Pray for Others

Dear Lord, please help me to be kind and friendly. Help me to speak and think clearly. Help me to make the right decisions in Your eyes. Please heal my hips and knees so I can cut down on the physical therapy. Guide my thoughts. Help me to understand the Bible Study. In Jesus Name, Amen.

I am on a journey out of the wilderness, the hurtful & bad feelings that have lived in me all the years of my life, anger hatered resentment jeralousy bitterness judgement malice revengeful gossip meanspiritedness, all the thoughts and feelings that have gotten me to where I am at 67 yrs old & all the experiences and people that came with it, family, friends, co workers, strangers, every one who has played a part in my life. I seek now to trust that Gods provision is enough, that enough is enough, that godlieness with contentment equals great reward. I seek supernatural change from God from deep within my soul. I am aware now of the things that keep me living in the dark & dead wasteland as life passes me by, & I despertly want to find the freedom that Christ promised in salvation, that the old man would lay down & behold a new spirit in Christ Jesus would be mine, please pray for me and all others who are also on this journey to joy & freedom in the promised land , I give thanks for your prayer amen

my job is not secured and also getting prepared to marry.

Special prayers for my sick co-workers Laura & Liz, a special prayer for Mel Jr.(new cancer) & Clint, my son & so many his age out of work going back to school next wk.

Pray for Fel and Del that very soon they will be worshiping the Lord as one with the same heart and mind in full communion with the Lord. Pray for healing of the body, soul, and mind in Jesus Mighty Name.

I just found out that I am anemic and my doctors have scheduled 2 scopes(endoscopy and colonoscopy) for thursday the 12th. Would you all please pray in agreement with me that my tests come back normal? Thank you and I will be praying for all of you too. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen. Claudia

Please pray for my fiance Doug. He is currently in jail in - SD waiting for his revocation hearing on January 19 at 11:30 am with Judge Karen -. I am at home in -, WA. We are praying that God will be the judge over his hearing and grant him reinstatement of his Probation and give him a second chance. We are also praying that god will grant him admittance into a rehab program, preferably back home here in WA but we have also asked the VA to try and get him into their rehab program in Hot springs SD then let him transfer back home and do his outpatient treatment here. Doug does know God, he speaks to him every morning on his daily walks around the rec room in the jail and he is leading others to christ also. Thank you for praying for him. Pamela -, - -, WA.

please pray healing for cancer issues, sue joanne anne, healing & finances, david chrissy jackie jeff mr c bill ginny susan mom jen will lori patrick toni aunties & liz. I pray that God will raise up a mighty man of God to lead this country. I pray for our military & first responders, for all who have suffered loss in weather related incidents Z& those yet to come. I pray for world peace & peace in israel,& all nations, for the worlds economies to stabelize & jobs for all. I pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves seek Gods face turn from our sin that God will hear from heaven forgive our sin & heal our land. God is a Holy God, He can not and will not bless us in known and deliberate sin. I pray for a mighty rush of His Holy Spirit to cleanse us that God may again bless America with peace prosperity & protections, I pray for all who post & pray here for all of our needs both spoken & un spoken that God will hear and grant us answers at our point of need in this hour in Jesus Holy Name amen

Right now I am going through some family matters and I need some guidance?Also I would like for you to pray also as I am going through some financial issues?

Help EA to have a normal, low risk pregnancy, safe delivery and a healthy baby. Help JA to keep his job and it not to close. Help him to make it a success. Help ER to get well with no problems. Help SC to get well. Help E to find her rings. Help drs to help Mary. Help them to fix the problem. Help ER’s tumor to shrink to nothingHelp me to find a way to resolve the loan to everyone’s benefit. Help NA to be healthy without any problems. Help JA to keep his job and to be a successful and valued employee– this is a desperate need. Help my son and his wife to have a happy, Christian life together and it to be a life walked in the Lord’s way. Please pray for Jonah, MJ, ES, DJ MN & DK to get well. Help AB, ER, JT, CJ &B to be healed of cancer. Help my husband’s back and head to stop hurting and him to help our son. Help our son’s back to heal, to make a success of his job, and have a happy marriage. Help him to have enough funds to pay all his bills– these are desperate, urgent needs. He is beginning to experience a call to church service – please pray he will find his way. Help my mother to enjoy every day and my mother in law to like her home. Help both our mothers to enjoy great health for many years to come. Help S,S, &L to be healed of ms and Sarah to be healed of lupus. Help EH’s pregnancy and baby to be healthy and no problems.