Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter Kelly..she has a blood clot in an artery in her foot and the ER doctor thinks it might have dripped from another clot somewhere in her body. She is home waiting for 2days now on word from the vascular doctor to find out what to do next. We are all so worried & scared for her and she has a 7yr. old son to care for. Please pray for us durring this waiting period and that she will completely come through this.
God bless and Thank You for all your prayers.

I would like to request prayer for the healing of my feet. I have warts and corns. It is very uncomfortalbe to walk. Thank you for all blessing that I am aware and unware of on a daily basis. I ask in Jesus name I pray.

hello i would like to make a prayer request, I have a friend that has lot faith in everyone. Me people and it seems like God. Please pray that he restores his faith in me and even more so in God.

Father God, heal my mother, my sister, Karyn and heal me. Bless and heal every person in need of your healing touch. In Jesus' name. Amen.

please pray for God's provision.I need a job and i have two childern.

Lord God thank you so much for your devine blessing and guidance Lord I pray for Miss Alma and Miss Lura and for the Student help him get the job at S. and have him to praise you for the job Lord guide my steps and help me with everyone of my customers and help me to stay focused and blessed send me all I ask for and give me the Favor of Jesus and God and all of my fellow men including all my enemies Lord Lord bless me in my finances and help me to maintain every single thing you have for me to do make me your holy blessed number one saleman for C. with a company Car Lord pais in full and my new 2012 mercedes benz I ask for that Rose Royce you promised me also I ask all these things Lord with wisdom Favor and for more than wealth give me wisdom and respect from all eople around me I ask all these things in Jesus holy name amen

For my brother, Greg who is fighting cancer, that his diabetic numbers go down so he can start his bone marrow transplant next week. Amen.

Plz pray for my MJDF part 1 exam on april2, 2012 ..and pray for confirmation letter for that exam and also pray for confirmation of ORE Application form and further processing and great for a GODs choice in deciding that exam date and plz plz pray for Gods guidance and help in my preparation of those both exams part 1 ,MJDF and ORE .....
Even I am planning for baby.i want gods choice to be my child ,who will glorify him all his life...
Praying for my parents and for u also...pray for my husbands health and wellness..pray god for a nice home for me of his choice plz..don't think I am asking too husband searching for a own property ....plz pray god for shelter where I live with him and keep that home like heaven ,A place where he lives...
Thank you sai

Heavenly Father, Louis and Linda. I pray for the miracle of love. Restore, renew and grow us together. Do a new thing, Father. Bless us with with a future together that glorifies you. I pray that our relationship progresses to a joyous, intimate, Christ centered, marriage. Please grant the desires of my heart. All things are possible. I place Louis into your loving hands. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Father, my son and his family are in potential danger. Protect them and keep them safe. Save them, meet their needs and grant them favor. Those who go to God for safety will be
protected by him.
I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of
safety and protection.
You are my God, and I trust you.” Psalm 91: 1-4