Pray for Others

Pray for me concerning a consultancy that am currently doing that the team here will increase my pay and promote me. I have serious financial crisis and will need God to convict my employer to pay me consultancy fees by next week as stipulated on the contract. Ask God to give me a finacial miracle in Jesus name. Amen.
Ask for uncommon favour for me to be given a longterm contract in the team to the glory of God. Amen

Please pray that God shows me my true purpose in life and fills the void of loneliness in my heart. I really need prayer right now. Thank You

Asking for prayer for my daughter, Michelle - she is a single Mother she attends school and wks pt time she is really struggling emotionally more than anything right now please pray for her that God will heal her and uplift her and bless her (she is seeing a counselor today) I am asking that GOD will give her all that she needs for taking this important step and reaching out for help. THANK YOU..

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me. Bless me with the miracle of love. Intervene on my behalf, do a new thing, Father. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Bless us with a Christ centered love and lives together that glorify you. Help me, Father, have mercy on me and grant me favor, help us. Bless me with the desires of my heart. All things are possible. Your will be done. In Jesus' name. Amen.

My mother in law had just recently found out from her cancer doctor that she was finally at 8yrs cancer free and didnt need to see her specialist any longer. for the last few weeks to a month she has been experiencing pain and discomfort in her abdomin and throughout her body in different areas. The doctors just said she had a baterial infection in her bladder. Today she returned to the doctor due to the pain not fading away. He informed us that she had a cracked rib and wants to run a hot spot test to see whats actually goiing on in there. We just need everyones prayers to go out to her to keep her strong to keep her children and spouse strong in case bad news is in the future once again. We just ask for God to watch over her and our family in this tough time of need. She is our rock and we now need the strength to be the rock she may need. thank you so much

asking for prayer for Judy for His help and guidance at work and for protection during this trying time. THANK YOU...

Pray for me concerning a client who had asked me to organize for some learning event for their team. I need uncommon favour with her and that she will give me the traning consultancy at a good price. They needed one week but she sounded like she wants to reduce the same. The Bible says that the heart of the King is in the hand of the Lord; He turns it like a water course. Pray that Judy will be favourable to me and that I will deliver a training that will glorify the name of my God. As I prepare I need Wisdom, Insight, understanding and good health to deliver a top notch Learning event.


Please pray with me for my daughter,she is working with some very evil people.I am asking God to send angels to protect her.

Please pray for my friend Nicole that God reveal His plan to her.
May God help her to continue her study and finish it.