Pray for Others

Happy New Year. Please Pray for my uncle Healing.He just find out He has liver cancer.

Please pray for the La Z Boy store at the Jersey Shore. Pray that we will build a strong successful team. Pray that we will beat all of our goals and build a sustainable business.
God Bless You!

Please pray for the family of Kevin, Linda, Ralph and Alice.
God Bless You!

Please pray for Kristen as she goes to hew Nursing Job to become one of the greatest nurses ever. please God bless with her with talents equal to what God wants her to to and become. Please pray for Kristen also in her relationship with Mike and help it to grow. And finally please pray for Ktisten as the weather may turn bad and that she drives safely I. This winter weather so she gets to and from all her destinations safely.
Please pray for Shannon who is in jail and is trying to recover from Drg addiction. She has three boys under the age of 10 and please pray for Bailey, Bret, and Mason. Plaese pray for Donna and Chris, who are Shannon's mother and brother, aa her actions also are affecting them
Please pray for Alice as she is suffering from unknown infections and really needs to have a total knee replacement but they wont do it until they get her infecctions all cleared up.
please pray for Steve and I that we have a great week at work and are safe in all we do and that we too can do Gods will this week.
Please prat for Mary and Bob. Mary is recovering from and hip replacement, and Bob may have suffered a mild stroke.
please pray for Caroline as she is developmentally delays slightly and needs help in school.
thank you for you prayers. Amen

Please pray for Dwaynne. He was laid off today quite unexpectedly. Pray that our Father opens another door for Dwaynne and his family.
God Bless You!

Thanks be to God for all my blessings. Here am I, God. Speak, I'm listening. I pray for wisdom to follow your path. I pray for my son's career. May God have mercy on him. I ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

please pray that my 6yr old grandson will be allowed to come live with us and grow up to be a good christian man. please hurry before its to late for him.

Dear God,
Thank you for this day. Thank you for the sunshine and the nice weather.
Thank you for Jake. I love him so.
Thank you for my family. I love them so.
Thank you for my friends. I am fortunate to have them too.
Thank you for giving me a home to live in and a car to drive. Thank you for letting me be safe and warm in my home.
Thank you for my senses so I may live to the fullest.
Thank you for watching over Pat and Teressa. They need you so very much as they heal.
Thank you for watching over Jean and the girls in their time of need and healing.
Thank you for being with the Holloways and the Gallmans. They need You so.
Thank you for giving me a Sunday school class that I enjoy. I look forward to getting up and being with them.
Thank you for Billy. I am still working on this. Sometimes I wonder why. Please be with him as he hunts and drives home from Fitgerald today.
Thank you for giving me Your Son to die for my sins when I am so not worthy. I am the least worthy person I know. Thank you for loving me when I am not worthy of Your love.
Thank you for this website where I can come each day and organize my thoughts and prayers in private. I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know.
Thank you for the people who work this website. Thank you that they want to pray for me and help others.

lord please heal, jackie,ashley,greg,kelly and of course myself garry, thank you so much lord amen

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.