Pray for Others

Dear Jesus I ask you to please keep my adult children in your care . S-G and C.Please guide them in the paths you want for them and show them the way. Protect them while they are at work and help them to have postive mature attitudes.Send christain friends . Amen

Will you please pray for my grandfather, Richard who has been very sick and weak and he wants to give up please pray for him...

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Blessings for sane, fair business practices, healthy economy developing jobs for all needing in the world, Thank You for Leaders & Our U.S. President who support Peace. Thank You for where, in Your Will & Grace, forest fires are prevented & put out, other extreme weather reduced or eliminated. Thank You for rain, snow & clean air wherever needed, incl Western U.S. Oregon California Nevada Washington, that all weather comes safely for all life, services & property; Thank You that COLD temperatures & moisture arrive wherever needed. Amen.

please pray for my father philip,who has an irregular heartbeat and bad arthritis through his body. he is going for physical therapy,but sure could use god's touch. also,could you pray for myself,john,phil's son.that i might finally get employed back in the medical field. i have been searching hard for 2 and one half years,but always am rejected. working as bag boy for supermarket for almost 2 years now. and finally,please pray for gail,that her lungs would be healed of asthma. thank you,and God bless.

Thank You Lord Jesus for your Love Guidance & Blessings in Our Lives!!! Thank You for this prayer center! Thank You for abundant contributions supporting it!

My fiance has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); he was abused as a child, and has not seemed to have matured as a result in addition to the OCD. He self medicates alcohol, and makes unwise decisions in his life, and when things go wrong, does not make the connection why, and make necessary corrections. Prayer is requested that my fiance may realize that his disease(s) are destructive for himself and others and that he has the desire to seek Christian counseling for his many problems. I am also requesting prayer that I may be able to manage my frustration and anger, and forgive him when his OCD is speaking or acting out; and be helpful without being co-dependent and enabling.

Please give me strength and courage to deal with my financial problems. I pray God will help me not lose my home and help me find my way out of my money problems so I may again find peace and joy in my life.

My wife has filed for divorce, after 15 years of marriage. please pray that God speaks to her heart, loudly and with extreme clarity. she said recently that the grass is greener on the other side.pray that my wife Christi wants and desires, and has a re-newed passion for our marriage. pray that God removes the scales from her eyes, and that she hears a special word from God, and a willingness to obey. Pray for healing and reconciliation of our marriage.

Thy will be done in my marriage and in my life.

January 9, 2012
Please pray for LINDA,my sister. She just learned she has a lump on her right hip. We are Christians and have experienced God's healing before: we're both almost-nine-year breast cancer survivors. We trust in the Lord to take care of this latest health issue.