Pray for Others

I want to pray for my kids and family to finally be free of all the turmoil we have experienced... and I need to thank Him for the peace I feel today knowing this is the year we will be delivered from everything we have been going through... Please pray for guidance and protection and peace for me and my family...

Father, save my son, Darrick. Help me to say the right things to Darrick. Help me to be an example of your unconditional love. Save Darrick, Father. Please protect Darrick and keep him safe. Provide for Darrick, meet his needs and grant him favor. Change his heart and change his life. Draw Darrick to you, Father. Show yourself strong in his life. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

for James -, -has undergone many procedures for over a year to do with cancer and is now in much pain and getting very discouraged and weary. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to decide on the best way to procede now and for comfort for James and the family and a peace in whatever is decided, Thanks Joan -

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me. Bless me with the miracle of love. Intervene on my behalf, do a new thing, Father. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Bless us with a Christ centered love and lives that glorify you. Help me, Father, have mercy on me and grant me favor, help us. Bless me with the desires of my heart. All things are possible. Your will be done. In Jesus' name. Amen.

A financial company has scamed me for a lower fixed rate mortgage on my home. I lost money paying an appraiser. Please pray for Joseph -. He is the one who did it. I had been approved since 9/26.I had an ARM at 7.6% and got a fixed rate at 4%. Please pray that they will reconsider my loan.

I am having a difficult day and need your prayers. My wonderful Mom went to live with the Lord one year ago tomorrow. I know she is in heaven and that gives me great comfort. I know God is my strenghth and salvation but I am trying to get my finances in order and have had some setbacks, please pray that God give me the resources and strength to meet every challenge so I can be of service to Him and those around me. God Bless You All for your prayers and caring heart. Debbie

I need prayers for a job, and for help with our finances. We are having problems paying our bills and keeping food on the table. Only God can help us out of this huge mess that we are in. I have a chance for a job in a warehouse, they are just waiting for business to pick up. I pray that it will so that they can bring me on and we can get out of this huge financial mess we are in. please pray with me. Thank you so much

Dear Lord,Thank you for my many blessings.Let Lisa have a strong and healthy baby.Help Natalie beat her cancer.Be with Gary and his family.Help Sam and Harry get over their operations.Lord,I am struggling with my depression.Please remove my worry,resentment,anger,negative thoughts and feelings.Teach me forgiveness.Give me patience.Thank you for carrying me all these years.Please forgive me of my many sins.Let me live one day at a time.Lord,protect me and Mona and our families.Let us live with abundance and keep us in your favor.Stop the unrest in the Middle East,Iran,and North Korea.Help 2012 be a better year for our world.God bless America and it's people.God bless those who pray for me and my family.Bless this site.Amen.

Please pray for Me (Pearl) I am having gall Bladder surgery
on Monday,January 23
Thank you

Please pray for me to be healed from debilitating depression and anxiety. Please also pray for my family because my illnesses make it impossible for me to properly care for them. Thank you. Tanya