Pray for Others

Dear Team,
I request Prayer for my sisters and their needs and for my niece and two nephews that they find their studies worthwhile and may find a job.I thank you for the prayers that you said for me going to my endocrinologist.That went very well.I have to take more insulin as my sugars are too high.Please pray that I don't get "het up" over small things and that I don't have a spatial perspective problem as i fear getting from one place to another example: from the chair to the door and from the computer to the art table and going outside going from the chair to the snack counter.I fear this .Someone may call it stupid but it is very real for me and I sweat when I have to make any one of these moves.I don't know if it's my brain not working but please pray that I fear not!Thank you for all the prayers you said for my appointment to the doctor.God Bless and keep praying for my memory too.

Please pray for my friend Michael D. who has an drinking problem. Every night he drinks and it's really quite disturbing to me. He is a Christian but in serious need of help with his drinking. Thank you!

Thank you. I have a few serious requests. Our son, Sean, has hurt us very deeply over the years. Being our only child and raised in faith, it has been difficult. Please: pray he find Godly companions,return to his education, get a good job with benefits, (he has a health issue that ,in not caring for his health has rendered bad decisions) ,and want to return to faith, keep in contact with us.Leave the bad living situation he is in now. My health: I have a serious swelling issue that yesterday the DR doubled the medication as the single dose did not work.It can raise heart rate and blood pressure. I ask for prayer that I tolerate this well. I have had a fear of driving and plead that I drive again with no fear, to help my Mom and do all I need to.
If I may: we have had many financial trials , that my husbands job excel and funds come in . We have prayed for our own home and have many things we need and a dream of even a weekend get away. The marriage has been strained and ask the Lord to touch us and some great news come our way. I know this is alot , that my knee be healed, in Jesus name I offer these petitions and thank you for praying for me, my family. Kathy

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

Please pray for my daughter Teri. Pray for her to have inner peace and remember that God is always by her side. Please pray that God will answer her prayers. She is a wonderful Christian girl that is facing challenges in her life.

Please pray for safety & peace for youngest daughter.She has a lot on her plate & always tries to make things right for everyone else..Praise for healing of grandson's injuries after auto accident. he has been cleared to go back to work after almost 3 months. pray that his employer will give him his job back he has 3 small children to support & is struggling .
thank you

Lord God I pray that my husband will stop being so cruel and selfish, I pray that he wills stay committed to me and our family , in Jesus holy name , amen !

Please pray for guidance for my son he is 19 years old and having a hard time finding himself. Also that he finds a job and thinks of himself for his health his eating is out of control thank you all for your prayers his name is Gilberto Jr. God Bless you all !

Dear All Brothers & Sisters in Christ
Please pray for my mum , Mdm Chua Kim - ,a believer who is currently suffer from depression ,isomnia and mental illness because she has lost her husband who has gone home with the Lord in 10th May 2011.
Currently she is staying alone .Pray for God's protection and guardian angels to encamp around her , may God provide her with peaceful sleep every night and my mum will call upon Lord Jesus whenever she is down.Pray that the Lord will bless her with good health, grant her with lots of joy, deliver & to heal her of all her pains in her body especially her legs.Pray to God to change her heart & attitudes towards others
Thanks & Regards
Jasmine -, -

Please pray for my son Michael that he will get a job today. He was laid off last week and he had only worked 6 weeks and that was his first job in 2 years. I ask that you will pray that God will please provide a job for him like today. He is desperate and so am I. I have given him all that I can to assist him. Thank you for your prayer and may God bless you