Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Adam,he is DUI charges. Pray for him to get a light sentence. I need prayer for him to stop drinking and take better care of his son and getting them a place to call home for good. Thank you for praying,may God bless you for taking time to pray. Please ask God to bless my son and grandson.

i would like you to pray for me there is something going on with my liver the lab test that i have been having the level are really high they are going to test me now Hepatic i pray to god that the test comes back neg i have Chronic Arthritis and High blood pressure deep down inside i am so scare so please pray for me. Terry

Please Lord help me pull my life together.

Prayer for faith and knowledge that the mortgage is paid for 211 S O- M- Road in full in the next 3 months. Praise the Lord!

Lord, i pray that you will help people to give me a call today who are interested in hosting a - party for me the month of january 2012. Lord, i pray that you will bring people into my life who will have a positive influence on my - business. Lord, i pray that you will help my - business to become successful and expand and help me to make $2000.00 a month from my - business. Thank you for helping to make my - business a success today.

I have been unemployed for three years and have no one. Everyone of my friends has deserted me, and because I do not have a job, my neighbors do not speak with me. I had three phone screening in the past month; I am asking for prayer to get a miracle for one of these jobs. I pray and talk to God everyday, but he does not answer. I appreciate your time and prayer.

I pray that my daugther gets a job and transportation that she so despartly needs for her and her children.

First I wanna say thank u father for all that you are doing...and to. Lift the burden off my shoulders I need a job and a vehicle to get around I pray for peace and happiness in my relationships and pray that my children and I have a better bond than what we have ......

lord, i pray that you will help dallas -to realize today how much she still needs my son alex - in her life and that she will work at trying to become friends with him. Lord, i pray that you will help dallas - realize today how much she still loves my son alex -. lord, i pray that you will help dallas -have a positive attitude towards my son alex - and remove anyone from dallas -'s life who is causing her to not get a long with my son alex -. thank you for helping to heal my son alex - and dallas -s relationship today

please pray for our entire family.