Pray for Others

My cousin, Linda, found out she has breast cancer a few days ago and today I found out she is having surgery as soon as Thursday. Please pray for a successful surgery. She's already said she's felt the power of prayers already said for her. I'd like to ask everyone to add even more to lift her even higher. In Jesus name, Amen.

please pray for my family that we may overcome our trials and be blessed with wisdom, honesty and love.

My school teacher son and I have very bad sinus we are dizzy from it.......Trying to get well and keep this away. I am sick to my stomach with mine. I pray in Jesus' name for health for my son and my self. Thank you dear Jesus. Thank you Dear Prayer warriors'........

My name is Dennis and I thank God for placing you people in my life. I read as much as I can of your devotionals and stories; and I go to other sites. But I always come back to Guideposts. The stories and the devotionals are so moving and they touch my heart so. I am an older man of 57 years of age. It wasn't until a few years ago that I turned my life around from a life of sin in this world and of this world. I asked My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ To Come Into My Life And Heart and my heart hasn't been the same since. Iread God's Word and I embrace it with all my heart, mind and soul. I have worked at some capacity ever since I was 16 years old. And paid taxes. 2 years ago my wife and I go married. July 9th 2010. 2 weeks later someone driving a truck ran me over and left me. I awoke in the hospital. Only by the Grace Of God did I survive. I haven't been able to work or even find work since then. My attorney is working on my disability case and we have a hearing January 17th 2012. Ever since the accident I have been limited in my walking, sitting and standing and such because of the pain. Can you please pray that my attorney can present a case with all the facts that the judge may see the length of my work history and gives us a fair and just approval decision regarding my disability. Thank You And May The Lord Bless You.

Please pray for my mom...I believe she in the early stages of alzheimer. I thought it was her heart medication making her very confuse, not knowing where she is at time..We ask her heart doctor and he advise us to talk it over with her primary doctor.So I'm asking for healing, in Jesus name amem.

Asking for prayer for Brian and Ellie and their families. They are going through a breakup after being engaged and it is affecting all of them. Praying for strength and acceptance and God's guidance in their lives.

I have been sick since Christmas Day, which has caused me to become depressed. Please pray for me to recover my health and bounce back from my depression. Thank You, John.

Please pray for my daughter,an intern at . She is very unhappy with her workand her life.Pray for my four children who are single.

Praying for relief of anxiety and depression. Praying for strength to make it to doctor appointment tomorrow and guidance for doctor to find out what is wrong with me. Thank you for your prayers.

May our marriage survive the latest crisis we are facing.May we bring back the love and trust and happiness we used to have in our relationship.Please pray that i can move on and forget this very painful episode in my life.Also pray for my husband to completely turn to God once again as he forgot to follow one of his commandments for a couple of months.Please give him the srength to avoid temptations again.