Pray for Others

My car has over 215K miles on it. Sometimes it makes a weird noise when I crank it up. Please pray that it will stop making that noise and that there is nothing wrong with it. I do not have the money to have it repaired.

Lord, I pray that you will help my son alex -become a Advisor . Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex-sign up Nick - at 40% Advisor. Lord, I pray that you will help my son Alex - sign up Tyler -, Tyler-, Wayne -as 20% Distributors. Lord, I pray that you will help Tyler-sign up Seth - and Justin -as 20% distributors. Thank you for helping my son alex -to grow his business today and continue to share his story and his dreams and continue to encourage people to sign up . Thank you for helping my son alex - to continue to attract people into his life who want to join and become distributors today.

I need urgent prayers for a health issue. Please pray for me for this malady to be cast out. I need prayers badly. Not sure what to do, but stand on God's promises. Thanks you

pray for my foot to heal and also for me to lose weight.
pray for my husband also for his health. pray for my dad and brothers. Pray for me to sleep better.

please join in agreement with my husband and myself that GOD will bless us with 750,000 dollars to pay off everything we owe, send our son to private school, and have alittle left over that our business would grow and we get alot more work. we have not had any work in 3 weeks and i am not working, pray that if I did not do as I thought GOD was directing me to do on quiting my job as it was causing so much stress on myself and I was taking it out on my son that he would show me where I should go to get a job again and forgive me if I missed his direction. GOD carry us and protect us untill the time that you have appointed to promote us and provide for us our daily needs, also for all people everywhere who are suffering and need money, work, to have more than they need. Thank You

Needing prayer that LH is safe. I have not heard from him in over 3 weeks and I am so worried. Someone posted a picture of him with a very unGodly woman. Pray that he is ok and that he is not involved with anyone.

I pray that Tom and Rosa finance greatly improve,and increase. That we obtain enough money to help everyone in our family out, that we can be a blessing.

Requesting prayer that God will restore my relationship with Luke. He was trying to help me when I was depressed and I pushed him away. Now he won't talk to me or respond to my emails or texts. Please pray that God will soften Luke's heart and that he will forgive me and give me a second chance. Please pray that we will talk at church this Sunday.

I need strength each and every day. I believe that I have a unique situation. Our family was like a team. My brother has CP and only uses one hand. My mom and him live together-she is in her late 80's. We just lost my Dad the end of 2011 and he is grieving so. Right now I am trying to help-like my Dad did and grieve myself and have a concern over my brother's grief and my Mom as well. Thank you.

Urgent prayers requested for my son. Things are getting worse with him. Please pray that God will remove him from the dangerous relationship that he is in.