Pray for Others

Father God, Please bless me with the miracle of Love. Help me to know and belive in your Love. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Intervene on my behalf, Father. Bless me with the desire of my heart, real Love and a blessed, intimate, happy, Christ centered, relationship and marriage to Louis. Grant my miracle, Father. All things are possible. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Nine years ago in a span of 6 months my daughters world ended. Her father and I got divorced after 21 years of an abusive marriage. I almost bled to death in a hospital from ulcerative colitis. Her fiance' she loved more than anything in the whole world walked out on her the day she was to buy her wedding dress. And she was raped by 2 men. She buried herself in a bottle and has never come out. She has refused counseling. We can't get her to rehab. She has nightmares and screams in her sleep. If she doesn't get help she will die from the alcohol. I've prayed and prayed and prayed. I am living in fear and depression and feel absolutely helpless. Only God can help. I just want Him to help. I just want Him to help. I just want Him to help. Please. She does'nt feel she's worth anything. Her name is Crystal.

My husband Ronnie goes to the infectious disease doctor tomorrow. He has been running a low-grade fever since he was released from the doctor in December. He has no spleen so it is hard for his body to fight infection. He also has a pig valve so it is important to get rid of any infection. We are requesting prayer for wisdom for the doctor to know what is causing the fever and making him feel so badly and for healing.

Lord, Over The Part Few Days I Have Seen And Talked With The Gentleman That I Would "LOVE" In My Life To Hold Me, Love Me, And Make Me Feel Important In This World Today. "PLEASE" LORD DO ALL THAT YOU CAN TO "GRANT" MY WISHES AND DESIRES IN THIS WORLD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you pray for me for reunion of my family,and l need a special prayer for me to pass my theory of learner's permit l have been readind very hard but l failed twice,this will be my last chance to writte.will writte again after 12months.thank you God bless you.

Lord Jesus, I pray your mercy and grace be with the people of Alaska who are experiencing severe inclement weather. I pray Father God that you warm the temperatures, so emergency crews can get to these people and help them. I pray protection for all involved in Jesus Name.

Father God, praying for the situation in Alaska. Allow no harm upon the dwellers there and stabilize the situation so that there will be no harm done due to the extreme snow fall in that affected area, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

for my wife of 24 years who is struggling spiritually and emotionally. she been out of fellowship since 2010 no church attendance. with no clear reason why. this has been a difficult time for me as I have continue to walk and trust the Lord with this long season of trusting over the promise over the problem. she is open to prayer and me reading the bible with devotions.

Heavenly Father, I pray for healing. Heal my mother, B. my sister, K, and heal me. Heal every person praying for healing for themselves or on behalf of others. Heal V and C. Heal H & D. Heal R & DJ. By your stripes we are healed. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

I want to ask everyone to pray with me for Eric. His hearing is tomorrow morning at 8:45am.. May the Lord give him peace. Let your will be done. I have FAITH that everything will be resolved in Eric's favor. Eric is troubled but a good person. Wants a second chance. Forgive him his sins. Do not forsake him for he is your son. I lift Eric up to ou Lord for you alone can save him. I PRAY In JESUS name AMEN.