Pray for Others

please pray for the protection of my children and for me to be a better mother for them and to make wise decisions on their behalf. thank you

PLease pray for a financial miracle for me and for a miracle of healing. PLease pray that the lawyer group that wrote me today will accept a low settlement for the credit card I owe on since I have no income due to health problems. Thank you!

Please pray for God to spare Alan's life and let him come home safely! Thank you and God bless you all. In the name of Christ, I pray. mom

Life just seems so very overwhelming right now.. Just have had on
kind of crisis after the other, and would so like a prayer that
all of this might end, and there would a be bright spot in all
that is going on in the life of my family.. May you be blessed for
your prayers.. Blessings, Dawn.

Dear Lord
I ask that my daughter please come back to us OH how it hurts not to hear from her. If only she understood how much this hurts me. Lord please send work so I can get work done on my house. Bless my son as he goes to work to fight the fires and help those in need
Thank you for all I have . bless my grandchildren and keep them safe. Lord help me to stay busy and not fall in deperission for all the hurt that has been done

I thank you for your favor Father God grant me compkete and total healing for everything that ails me.
Thank you.

Karen has Parkinson’s Disease & a fallen bladder. Her husband Ken has terminal pancreatic cancer. They want more time together. Please pray that during the time they do have left, they will be very close to each other and especially close to God.

Pray for people with disabilities in NY, may they get the miricle to walk or see, etc. I bless ou for your prayer minister m.

Pray for my blessings agianst murder, family, past futor and present, agianst all deads by the Devil. I bless u for ur prayer minister m.

Please continue to pray for my son, Trent. He is hospitalized with an exacerbation of his cystic fibrosis. Please pray that his health returns and he is able to go home soon. Also, please pray that they come up with medical help for all people with cystic fibrosis soon. Thank you for all of your prayers!!!!