Pray for Others

please dear Lord help my family and help those in troubles and all prayer requests. in sweet Jesus name I pray Amen!

Please pray for me to be healed from debilitating depression and anxiety. Please also pray for my family because my illnesses make it impossible for me to take care of them properly. Thank you. Tanya

Please pray for my Mother who had a stroke on Tuesday. Pray for continued improvement in speach, cognitive skills and motor skills so she may become independent again. Please pray the doctors will listen to her beliefs and understand. Pray for my family. Thank you.

i have a friend that need your prayer she was live next door to me and the police came and kick down her door and her brother went to jail because he was sell drug out the appartment so she didnt have know were to go so i let her stay with me but she want her own place so i will like for u to prayer for her to get her own place
thank u

First, let me say my prayers have been answered. I prayed that my daughter find a job, stop smoking and find Christianity. My daughter has been training for a job and stopped smoking. Please continued prayer that she never craves any tobacco product again and that this job training leading to a job work out for her. Also, continued prayer for her being a Christian. I want to thank you for your prayers. I also lifted a prayer to St. Jude to help with this situation of "lost causes" and want to publicly thank him for his prayers. Praise God and thank you God for answering my prayers.

Thank you Lord and prayer friends for all the blessings and help you share with me. Lord please continue to bless and heal Keith, Rick, Hank, Dante and me. I certainly don't deserve all you share with me Lord, I'm just a weak human with all my faults. Please forgive my sins, bless my family with peace and prosperity and shield my wife from loosing her job if it is your will. Stay beside me always.

For Ellie in Florida who has an infection that is not healing. She is either in her late 80's or early 90's. Thank you.

Please pray for veronica a miracle healing from cancer.

hi my name is val -...please watch over and protect my marraige and my family from any person place or thing that tries to cause trouble or hurt us in any way shape or form ..thx..

Please pray for my Grandson, Cameron. Ask God to help him make good decisions in life and guide him away from those who have no motivation to do better in life. Pray for my son's Tim and Matthew, and my dau. Sherry. Pray for me, my wife and ask God to give us strength to handle our jobs as caretakers for an aging Aunt. Pray for my neighbor and his son. Thank you!