Pray for Others

I asked for prayers last week for my daughter and family in , Wa that they can find housing. They lost their house and need to be out Feb. 4. My son-in-law has been working for quite awhile but they had financial problems for a while so therefore their credit is poor. It is so difficult when people lose their homes and then can't even rent because of their old credit. Please, please pray for Sarah and Mike that the apartment they are looking at will offer them a unit.I am so discouraged with the whole housing and rental market. There doesn't seem to be much empathy and help for those who are trying so hard to stay on track. Thank you. Mari

God,I humbly ask you to please be with me thursday when I have my medical scopes done at 1 pm. Please guide the doctors and help them. I know that YOU can heal me because You ARE the Great Physcian, the maker of all things, so please lay Your hands on me and heal me. Give me your strength, comfort and peace.I give You all the praise and glory for these answered prayers and for all things good in my life. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Claudia

have to do my taxes tomorrow. Please guide me and give me the wisdom to do it correctly. I am having anxiety attacks worrying about having to pay. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I don't have the money to pay. Heavenly Father, send your Angels to stay with me. I need guidance and knowledge. Please take the fear of the IRS, away so I won't having these attacks! I was in the hospital ( i called 911) I was kept for several tests and kept over night. I worry all the time. Please give me the wisdom and knowledge to be able to find a way to to make money to pay my bills and taxes and have money to do the repairs on my home. Please have the IRS give me Favor! I need a miracle. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Pls pray for the healing of my gums...IN JESUS NAME...amen and amen!!1Thank You Lord for answered prayer and for those praying for my prayer request...

Dear Guide Posts,
Please pray for me to get admission for MS in USA with full scholarship.At the same time I want to work as i hav eto support my family.Please pray for me to get admission in a reputed university

Pls pray that the SSS check that my nanny is waiting to be released, be release as soon as possible so she could come back soon, and also for her to be able to find someone to bring back here to work with her in the house....IN JESUS NAME...amen and amen!!! Thank You Lord for answered prayers and for the volunteers who are praying for my requests...

I need help. I need more clients in my tax preparation and consulting business. I just pray that my clients get paid by the contractors they do the job for. I have a client who owes me but is struggling to make her payments to me because some of her clients have dropped her. She and people like her need our prayers. may God grant them abundance and bless them with prosperity and serendipity, through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Please find me a better job in a better company with a abetter salary so that i cna take care of my family

please pray for bruce and rosanna who have cancer. thank you

please pray for the protection of my children and for me to be a better mother for them and to make wise decisions on their behalf. thank you