Pray for Others

that my money comes soon to live on. that my knee heals. a job would be nice.

Please pray that my 30 year old son will find a job and a place to live. He is homeless right now and desperately needs help. Most of all he needs Jesus and needs to be saved.
I alway want prayer for my daughter. I pray that she and the man she lives with will get married and will also become saved. They are expecting their 2nd child in March.

For our daughter, Elizabeth, who is pregnant and that she will be safe with the baby as she has been spot bleeding and weak to be working. Thanks, Jon

I have been married to an actively progressing alcoholic for over 25 years. 5 months ago he left our home and took his own apartment. My counselors tell me that I am collateral damage of his disease of alcoholism, that he is not thinking or acting rationally, and that he has switched off any feelings he has for me because all of that gets in the way of his drinking and doing what ever he wants when ever he wants. I still love him and would like to restore our marriage, but I am not sure that is the best thing for me. I would appreciate prayers for guidance so I can know what I need to do. There has never been anything in my life that has been so painful, even the death of our child did not hurt this much. I do not know if what I want, is what I need or should have in my life. I appreciate your prayers for Jeanne and Mike. Thank you.

For my son Paul to find a steady paying job. He hasn't had one for two years, and now he's losing his family. His wife has moved to her parents with the three kids. She's threatening divorce. My prayer is to accept God's will, God's plan, and God's timetable with patience, courage, and hope. Thank you.

I need prayer for my broken marriage. I pray that God will give us both a love for each other that seems to have been lost along the way. We are nearing a divorce. I do not want a divorce. I prayer for healing & restoration.

for me sarahy - and ronnie lynn - to get back together today as soon as possible we need a miracle for that for my mom donna - to get a job as soon as possible and for kids acadmy to give me a job as soon as possible for ronnie lynn - to call me today as soon as possible for me and him to get back together today

My 21 year old son, Austin -, who -is in the -. He was deployed this past Sat. (Jan 7) for Afghanistan. He will be there until August. Please pray for his safety and that he will stay strong mentally and physically. Thank you so very much.

hi, i need prayer for more work/income. I work 20 hours a week right now but my outgoing bigger than money coming in. I really need direction from the Lord, new energy, to hear His calling and walk in that direction. I struggle with fatigue in the afternoons, i recently started working out at a gym and eating even healthier, though my overall diet was not horrible, but still room for improvement. What i really need is just to seek Christ, and seek first His Kingdom and righteousness. Victory over weakness, sin tendencies, negative thought patterns, loneliness and depression. thank you all in Christ for praying for me.

With all the request that I've read and also prayed for, this one seems a little selfish. I found a house that I would like to purchase. I am a little financially challenged right now, but I would like for you to pray that I become a better steward to what God has given me to where I will be able to save the required amount for the down payment; and if the Lord see fit to step in in a miraculous way to provide financial resources also. I’ve seen lots of houses in the past few years, but this one sits on my heart real heavy. I’ve asked the Lord that if this wasn’t my house, to please remove the desire from my heart. I found this house by accident, was not looking for one at all. I have been praying for the last 15 years for a house but was not holding out much hope due to my credit being somewhat poor and a lack of savings; I am working on improving both. Please pray that I am making the right move in the right direction that the Lord is directing me to in regards to this house.