Pray for Others

We need to find a 3 BR house to rent in , ohio. Our kids love the schools here and we feel they would be heartbroken if they were forced to switch schools again. Please pray that a house comes open in our price range and in this neighborhood.
Thank You !

Please stand with me in prayer for Denise. My sweet, beautiful friend has lung cancer and it appears to be advanced. She is starting chemotherapy and radiation treatments soon. Father, we praise your holy name as we ask abundant blessings of courage, hope and strength for Denise. Lord, please grant her a medical miracle of complete healing. We ask you steady her mind, Lord, and help her claim the victory of healing in her life. We know and believe you have already interceding on her behalf, and we pray right now that every last cancer cell be vanquished by your mighty hand and that she will soon stand up and say "By the grace and power of the Almighty I am fully healed!". Thank you, Father, for your loving mercies. We love you and ask all these things in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Please stand in agreement in prayer for my son Bradley, that he gets a job very soon. He lost his job and really needs a new job. I pray that GOD will lead, guide and direct him in all that he says and does and help him find that right job for him. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Thank all of you who join in prayer with me, may GOD bless you richly!!

hi Iam a single mother of five young children(ages 3,5,7,9,10).
I need a favor on a court case that Iam facing a trail on the 19th of january 2012. I would like for the case to be dismissed. Fincially Iam drained, no money to pay my bills. Rent is 4 months late,
O God I need help spiritually, emontionally, phsically and fincially.
help me please
Thank you lord

My prayer is that the board accept the counter offer on our home in my hometown. I am fully aware that the only way that their minds are changed is through the Lord, my God. I know these people and I know nothing is impossible with God. I am praying for this to be over with so we can move on...Thank you for your prayers, in Jesus's precious holy name I pray. Amen.

Suffering from depression,HOME IN fORECLOSURE,have pain in my Stomach,cant find steady work,cant find love, feeling like there is no hope..i strongly believe in the Almighty God...My Exwife is trying to put my 15 year old sun out of her home...i am living in my home without Water,was shutoff by the city... they claim there is a defected pipe on the street...

Father, save, protect, provide, heal, grant mercy, wisdom, favor, comfort, peace, grace, courage, restoration and love to my family, loved ones and me. Darrick, Barbara, Louis, Linda, Karyn, Rickey, Dee, Karyn, Jill, Marcus, Carla, Heather, Dorian, Christine, Joe, Ratisha, Reginald, Claudia, Cheryl and unnamed loved ones and friends. Thank you Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayers for Don: the Lord's protection, guidance & strength. The Lord's wisdom & spirit as he teaches the at-risk youth. The Lord's clear guidance on setting-up a new after-school program for youth. Godly mentors & staff for the children. Don will have Christ-centered renters for his home & his mother's home. His mortgage redone so he won't loose money. The Lord's peace & Joy in his home. work & spirit. The youth to learn that they have a bright future & that God has given them gifts & talents to use for His glory! Don, his staff, the parents & children to all draw closer to the Lord and be Lights for Jesus! Amen.

have been unempoyed for 2 yrs.. need employment. have lost all faith. please help me. not looking for finacial but for spiratual help. please help me.

I have cysts near my left thigh bone which cutting off circulation around the arteries. I have bl.clots,plaque and calcium deposits in my arteries some as 90% different areas throughout my body. Agreeing with you in prayer, thank you