Pray for Others

Please pray for healing for my back, i have chronic pain

Dear Lord, please soften my husband's heart, so that he allow me to go over to live with him. He is now staying far apart from me. I miss him and need him very much, Lord. I wish to stay with him, together we worship God, together we build up a family and together we experience our lives. Lord, please grant us a chance to be loving, closer and faithful again. Lord, please guard his heart, dont let him fall into evil temptation and sexual sins. Bring his heart back to me Lord. Lord please bless our marriage, so that our love will grow and getting closer day by day. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

May I kindly request and submit my prayer...please pray for my big day in August in order to conduct Christian marriage as the will of God,plan to do just simple wedding but need to spend at least 5000USD so that please pray for mienge- and Daniel -we are first love since we are in teenage but he moved to US as green card lottery winner.So we are in love 14 years,i live in Burma so he will surely come and marry me in August 2012,we both are brought up by Pastors,Missionary family,so I put into God's hands and please pray for our wedding expenses will cover the whole program and it will be the will of God to glorify thy name and fruitful in our future ministory as well.We have deep faith but need all your prayer as well.Thank you for your prayer and the miracle will perform for that day...with much love,in Jesus Christ,mie -

Some times it seem God will never answer my prayer.The burden are so hard to bare day and night,myself and husband fear what bad news or we going to get next.Our son in prison very sick,his 16 years old daughter is being mistreated by her step dad,he been reported but live in a small town and he a sheriff there and all we get oh he one of our on he would not do that this been going on 12 years.Our 24 years old grandson on drugs.I been asking God for a miracle healing in this family so we can have so peace love and joy again.

Please help me get through this depression. It feels like there's no hope; that nothing will ever be better than it is today. Please give me a bright spot, some little victory, something to give me some relief from this.

Our Father in heaven. Praise be to you loving Lord. Father thank you for my current job dear Lord. In Jesus name i pray that you open an opportunity for a well paying job to become mine in the pharmaceutical industry. I I thank you for the strength you give me to carry on. Lord keep the evil one from my life and forgive me for all my sins. In Jesus name i pray . Amen

Need to find a job soon!
Thanks and God Bless

Please pray for my wife Christine as she deals with overwhelming stress in her life. We are trying to restore and reconcile our marriage, our youngest daughter has just moved very far away, our middle daughter has family and financial issues which create stress for Christine, and now her father is very ill and we fear may be dying. Lord, she needs great strength now more than ever and the peace that you can help bring to her. Please help me to know how to help her find that peace and not bring more of it into her life. I love her Dear God and pray for her happiness and fulfillment in life.
I also bring to you the prayers for our daughters as they cope with the issues that life in this world brings. I pray for their success and happiness and that they achieve all of their goals. They are all truly blessings to us and I pray that we may remain close as a family, always.
Through your Holy Son Jesus, amen.

I'm having test done 1/11/12and !/13/2012. Not sure if it's my gall-bladder or stomache.Also shortness of air.Will HAVE x-ray of chest.PRAY THAT IT IS'NT CANCER.And GOD will give me peace

Please help us pray for Marie W- (10/18/28) of Georgia. She just recently suffered from a massive brain stroke which caused her to become paralyzed. Her two daughters had her moved from Georgia to South Carolina to be closer to her daughter that lives there so that they could keep an eye on her, and make be able to get to her quickly if anything happens to her. From the information we have, she has started to regain some of her feeling and mobility back, but we cannot say to what extent. So today, we'd like to ask you to help us pray for her. Please ask God and our angels to let Marie recover from this stroke as much as humanly possible, and stay in good health, if that is what is meant to be. On the contrary, if HE decides that it is her time, please pray that she crosses over to the other side quickly and with ease. Either way, we ask God to take care of Marie, and to help heal not only her emotional well-being, but that of her daughters and all of the rest of her family, as well. Thank you for your time and prayers. God bless you.