Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband who is going thru trying times. His car is dying & affording another will be difficult; but w/ God's help & prayers he will find something in his budget to get around & back & forth to word

pray for Sister-In-Law Jan to completely heal & receive pain relief from recent surgeries.

pray for Dale M., for the Lord to destroy all cancer cells from his body during his radiation and hormone treatments.

hi my name is kay -and i would like for someone to pray for my sister gloria and her health. she was in a car accindent which wasn't her fault. now her health is not the best because she can hardly at times she give out of breath. she has had the back suregy which has also cause some problems for. he truely pray that she wants is to get well enough to fly from ca. to fla. to see her great grandson who was born oct.29, 2011. my pray i can wait for it but please say a pray for her. thank you. and may god bless you all. amen

pray that the LORD will allow a job offer for Marcy (recent interview) only if the work atmosphere is good for her.

Please pray for me and my family...thank you

pray for a miracle from the LORD for John & Marcy to receive good-paying jobs quickly with very good benefits & very good work cultures close to home

Pray for me concerning a consultancy that am currently doing that the team here will increase my pay and promote me. I have serious financial crisis and will need God to convict my employer to pay me consultancy fees by next week as stipulated on the contract. Ask God to give me a finacial miracle in Jesus name. Amen.
Ask for uncommon favour for me to be given a longterm contract in the team to the glory of God. Amen

Please pray that God shows me my true purpose in life and fills the void of loneliness in my heart. I really need prayer right now. Thank You

Asking for prayer for my daughter, Michelle - she is a single Mother she attends school and wks pt time she is really struggling emotionally more than anything right now please pray for her that God will heal her and uplift her and bless her (she is seeing a counselor today) I am asking that GOD will give her all that she needs for taking this important step and reaching out for help. THANK YOU..