Pray for Others

Please pray for these awful anxiety attacks. Help me learn to relax and control them.

Hi- Please pray for my health issues including: skin outbreaks with itching and low back pain both my mom & I have and that any depression that tries to sneak in be gone, instead that God's supreme plan be done. Amen - God Bless You All, Thank you, Jennifer in IL

My name is Gigi and my health is very dire.
I am on an anti cancer drug 3 times a day and I have a port in my chest for other drugs. Because of this I am struggling financially and would be very grateful if you could pray for me.
Please I need your help.

That I am given the strength to step out of my comfort zone and take the first step in trusting and believing the dream that God has for me.

Please pray that I may have a life free of these awful anxiety attacks that tear me up from the inside out. Thankyou for your support.

Please pray that my Mother responds well to therapy as she recovers from a stroke.Pray for good help and care and strength for my family.

please pray so that my brother in law will cooperate with the family and sell the house.He is holding up the dividing of the entire estate due to hie selfishness and non concideration of the others.

Please pray that my mood lifts and I will feel happier. Also pray for a family member that is spreading malicious rumours which must be stopped. Please pray that our house sells for the price we are asking and its worth. Thank you for praying and GOD BLESS. M

Please pray for my niece, Diana, who is 24 and was recently diagnosed with Bi-polar II. She needs prayers to find confidence in herself, and her abilities. Thank you for your prayers.
Karen -, Y-, NY

I'm a physician assistant in Arizona. Last year I became very ill with severe reflux that has seriously affected my lungs. Glad to report Jesus is healing my body and soul ;) my request is in regard to my long term health insurance. I've been denied compensation, which I paid for, through Lincoln financial ins company. I've appealed my case and it will be going for decision next week. Please pray that they, whoever they are, will rule appropriately. I have only $400 left to live on. I've cashed in my retirement and my wonderful family has been helping me, too. I had surgery last week to help the stomach contents stay where they belong. But, I've been told by 3 doctors not to return to work for at least 3 months. If the ins rules against me, please pray that I find a job to support myself without making me worse. I know Jesus knows my needs before I ask, but He asks that we bring our needs to Him. So I'm requesting your prayer support along with mine, to grant me the grace to trust in His care, too. Thank you. Sincerely, Jacqueline H-