Pray for Others

I have been asking for prayers for my daughter Lindsey. She has
had a rough 1 1/2 yrs at her college. She wants to transfer &
is currently home on break filling out applications. She got 4 A's on her report card and ONE F!!!! She is very upset about this. She has cried & thinks no college will take her. She is meeting with the professor this Fri. at 1pm. She is hoping for a remedy. To re-take the class while she studies abroad or let her do extra credit. She needs prayers for a successful meeting.
Thank You!!!!

i am raising three grandaughters, i raised four kids as a single parent. my parents and family are deceased. my youngest son Jesse has been incarcerated since 17 for aggravated assault. God needed his attention, and what a blessing he is. his child is four. its time for Jesse to be released God is miraculous. pray for his release .he is now 24. i just got a text from Rita, my boss of many years stating ive been taken off my shift as a careprovider, but hasnt told me why. i havve been doing twenty four hour shifts. i was actually tired of being away from my girls 3-24 four hour shifts, so this is ok, but i need to be employed. please pray for me and rita as well. i need a financial miracle.

Requesting prayer that God will restore my friendship with Luke. He was trying to help me when I was depressed and I pushed him away . Now he won't talk to me and he was told that he needed to distance himself from me. I have since rededicated my life to God. Please pray that God will soften his heart and that he will give me a second. Please pray that Luke will see that I am a different person and that he will forgive me. Please pray that we will see each other at church next week.

Things are getting worse with my son. Please pray that God will remove him from the dangerous relationship that he is in and that God will intervene in this situation immediately.

My name is Melinda and I'd like a Prayer to be a better Mother for my 3 year old daughter Kyleigh.

Asking for prayer that he will not get involved with her. Jesus, please put an end to this before it begins. Amen

Please, pray for Robin M. She is a mother of 3 who has a brain tumor. The surgery did not get all of it. Thank you

I am very disappointed in my self. I want to be strong and have faith but for some reason I am scared all the time. I hear bad things on the radio and end of times on the religious channel. They say if I believe in God I should not be worried but I seem paralyzed with fear and I can not be my self. Please God show me how to have faith in you that all will be ok. Take my fear away

For myself to be free from sexual immoral thoughts and actions and looking at sex sites or talking on the phone with them and wasting the Lord's money and time. Thanks, Jon

Please pray that God will touch my families finances. I believe that He can help us to overcome the debt that is holding my family and my ministry back.