Pray for Others

Please pray for Dr George from , De, that his lower back will heal from broken bones and he will be in less pain soon. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley

Please pray that Nick speaks to me and tells me what he has been keeping. Thank you.

Please pray for the following people to make a effort to lose weight soon, Shirley - Tom -., Jen -, my son Tom-, Jean - Diane -, Joan -, Melissa-, Patricia -.

my son , Michael, is so very obese and he suffers with hypertension, diabetes, severe sleep apnea and has triglycerides of 300. He is only 30 years old. I feel if he does not change his ways he will probably die, all his doctors have told him this but he continues with this dangerous lifestyle. I have also been praying for his spiritual life that he returns to Jesus, There are men on his train that want him to join a prayer and bible study group on Sunday mornings, and i hope and pray that he will join. Please keep him in your prayers he has a wonderful and kind heart, and i know through prayer he will make all these changes, Thank you all for your prayers Michael's mom

Please pray for Maryann-from Pa that she sells her home soon, she can't afford the taxes. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley -

Please pray for me..My house foreclosed and they evicted me.. this is my first night at hotel which is nothing like they advertised.. Please pray expedia will refund my money and get me into a better hotel tomorrow with no hassles and that the pre authorizations on my debit card that I have no idea what they are would stop because I need my debit card right now.. Please God help me get a car that is good with no payments and a place to live that is nice and safe that I would be happy... Please help me feel secure... Thank you for all your prayers

Asking agreement in prayer that my husband Gary's surgery for a bone spur on his shoulder be successful and he will be able to return to work without pain and try and be content with what GOD has him doing and that the Worker's Comp. checks come in and the bills are paid in JESUS name, Amen. Gary does not seek GOD so I would also ask prayer for his walk with GOD in JESUS name, Amen.

Please pray that someone will buy C. R. in , Pa soon alot of people will lose their jobs. Also pray that someone buys S. R. in Pa. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley-

Please pray for my sister Jean- from Cl De that she gets well soon, she is in the hospital because of water in her lungs and around her heart. Pray that she will listen to the doctors and will take all her medicines, also that her breathing gets better not worse. Thank You, God Bless, Shirley H-

I am ask for prayer for prosperity. I need work on a steady basis.I do transcription from my home and things are slow. I ask the company I work for will have an abundance of work that will be passed along to me. I am their top producer but things are slow.
Also, we have a house we are trying to seel. It's beautiful but small. However, the price is really good and it's in a very nice area. I ask that the perfect buyer will come along and will be blessed by the house and that we will be blessed financially.
Thank you.