we still stumble but with God's intervention I pray everything will be behind us. I am not able to sleep or eat just thinking about everything. Please help and pray for us to get the devil and his helper off our backs. God bless you all and may the good Lord be with you all as well.

Please pray for the healing of my lower back pain. Thank you

I would like prayer for Kristi, a young lady who has a serious condition where a vein in the back of her head sometimes bleeds and comes out from her ears. The cause of this was a bad fall in which she hit her head, and then again this year she slipped on ice and again fell and hit her head, and now she is experiencing very serious bleeding and pressure inside her head. There is not much the dr can do with this as an operation would be danger, but another fall could be deadly. Please pray for Kristi, Thanks!

pray for Christopher's healing, he was wounded combat. Thanks and God Bless. Worthy is the Lamb

I have a friend with a young son who needs to find affordable housing for herself and her son, as she has just split up from an abusive relationship, but now has to manage on her own. She now lives in an overpriced basement suite which is cold and rundown and the landlord has just raised the rent. Thanks! Carol (her name is Crystal)

Please keep Dot -in Your Prayers. She has not been able to walk on her own in the last month and she is getting weaker. They are running test to see what's wrong. Thank You All So Very Much. God Bless Each Of You & Your Families.