Pray for Others

My mom is having surgery for rectal cancer this Monday. Please pray for her. Thank you and God bless you.


Dear God,
Thank you for this day. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for letting me be lazy this morning.
Thank you for Jake. I love him so.
Thank you for my family. I love them so. Thank you for getting Becky safely home from - yesterday.
Thank you for helping Rhonda get better with her knee problem. Please be with the - and the -. They need you so.
Thank you for watching over Pat and Teressa. Please continue to be with them as they heal and recover.
Thank you for being with Jean and the girls. They need You so right now.
Thank you for yesterday, God. I had a good day. Thank you for Julie. Thank you for letting us reconnect. Help us help the Humane Society. I think we can do a good job. Thank you for giving her those children that I got to visit. It made me miss having a set. I know that you are going to show me what to do and how to get there in my professional career--even though you know how much I love retirement.
Thank you for Billy. He can be so frustrating. I don't know where this is leading or what is going to happen. Please get him to and from Fitzgerald safely.
Thank you for giving me Your Son to die for all my sins. I AM NOT WORTHY!!!! I certainly don't deserve anything I have.
Thank you for the people who work at this website. I am so appreciative of having it available to me each day.

Please pray with us for God's protection, guidance and help for our family during this weekend and coming week. Guide me to outline all the things I need to impart to the two doctors consulting next week so I able to concisely cover everything they need to know so they can recommend the best treatments for my hiatal hernia or other problems. I thank you in advance God that if my gut woes could be indicative of cancer that this doctor has me have my other doctor order the right test(s) to check this out so can receive the correct and prompt treatment. We ask particular help for our daughter during the remaining of her "good" before her hormonal imbalance creates 10 "bad" ones this 27 cycle. We thank You in advnace God that this cycle You'll protect her from experiencing another trauma as happen during last 10 days that caused a "prefect storm" freakout. We are greatly appreciative of answering out prayers that her verbally abusive boyfriend seems to be learning from his mother ways to treat our daughter better and not make her bad times worse. We also thank You God in advance for how you are protecting the financial interests of my husband and his partner Bobby as negotiations continue about any problem with the signed project deal. Also we thank You God in advance for the decision the woman, who received the contract due to my husband's introduction, will decide Bobby and he do deserve an appropriate "finder's fee" and pay them a fair amount. We also thank You God in advance for the other ways You are working on that will help us pay the extra expenses for our daughter's medical bills in 2012 as well as other unexpected ones so we can live within our means. We ask in Jesus Christ's name.

Dear Team,
I thank you for all the prayers you've been saying for me and my family.Keep praying as I'm still not over my walking from chair to other places and fear that.We had a musician come to play and sing for us and I suggested some of the songs she could sing.She was very happy to play and sing them.I thank the Lord for her sharing her talent.I thank the Lord for safety on a snowy day.I thank and praise the Lord for bringing a volunteer job to my sister and her son may have a job too.God bless you all.Marion

The hardest thing I do, is "give it to God" and not take it back!! I need prayer to strengthen my trust...when I give Him a problem, to not take it back!!! Thanks in advance.

Please prayer for my friend's father. He's not a candidate for the first choice of cancer treatment. There is a three month wait for option #2, in Switzerland. And, he's in such pain. Please pray for pain relief, and for God to sustain him until we can get him the treatment he needs. And, for that treatment to be successful. Thanks.

My daughter has advanced cancer.
We don't know if the doctors can treat her & finances are a problem.
please pray with us for answers to these prayers

Kristen -... blood cloats. breathing.
Taylor - and Mika... direction from god. Parents are out of control...keep them safe and help them.
Linni -.... heart surgrey
Lynette... strenght.. to get threw everythiing.

my husbands health and mine,Jess and Cherie -,My husband has copd and I have Dabetes type 2