Pray for Others

Would you all please pray for my family to know God, for my friend Cassy and I to know God and each other more and more on a personal level and for Cassy's heart to open up more if God is willing, that God would guide me this following semester of graduate school, and for God to send me a wife that loves Christ to grow together with if He is willing. In Jesus Christ's Name. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!

Please pray for financial help to get out of payday loan debt. We borrowed money to help daughter fix her car and get out of a situation. Now we are stuck with 4 loans. I'm a sucker when it comes to helping my daughter when she needs it and then we get stuck paying the price. My husband is very worried, as I am too now. God Bless all of you for praying for us. H.

I need a touch from the lord in my mind.I struggle with doubt and need healing.I get thoughts in my mind and it is hard to get them out of my mind.Thank you for your prayers they mean lot.

Please pray for 2 year old Landon, who is currently in hospital . being treated for brain cancer. He just underwent very extensive chemotherapy. The chemo was so invasive, they had to take him to near death. They then treated him with stem-cell injections. They won't know for the next 5 weeks whether or not the treatments took. Landon, along with all of the other precious babies at hospital have barely started living. They all need our healing prayers. God's precious angels.

car wreck. 100mph. flipped 11 times. ex boyfriend woke me up and told me to put my seatbelt on. our friend who was driving didn't make it. I broke my back and messed my neck up very badly. The pain I'm in is unbearable. its just as much emotional pain as physical. I feel ashamed. guilty. regret. The driver was a good friend of mine, and my familys. I've never talked about any of this publicly bc i didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. if it wasn't for eric I wouldn't be here
please pray that I find the right help and quickly. that the pain in my body goes away. the pain in my mind disappears. the pain for the losses in my heart become easier to handle. the emptiness becomes whole.

Please pray that I can be shown God's Will for my life and the increased faith to believe it will come. Thank you!

I need prayer for an interview that iam having for a job at restaurant in , TN. I've been praying for a job for about a year. I had some leads but I haven't been able to land one. This boss is my old boss at somewhere I used to work at another restaurant. I have totally put this job situation into God's hands. If it is in his will I will get the job.

Praise be to the Holy Trinity. Kindly pray that my son Deepu be blessed in his job and he be guided by the Lord. His visa be stamped this week. With prayer-John

I am asking prayer for my sister who will have surgery next Wednesday.
I also ask prayer for my son who starts a new teaching job next Monday. I ask prayer that the whole family be in support of each other as our schedules will change next week. In Jesus name, I ask this prayer.