Pray for Others

we are having a faily reunion new year's family reunion today, 2 of my aunts have had a very hard time health wise, qnd at their age maybe ..............please join my prayers for a healing and GOD'S LOVE to reign on this yearly reunion, GOD bless you all twice for this and thank you for listening,for reading this prayer AND BEING THERE KD+-

Relationship with J. God will restore it. provide for J's needs, J be blessed with love and companionship forever!

I asked you to pray for Paige for she had a terrible brain injury she has woke up but she has a long road a head of her I do believe in all my heart that your prayers to God worked she will need more prayers for she is going to have a long recovery please send more prayers her way thank you with all my heart, colleen

My name is Lucy and I would like my fellow brethren to pray for my spiritual growth and financial relieve. I have a lot of debt that I would ask God to create a break through so that I would be free. God bless you

my aunt andfamily is in need of prayer shae has cancer isnt the only burden in the family we have prayed for generations now to take anything out of our family and put in new its a struggle mind,body ,soul i have had real laserations come on me things that normal people could not explain if it hadnt been for me n my bible i would have been under by now just pray for healing jesus suffered for these reasons already but ...??unexplainable thank you melissa

Please pray that a personal problem that is worrying me will all work out.

Please pray that God will give my son, wisdom and discernment, as he makes decisions regarding his children & his life. That God will give him peace and much needed rest. Thank you.

Please pray for me to be healed from depression, agoraphobia and anxiety. Please also pray for my family because my illnesses make it impossible for me to care for them properly. Thank you. Tanya

Plase pray I will find foot relief. In constant pain. I go to specialist 1/31/11 again. Blessings to all.

I would like to ask for prayer for direction in my life. I have no anchors, but a decent job, yet I feel it is time to move forward. My boyfriend has asked me to marry him & I said yes although he is overseas so this is a difficult courtship. Also I would like to ask for your prayer for a miracle of healing to Kevin as alcohol and tobacco have power over his life & he knows he has a problem with addiction. Please pray that we will be able to talk about our needs, dreams and plans together this week. Thank you. Amen.