Pray for Others

Urgent prayers requested for my son. Things are getting worse. Please pray that God will remove him from the dangerous relationship that he is in.

Please pry for me and my family for a long time for God to help us with the pain I have and for him to guide us and for me and my family to be closer to God and each other and for us and our finances and every situatuation in our lives for God's devine help and for us to have more love,faith and understanding of God's will for our lives please pray for us for a long time

Dear Lord,Thank you for my many blessings.Let Lisa have a strong and healthy baby.Help Natalie beat her cancer.Be with Gary and his family.Help Sam and Harry get over their operations.Be with those in hospitals.Lord,I am struggling with my depression.Please remove my worry,resentment,anger,negative thoughts and feelings.Allow me to be the person you want me to be.Teach me forgiveness.Give me patience.Thank you for carrying me all these years.Protect me and Mona and our families.Let us live with abundance and keep us in your favor.Please forgive me of my many sins.Let me live one day at a time.Let 2012 be a better year for our world.Stop the unrest in the Middle East,Iran,And North Korea.God bless those who pray for me and my family.God bless America and it's people.Bless this site.Amen.

Please pray for my son, ERIC. He is bound by addiction. Pray for his SALVATION, deliverence, abstinence, safety and recovery. Please ask God to work in his life, convict his soul and open his mind to the truth of the gospel and his need for Jesus Christ. Pray that he will repent, turn from evil and turn to Jesus Christ. Please pray for our family, we are filled with grief, remorse, fear, anger and bitterness. Ask God to show us his truth and grant us Godly wisdom, discernment, love and forgiveness. We have been dealing with this terrible addiction for many years now and it has taken a great toll on all of us. My heart breaks for my son and the way he is living. We really need a miracle. God is Mighty and a God of miracles! Pray for a miracle! Thank you so much for your prayers. In the Mighty and Holy name of Jesus Christ! Eric's Mom (Linda)

ZI have to be out of my rental house by the 1st of March. I have been given a lot to park a 5th wheel or motor home on and need to find one soon. Please pray wioth me that I can find one for my dao,cat and myself.

please dear Lord help my family and help those in troubles and all prayer requests. in sweet Jesus name I pray Amen!

Please pray for me to be healed from debilitating depression and anxiety. Please also pray for my family because my illnesses make it impossible for me to take care of them properly. Thank you. Tanya

Please pray for my Mother who had a stroke on Tuesday. Pray for continued improvement in speach, cognitive skills and motor skills so she may become independent again. Please pray the doctors will listen to her beliefs and understand. Pray for my family. Thank you.

i have a friend that need your prayer she was live next door to me and the police came and kick down her door and her brother went to jail because he was sell drug out the appartment so she didnt have know were to go so i let her stay with me but she want her own place so i will like for u to prayer for her to get her own place
thank u

First, let me say my prayers have been answered. I prayed that my daughter find a job, stop smoking and find Christianity. My daughter has been training for a job and stopped smoking. Please continued prayer that she never craves any tobacco product again and that this job training leading to a job work out for her. Also, continued prayer for her being a Christian. I want to thank you for your prayers. I also lifted a prayer to St. Jude to help with this situation of "lost causes" and want to publicly thank him for his prayers. Praise God and thank you God for answering my prayers.