Pray for Others

Oh Father, forgive my Boss for REPEATEDLY SCREAMING at me at the top of His lungs in the middle of the kitchen in front of everybody for stuff that is not my fault so that I can continue serving people without messing up after getting screamed at. Deliver Him from RAGE aand ANGER and PROTECT ME from SPEARS in JESUS NAME.

I am writing because I need extra money to keep things going and I am thanking God in advance for the blessings that are coming to me because He knows what I need before I ask,
In Jesus Name
Sarah -

Lord manifest Your glory and make Your presence known in Anthony and I. Show our marriage a sign of Your goodnesss and faithfulness and do the miraclous in us deliverance us from all wrong mindsets and giv us the mind of Christ today. We neeed You now. Open doors and hearts and touch marriages today for Your glory and make all things new. Bless Alisha in her interview and show Yourself strong. All our hope and help is in Your.

Please pray Romans 12:2 for William - Think you.

Please pray that God grants a miracle to our family and ends the addiction, alcoholism, lies, pain, stress, guilt, and grants us His peace. I cant do this much longer, Lord, I am going to crash. My boys are a complete disappointment to me, I am afraid for my grandchildren and very sad. Please God, heal us.

Pray for peace and happiness and to get rid of my anxiety and depression.

This is for my boss and Friend Tracy -. She is a 44 year old nurse in Michigan, who had a stroke on Wednesday the 11th. I pray for a complete recovery.

Please Pray with me and for me and my family we are in such a financial hardship that we could possibility be evicted from our home, but I have faith that God will see us through, I pray that I will get a job real soon. So will you please pray for me and my family. Thanks

Please pray for my marriage. Husband had affair.

Pray for restoration of my marriage and to rid my debt. If not gods will be rid my loneliness and depression. I hate being alone