Pray for Others

Please keep Austin and Rachel safe, guide their thoughts and actions. Your will be done in the relationship between my daughter and Nathan. Draw Rachel and Austin closer to each other and to You Lord. In Jesus Name, amen

Ple3ase pray that the foot surgeon can do something to help my foot. I was praying for no surgery and now I am okay with it if it helps the pain. Thanks to all who pray.

please pray for guidance in my business decisions.
thank you,

please pray for jummy c and steve life threatening issues both in icu, also for my back, great pain and discomfort , dosent seem to want to let go and heal, pelase pray amen

Oh God of heaven and earth, we praise you for your Omnipotence, your goodness and boundless love...we implore upon you today to please watch the residents of Alaska towns and cities submerged in 10-20 feet of snow...spare their lives Oh Lord especially the children and the elderly that they may have continous supply of heat and that it will stop snowing for a while so they can have a breather at least for all this miserable condition they are in...keep the folks/rescuers on a mission to help them people safe oh their families left behind at home and inspire their hearts to claim joy with what they are doing ...helping other sin need...all these I ask thru Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please pray for me and my family.
We are going through a trying time in our lives especially my husband. Please pray that we view all that we are going through the Eyes Of God,t we will tap into his strength all all times, our focus will be on him in times of Joy and sadness and that he will give us the courage to praise him through our most trying times.
I also would like to thank him for teaching us about Him. He is a Great God. Please help us praise him on our behalf.
Thank you so much for your daily words of courage and wisdom.

Please ask God to keep Alan safe while traveling to and from work, as well as on the job. Pray, too, for Him to heal Alan, restore his health, free him from all addictions, and guide him in his financial dealings. Thank you all and may God bless you. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

My son Nathan, who has autism, has to go to Children's Hospital for medical testing tomorrow. He is having trouble swallowing. Please pray that the doctor's are able to find what is wrong and how we can help our son. There is a winter storm warning tomorrow, the same day as his appointment. Please pray we have a safe trip to and from Pittsburgh.

Please pray for Mary to have a good recovery from her hand surgery yesterday. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Dear God, Thank you for that I have. I am blessed. I need one more and that is to have the money to pay my mortage this month. We have been careful with our money although it is still difficult to make ends meet. We need a miracle this week. Please bless us with one.
God Bless