Pray for Others

Dear Sir \Madam, I am desperatly in need of a financial blessing from my beloved master and saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. I am having some financial difficulties and finding it very difficult to pay for my vehicle. please ask the Lord to help me. Thanking the Lord in advance. God Bless You,Davis -

Please pray that on Thursday Amanda has a positive out come in court. That she is able to stay strong and that god's plan is for her to continue being a wonderful young girl with a positive, fun filled, and inspiring future.

I have two issues that I need some extra help on. Recently I had a small melanoma remove which they did get all of, on my last visit 5 days ago they had to remove four more spots which I am waiting to find out if they are or are not melanoma. I would very much appreciate a prayer on this outcome. Also I am still learning to pray and a prayer to guide me in the right direction would great.
Thank you

Prayer for Cheryl - to Draw closer relationship with Lord. Prayer that she rededicate her Life back to Jesus Christ. Prayer for Min. John - be delivered from Sexual Lust and Ponography. Please Create in him Clean Heart and Renew Right spirit within Him and Restore unto him the joy of thy Salvation.

Please pray for my nephew Steven, who seems to find himself in trouble with the law. He is 20 years old and has not committed any serious offenses yet, but we ask that the Lord lift him up and protect him from all evil. We ask that his life be turned around and that the Lord will Bless him and keep him from more harm and trouble. In Jesus name.

I request prayers to remove the hatred I have in my heart for my husband who has done things against me, our marriage and our family. I ask that God replaces this feeling with love and understanding no matter what happens. I don't think he realizes the how much his negative words and inappropriate actions impact others. I want to be able to rise above all the hurt and disappointments. Thank you for your prayers.

please pray for my friend who is having his spleen removed Wednesday. thank you.

Anthony has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He needs prayer for recovery and to sustain him during this trying time.

Prayer for spiritual Strength Daily. Prayer for constant create in me clean Heart ,Renew a Right Spirit within me , restore the joy of thy Salvation continually. Continue enlarge my Territory ,Preaching ,Teaching, Intercessary prayer for others.Prayer to draw Closer to the Lord in His Holy Word and be more Obedient in His Holy Word. Prayer to continually put on the Whole Armour of God.

Repair Chuck and Katies broken marriage please.