Pray for Others

Lord, I pray that you will help my son alex = have a successful day with a=. Lord, i pray that you will help my son sign up nick m=, Ben K=, trent v=, and luke s= to become a=advisors. Lord, I pray that you will help tyler r= sign up mason b=, david a=, ty e=, and justin w= to become a= advisors. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex t= to start making moeny with his a= business. lord, i pray that you will help my son alex t= get his silver a= pin in january 2012. Thank you for helping my son alex t= to get his silver a= pin in january 2012.

Dear Lord,Thank you for my many blessings.Let Lisa have a strong and healthy baby.Help Natalie beat her cancer.Be with Gary and his family.Help Sam and Harry get over their operations.Lord,I am struggling with my depression.Please remove my worry,resentment,anger,negative thoughts and feelings.Allow me to be the person you want me to be.Let me be kinder and more gentle.Teach me forgiveness.Give me patience.Protect me and Mona and our families.Let us live with abundance and keep us in your favor.Thank you for carrying me all these years.Stop the unrest in the Middle East,Iran,and North Korea.Help 2012 be a good year for our world.God bless those who pray for me and my family.God bless America and it's people.Bless this site.Amen.

I am going for a medical procedure today, very nervous. Please pray all is well.
In Jesus Name

Please pray for me to recover from debilitating depression and anxiety. Please also pray for my family because my illnesses make it impossible for me to care for them properly. Thank you. Tanya

Prayer to heal Jude.

Please pray for Michael who just had surgery and his wife Rosie who will be taking care of him in his time of need, for my son Lee for staying on the right track, for me for my financial situation, for my sister Diane & husband Joe in his illness, for Mary's Mom to easily find her way home to the Lord, for the rest of my family keep them safe and healthy and also Lord, I pray for the poor, the sick, and the helpless - let them find comfort

Remember my son Michael in your prayers. He needs a relationship with the Lord. Also that he would be convicted to eat right and exercise.
Also for my friend Doris who has stage 4 cancer. Pray for wisdom to know what treatments to take and for healing and strength.

Please God let us both get healthy and stay healthy. Also, please let the sell of the house go quickly and easily. Thank you God for all your guidance.

Please pray for my children that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. One son suffers from depression also. Thank you and God Bless you.

I am pregnant and had an ultrasound last week. It showed my baby may not be growing properly. I have another ultrasound tomorrow. If the baby has not grown since last week, there is little hope of the pregnancy continuing. I know it is in God's hands and He will see us through. I ask that you pray for God to help my husband and me through this time. Thank you.