Pray for Others

Please pray that I will have self-control to make
the right choices concerning diet and exercise.
My current lifestyle is strongly affecting my
health and well-being. Thank you SO much, April

Please pray for Ray and I to heal and for Ray to come home to his family.

1-my God announce me this year and do for me a miracle that wil shock people.My God enlarge my coast.
MY GOD favour me nd my family.there shall b no loss of life and propeties.

Please pray that my husband, Joe, is vindicated of charges concerning his work. Joe is a very good, decent, honest, caring and spiritual man who is always tryig to help people and do the right thing. Please say a prayer of thanks for him not losing his temper or being nervous at a hearing held on 10/19. Thank you.

my friends , i am in need of an urgent financial blessing from my lord an master Jesus Christ. pray that i will trust him to fulfill all my needs. God bless you all. Amen. from Davis -

Please pray for my Mother who had a stroke 2 days ago. Please pray that her ability to speak and use her arms returns. Pray for the doctors and for my family to be strong.

pray for my pastors mom who was been harrassed by own sister in australia and wants her out at the parents house..she lives by her self there...thank u God bless..

Please pray for my son Justin, he keeps getting in trouble for hanging out with the wrong people, he just got suspended from school, he also has a court date in March and I am going crazy I dont know what to do anymore. All I can ask is for all of you to help me pray for my son so that through prayer we can guide him to take the right path. Also please pray that my son can get into a program in march when he goes to court. Please, please, please I need everybody who can to pray for my son Justin and for me because I dont think I can go on anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My grandmother has a lot of breathing problems. She can't walk very far because of this and we live in a very humid area, which does not help. She has recently had a bad cold. She has to do a lot of physically and mentally draining work to help take care of my grandfather. She needs complete healing not only from this cold, but for her breathing altogether. I also want to pray that her situation at home with my grandfather will ease up. She needs strength physically and mentally. I know God can turn any situation around!

Thank you for your prayers. Still need provision of $300 to finish paying rent and $171 to pay electriticy bill to avoid disconnect immediately.