Pray for Others

Please pray for Benyun W-
Benyun W-,67 years old,he is ill now because of lung cancer ,cancer cells diffuse into lymph and vertebra,caused fracture of thoracic vertebra.May God bless him,heal his disease, staunch pain of his body,make his health and mental status in good condition,and make him accept salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please ,Pray for the Holy Spirit and the Love of Jesus reaches my ex husband Don heart so he became a better person and stop harass me Thank you

Please pray for my children, Kassy and Kim to believe in the God and to understand how he can help us in our times of need.
Kim needs a job and Kassy is batlling with a chemical imbalance which results in bouts of depression.

I have been a long time subscriber to your magazine and have also bought some books from you. My prayer request is for my grandson who is a good kid and above average student. This year he got tangled up with a kid that isn't exactly a good example. Our grandson has turned into someone we don't no. He spends all his time there and has just about turned his back on his family. He has really upset his mom and his sister. We don't no what to do. We would like your prayers in leading him back into the righteous way of the Lord from which he has strayed. His name is Philip -and he has a good chance of going to a good college next year. We realize kids have to learn the hard way and we don't know what else to do. so if you would please keep him in your prayers we very much appreciate it.
Sincerely, Marie

I just found out that I am anemic and my doctors have scheduled 2 scopes(endoscopy and colonoscopy) for thursday the 12th. Would you all please pray in agreement with me that my tests come back normal? Thank you and I will be praying for all of you too. Claudia

Please pray that my grandson Ross will get his school financial aid and be able to take the needed classes at the community college to become a wildlife technician/biologist. Thank you Connie

25 year old Tara has had multiple strokes due to a blood clotting disorder called APS. She is in daily horrific pain. She feels like giving up. She has a 4 year old son Grady who is autistic and does not speak Grady needs a healing and her son Floyd is out of work. They have tons of medical bills on top of everything else. Tara needs faith not to give up her baby boy needs his mom and Grady needs to speak. Thank you!

Please pray for my Daughter Sebrena,she is facing a court date very soon. She has been selling drugs. Please prayer for her to get a light sentence. That God will be with her and release her from this way of life. Pray that God will guide her to start a good life with her three children and find a home to stay in for good. She has a bad cursing problem,please let God touch her and lead her to stop. Ask God to bless her and her three children. Thank you for taking time to pray for her.

I pray that my ankle and foot heal from my injury.
I pray that God will bless me to sell my home n - New Jersey for a good price.
I pray that I will be able to buy me a new home in the state of Delaware at a good price, want everything to work out for the best. Lead me and guide me to my destination safely.
Thank you,

Please pray for Tim -, a-, Nebraska resident of 48 years old who is battling a cancerous brain tumor.