Pray for Others

My cousin is living with me, she is young and has been through so much. Today I learned through a site that she feels worthless, and that she deserves it. I told her she is priceless, not worthless and doesn't deserve to feel like that. She responded with that she knows she is worthless and not priceless that it is to late. I don't know what to do except to pray for her and ask for help. I am very torn up that she feels this way, she doesn't deserve to. She is beautiful and very smart, very rare.. And I love her very much.

K. and I will be married soon. Satan doing everything he can to destroy. Please pray

Gina , , CA, will be having brain surgery this Thursday to remove a tumor. She is a Christian and has two small children. Please pray for her and her surgery.
In Christ's love,

My baby is a month old and is extremely fussy. She cries uncontrollably for long periods of time. We've tried switching her formula with no success, and the pediatrician acts like it's no big deal. I suspect she has acid reflux but he says they can't give her anything to treat it. I can't stand to see her miserable and I feel like a horrible mother because I can't fix it. Please pray that God will give me the wisdom to figure out what is wrong with her and what I need to do.

Lord, In This New Year I Ask That You "PLEASE" Bring A Gentleman Into My Life To Hold Me, Love Me, And Make Me Feel Important In This World Today. "THANK YOU" Lord From The Bottom Of My Heart!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for my niece, Wendy, as she has to be in surgery tomorrow for sinus infection and thought maybe something else is going on besides that. We don't know. Thank you. Glennis

ineed prayer tonight and tomorow for my breathing and my voice and my coughing and my chest and my body thank you

Please, pray for my finances restoration, so that I am able to get all of my financial problems in order (for provision). Also for my job, to break down all hindrances in my projects, to cut off the envy, and also for my promotion. THANK YOU

Please, pray that I get the job I interviewed for last week. I have a lot riding on it. Thank you. Sherri

I've asked for prayers before so I thank you for them. My adult son had been trying to find a full time job, and just before Chirstmas he was hired. With a family, $11.75 per hour is a struggle but we're trying. Just when we thought things were looking a little better, tonight he was putting his contact lenses in solution and he dropped container and the contact lens fell into the toilet. It went to the bottom in the exit for the water and waste. The contact is gone. He does not have the money for an eye exam and new contact lenses. HIs glasses are old and out of strength. He is devastated and knelt on the floor in tears. His wife is in the hospital - she passed out a work in the milk cooler and has been hospital since Saturday night. THe seizures have come back. So right now, the only thing we can do is pray. Thank you for your prayers for all of us. We live in Ohio, near .
Grandma Bert .