Pray for Others

My car has over 215K miles on it. Sometimes it makes a weird noise when I crank it up. Please pray that there is nothing wrong with my car and that it will. stop making that weird noise. Please pray that there is nothing wrong with it as. I do not have the money to have it repaired.

please pray for the promised help for funds for my jea bill and the promised help with food will come through today and please pray for deliverance from depression and worry about my family and the deliverance from this curse of poverty that my family and I are under

Please pray in agreement that I will not lose L to any other woman. Please pray in agreement that God will fully restore our relationship.

I am a 67 year old woman taking care of a 93 year old aunt with Alzheimer's and an 83 year old husband who's starting to have memory lapses. I just started a new job and now the doctors say I may need to have an operation for a torn "rotator cuff" in both my shoulders. I cannot take time for surgery with a new job. My husbvand and aunt would go hungry and the household would discentigrate. Until now I have been OK spiritually and have believed that God will work this out for us. But I am worn out and feel overwhelmed and depressed, as well as feeling sick.
My husband and I have devotions and pray every day. But I feel I am losing my grip. Please pray for me to regain this strength I had before in my shoulders and arms and go forward without having to have surgery. I need a bit of a miracle at this t ime and I guess I am feeling I don't deserve one. Please help me ask God to show me the answer and stregthen my faith in him. Also please pray for my aunt. She is getting to a point that I can barely stand to be around her and yet I must care for her. My husband has been my strong hold and now he is losing his memory.I humbly thank you for your prayers. Janet - NC

Please pray that my boss will deposit my check today. I have no money for food or gas.

I pray for the right decision in making rather I should have laser surgery for kidney stones. Thanks Jerri

Give me strength through God. Strength to fight oppression and depression. Strength to follow God's guidance and hear His wisdom. Strength to forgive. Thank you, Jesus. Judy

Pray for me and my family and all our spiritual health happiness and financial needs. Bless each of us and give us a good happy healthy safe wonderful awesome great life and Thursday. Bless Lisa and Tina and give each of them an awesome happy healthy safe wonderful great financially set life and Thursday and let all be great for them two and bless Rebekah and Natalie and give them both a happy healthy safe wonderful awesome great life and Thursday and a safe day on the bus and in school and let all be great for them two my Lord and please keep both happy and Natalie seizurie free and Rebekah's throath feeling good my Lord. My Lord bless me over and over and over again and please lay your healing hand upon my whole body and make me well and give me a good happy healthy safe wonderful great awesome Thursday and life and please help me to pay all my bills my Lord and let all be good and just keep pouring your showers of blessings over and over and over again upon me my Lord for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my lord Amen and Amen my Lord.

Lord find favor with your servant and let your face shine upon me. Please bless Keith, Hank, Rick and Dante with your healing hand, and for myself too I ask your kindness. Bless those that are less fortunate than me especially those who don't know you. Forgive my sins and bless me with peace and prosperity.

Needing prayer that LH is safe. I have not heard from him in over 3 weeks and I am so worried. He has posted some very disturbing updates lately. Please pray that he is ok and that he is not involved with anyone.