Pray for Others

Requesting prayer that God will restore my relationship with Luke. He was trying to help me when I was depressed and I pushed him away. Now he won't talk to me. I have since rededicated my life to God. Please pray that God will soften Luke's heart and that he will forgive me and give me a second chance. Please pray that Luke will see that I am a different person with God back as the center of my life. Please pray that we will see each other at church this Sunday.

Dear Lord, Please be with me today. Hold, love and hug me - Protect me from the evil store manager and evil customers. If I am on a cash register today please let me balance. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

Dear Lord,
I pray that our Colleen have less stress at her new school teaching. I pray that her marriage be strong. I pray that Colleen and Matt will listen to You telling them what to do with their house, they will be out of debt, and they will live in a house and be happy in raising Garrett. I pray that Colleen and Matt will be able to stay in their house and get a loan modification or sell their house in a short sale. They have received the next letter for foreclosure. Their house goes up for auction March 14. I pray that they find a good rental house. I pray Bank of America will finally help my daughter. I pray that You send my Kelly a man who will love her, marry her, and give her children. I thank you Lord for allowing Kelly to get this new job to help young girls in the detention center to stay out of trouble. Please dear Lord, heal my Kelly both emotionally and physically. I pray that You protect my entire family. Give them happiness, peace, love, joy and patience. I pray that You heal my husband. I pray that You give us 20 more years of marriage and we will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. I pray that we will never be in debt again. I pray that we be able to pay our daughters’ student loans. I pray that I never be greedy again and always give to those in need especially Kelly’s dream of opening a group home. We want to help her and give back to society, but funds are not available. Please let us acquire these to help our daughters. I pray that healing takes place between my husband and his two sisters. Please keep Garrett safe his entire life and let him grow up to be a wonderful man to serve the Lord in Jesus name. I pray that You let me hear your words and do Your will. Guide me daily to do your will. I pray that the shots will work for my husband. I pray that I will have money to pay my health insurance. I pray that both my daughters go back to church. I pray that Colleen and Matt find a quality alternative for child care for Garrett. In Jesus name. Amen

Father please bless my family, please bless my children, please bless my marriage, please bless my husband and please bless me. Please bless our home/family with peace, love, happiness, and all prosperity. Please bless all our finances. Please bless our daily bread. Please bless us all with good health, happiness, success, financial security and financial prosperity. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen
God bless you all!

Dear Lord,
I put our marriage into Your hands, God. Help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us. Harmonize our misunderstandings and show us the good in one another. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

lord we pray for jackie, may she be benign amen
lord we pray for greg and ashley may they recover fully amen
lord we pray for kelly please heal her cancer amen
lord i pray for a healing for myself for my thyroid,esophagus,tumors,arthritus,nerves,financial, amen

Urgent prayers requested for my son. Things are getting worse with him. Please pray that God will remove him from the dangerous relationship that he is in.

Dear Lord,
Help my son as he struggle with gaming addiction and lead him to the path of recovery. I ask for your healing power to come upon him. And help me remember that, no matter what happens, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You are always with us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please pray for two small boys in a neighboring community who are undergoing cancer treatments. Wade is 3 and his cousin Joe is 4. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Dear God,
Help me to straighten out our financial problems. I place this need before You knowing that You will guide us to a good solution. Please grant us the patience and tolerance necessary to calm our spirits and help us to remember that You have everything under Your control and we have nothing to fear or worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.