Pray for Others

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith with kindness-joy-love-gratitude.

Pray that Carolyn will lose her desire to fight against God, Pray also that Carolyn will reliance her need to get right with God,And that Carolyn will surrender herself completely to the Lord Jesus Christ Body, Soul, and Spirit, Thank you for your prayers, Wayne

my husband just found out his multiple myeloma cancer is back and he is in extreme pain. Please pray for a complete immediate healing and pain relief. Thank you so much

My name is Patsy and I need prayer for healing. I have C.O.P.D. and some other medical issues.

Please forgive me Lord for not being the best father and husband I could be.
The Jan. rent is late and I am $900. short. I have no idea where to get it and the stress being placed on my wife and kids is tremendous. Please help me to remove this tremendous burden off my very beautiful and kind wife and grant her some peace.
P.S. She says she has a lump in her stomach, please Lord let it be nothing.

pray for me to lose weight. pray for my husband and me health
problems. pray for financial blessings for us and our son.
pray for my granddaughers who have health problems. pray for
my dad and me for my mom died in 2010. pray for my marriage.
pray for my brother who lost his son to suicide also in 2010.

Please pray for safe travels for college students heading back to college after their Winter break.

Please pray for Peri as she makes her way back to college. Please let the drive go smoothly and the car work perfectly.

Pray for my son and daughter to have a desire for godly living and to be surround by godly people and seek the good and perfect will of God for their life's and to be motivated and have confidence concerning their education and the plans God has for apply the word of God to their daily living and surrender totally no longer be conformed to this world...being reminded everyday that greater is on the inside and they can do all things through christ who gives them strenght and please pray my strenght in the Lord!
Blessings upon you,

I pray that I grow closer to Christ as I seek him in my life