Pray for Others

Please pray with me that my husband can find a steady job and that our marriage gets closer.

I am scheduled to have cataract surgery on the 26 of January. I have prayed about finding the right surgeon and also about what type of lens will work best for me the mono (single vision) or the multi-focal which is expensive but under optimal conditions provide an 80% chance of not having to wear glasses. What I need is the Lord directing the surgery and it be exactly what I need to restore my vision without any hitches or complications. I have a difficult time making decisions and tend to procrastinate to the end. I am alsways asking God to show me the way to go for fear my way is not the best decision for my health or what I need to do. I had my thyroid removed and have had two treatments for thyroid cancer. I believe the Lord has healed me of thyroid cancer and restored my health....I meed your prayers for my eyes and the upcoming surgery and that the right len be used to replace the cataract covered lens. I lost my glasses that would provide the doctor with measurements on the way to the doctor yesterday. I also ask for prayers that these glasses be found and returned in time for the doctor to read the measurements because the cataract is so large they can not see behind it to obtain measurements. Thank you for your prayers, Momma Klock -- Please also keep Jacob a three year old who brother poked him in the eye and tore his cornea and for my daughters Tina and Allison who are going through very, very, very difficult times. Guidepost has always been my lifeline and I share it with everyone I know. God Bless.

Please pray for IMMEDIATE "Financial" deliverance for me. I need money for bills and repair and furnish my home and help to care for my ailing mother who is right now in the hospital. Please pray for my mother who is severely depress and my son and I who are home today with stomach virus.
I also have a business plan that I am seeking guidiance on how to raise money to fund the business (start) the business very lucrative....ALL IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

Please pray that our Lord & Savior continue to bless me with my job and my health and strenght. And bless me to become financally secure. And to bless me with another home and my own business. In Jesus name I pray Amen!!! Also pray that my God-son Donnell is ok and that he get in contact with me.

I am jobless kindly pray that i get a job soon

Please pray for Andrew R and all his supports to have faith and know that they are all God's children. Pray for all who work with the elderly, disabled and mental health individuals, for strength, patience and love. Your will be done.

please pray for financial relief - I have do macy bills and getting very hard to pay them. Pray for me to get faithful to God and ket him take complete control.

my wife and I to get jobs,kids behavior, financial trouble thank you

I want you to pray for my wife who is 14weeks pregnant.I want God to protect this pregnancy and make his promised manifest in our lives in Jesus name Amen.

I waould like prayer for a daughter Becky and her son Wyatt. Wyatt is 17 but thinks he is 18 spent alot of time by himself because his parents are dicorved and she spent more time with her boyfriend than her son. Neither of them have salvation but i would like God to move in this home and turn it around so thaat God is glorifed not the enemy. Thank you for loving Jesus and for caring about peoples needs. God bless you and your staff.
Lila =, Idaho.