Pray for Others

Pray for my oldest son & grandson that they stay together & have happiness. Pray that the ones that have lied & hurt them leave them alone. Pray that his girlfriend does not betray him & they get their finances under control. Pray that my husband finds a job that pays our bills so I can continue to keep our grandson. Pray that my youngest son finds happiness & a job he enjoys. Pray that my mom & mother in law get their BPs under control & they feel better. Pray that my family has health, happiness, love, peace, safety, strength & financial security. May GOD Bless You All. In THY name I pray,

cory sells house this month better finances for me and mikie cory and lacey mikie and jenny (put in hands about house) help me with credit cards!

guardian angel to protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom please guide mackenzie and seth in school with test today seth health and mackenzie health they good on test today guide mackenzie especially in math

James has injured his ligament on his right wrist and Teng - has injured his right elbow. Please pray for fast healing on their injuries.

seths surgery goes good moms health donnie continues to do good mikies eyes and kidneys do not get worse mikes smoking cory safe trip back and back better baby and lacey good alecia jand kenny baby health and they come to family guardian angel to protect me mike cory lacey seth mackenzie jenny mikie kenny alecia llinda karen barry keith gerald and rest of family find dads ring

The bonding broke off my front tooth last night. They need to have crowns but the dentist wants me to see the facial dr first. Before I see them I have to have an mri which I still haven't schuduled because I am scared to be in the machine. Now I am missing a part of my tooth!!! The crowns cost over 4,000 dollars. The facial person costs almost 900.00 dollars. They don't take insurance. Please pray for me to be strong in the Lord and go for the mri. And that the dentist can fix my tooth this morning with patching. I don't have the money for the crowns right now. thank you

Prayers please for Mason and his family and the doctors involved with his surgery today. Mason is 15 months old and has a rare brain cancer--rare for a little child. He had a surgery before Christmas and a tumor was removed at that time. However, the diagnois was cancer. He has been accepted at -'s and is in their care. Lord please help all involved.
God bless you for your time to pray for others!

Please pray for my son Daniel -, he is having a difficult time with his ex girlfriend and her boyfriend who is threatening to hurt my son so much strife and hate on their part, I pray for my sons safety and Let God shine some light on their souls, in Jesus name he has a daughter which he loves very much.

Please pray for our family my husband lost his job. My mother passed away Jan. 3, 2012. My brother in law passed away Dec 24. We have just had a lot to hit our family at one time. I know God opens new doors when one closes. And I know my mother would not come back for all the money in the world. She finally has a perfect body now with no pain. It is just hard. Thanks, Marsha

Im thinking of never talking to my boy friend an thinking i might need no one in my life at this time or ever.