Pray for Others

Please pray that Jesus will soon repair my broken marriage. Please pray that He is working in the heart and mind of my husband to remind him of all we once had.

My 15 mo old grandson , Nolan, is critical at children's hosp in Nebraska
Please pray for healing in his body

Please pray for my children my daughter is going through some very difficult times she is in desperate need of the lord. She has become very aggresive and violent especially when she drinks
Please pray that she stops drinking
Please pray for my son who is going through very difficult job training out of town He needs to pass several tests to move forward and is having a difficult time. I dont tell him the problems im having at home with my daughter so i wont stress him.
I seriously want to seek help for daughter but am afraid he will find out and not do good in his training Please pray for my family

Thank you Lord Jesus for another sober morning !!! Please help me with the money trouble it's becoming to be too much for my mind and soul. I am sorry for the lusting after women I am lonely and afraid of what I am becoming. I need your help Jesus. Bless my children with the Holy Spirit to bring there children up in a Godly way. Bless my earthly father Arthur S with peace and freedom from pain and stop his wandering at the apartment building.I pray my medication shows up , I need help with getting how I take it under control. Bless my dog Luke and make him more gentle. Bless Steve and Trina and help them to understand and help me. Bless and help all those who reach out to you. I give you thanks and glory< PLEASE HELP ME LORD JESUS Amen Peter W. -

Raymond -, bone cancer, 40 years old. Also family who lost a baby to miscarriage. And Ben's family, a 3 week old, who lost him to heart condiitons. Thank you,
Paula -

cory sells house this month better finances for me mike mikie jenny cory lacey please guide me with credit card debt

guardian angel please protect mackenzie especially when she is with her mom in school today with grades and test esepcailly math seth please be with him this week and he recover fast and in no pain

painfree and fast recovery donnie coninues to do good moms health good mikies eyes and kidneys do not get worse corys back bettert and health good health for babies and moms lacey and alecia kenny and alecia come to family find dads ring guardian angel to guide me mike mikie jenny cory lacey seth mackenzie kenny alecia linda karen barry keith gerald and families

I have prayed for healing of Type 2 Diabetes and blurred vision. Nothing has happened. Please pray for me. What am I doing wrong?
In the name of Jesus...

Hello,am alone and i want God to provide me,soul love partnership woman.a young woman who is also alone.i want this person to come to me direct,from the 4 corners of the Earth without fear or shy.anyone who will see my face or name anywhere,will render me likeness,kindness and favour.also,a woman who will love me and will like to have family with me.i want this person to come to me direct and talk to me without shy or fear...finally,i want God to grant me,urgent financial blessing to solve urgent needs and favour...Thanks,Eddy