Pray for Others

My mother has stage four breast cancer and we just got the news the she has tested positive for bone marrow cancer. She is the nicest and kindest person I know. So will you please pray that healing will come to her body. Thank you.

Please help my son, Tim, get a job with the police department.
Plesae give my son, Logan, strength to seek counseling.

Please pray in agreement that I will not lose L to any other woman. Please pray in agreement that God will fully restore our relationship.

Please pray for me- I have a court date on Thursday, Jan.12- this involves spouse support issue and divorce. I am only a teacher- I do not have money to support a husband that is well employed. I was ordered to support after his attorney lied about my income. Please pray that my NEW attorney will be able to get this action corrected and that my ex-husband will stop his constant suing.
The husband left of his own accord- I am helping my two older sons in college, maintaining a home, and teaching and most importantly serving God. I do not understand WHY all of this turmoil has been put on me but I know that God must have a purpose.
Please pray that the correct information will be presented and that I will be free of this support order.
-, NC

I have a dear friend that has moved to Oklahoma to write for a newspaper there.All they are giving her to write is about court records and criminals. She is a Christian and wants to be able to write something that is worthy of the Lord. She has a degree in journalism and is asking why the Lord is wasting her talent on this job. She knows the Lord has provided her with this talent, but can't understand why this type of writing??? She is so very depressed. Thanks

Please pray that first my sister-in-law does not get her cancer back. And that I do not have any type of cancer and that my new dentures work out and look natural. Thank you all for your prayer it works!

Please pray for LH's safety. I have not heard from him in over a week and I am so worried. Please pray that he is ok and that we will see each other and talk soon. Please pray that he is not involved with anyone.

Lord, my husband needs a walkin tub/shower with water jets for therapu. This was prescribed for him in January 2011, and the VA will only cover $2500, on it because his disability is not service connected; even though we are trying to get his discharge changed to a medical. Financially we can't pay the difference in the tub. I am still being treated for cancer, and we are buried in debt. It is a struggle to meet daily needs on social security, but we do the best we can. It is in GOD's Hands. We sure do need your prayers. Thank you and GOD Bless your team.

Father you know my need but you stated for us to ask in faith anyway. I am asking infaith nothing waiverig that the child care center I am opening will be approved by the board of zoning adn that I will get my hearing on 1/19/11. Father I am also in need of capital to fund the center I ask that would imn your riches and glory in Christ Jesus fund me for 200 thousand dollars or more in start up capital to help with equipment, rent, transportation, marketing and payroll. I ask for these blessings in Jesus name. i thank you lord for hearing my prayer and thank you for the answer AMEN. Oh and Father i know there are families in need of child care and I am sking you to send them to Safe Haven. Also Father there are qualified compassionate teachers in need of employment Father Please Send Them to Safe Haven. In Jesus name I Pray and Give Thanks.

For the final and complete remission of my 12 year tinnitus(ear ringing) and hearing loss, please agree with me in prayer. I have received these healings in faith in 2009 and 2010, and am waiting for their manifestation in my body. Praise the Lord with me, and thank you for your prayer! God bless you!