Pray for Others

Pray that my Mom’s pulse rate stay up & her BP stays down. Pray that she feels better.

Pray that my husband & I get financially stable again so we can help our parents & kids. Please lead us in the right direction for us. Wrap your loving arms around us.

Pray that my son & his girlfriend do not stray from each other. Pray that they create a stable & loving home from their son (my grandson). Pray that they become financially secure. Let them know you are always with them.

Pray for my oldest son & grandson that they stay together & have happiness. Pray that the ones that have lied & hurt them leave them alone. Pray that his girlfriend does not betray him & they get their finances under control. Pray that my husband finds a job that pays our bills so I can continue to keep our grandson. Pray that my youngest son finds happiness & a job he enjoys. Pray that my mom & mother in law get their BPs under control & they feel better. Pray that my family has health, happiness, love, peace, safety, strength & financial security. May GOD Bless You All. In THY name I pray,

I need to find another job. The one I have is very stressful and I know they don't want me here.
Also, please pray for my mother who worries about me so much. She is such a wonderful woman. I love her so very much!
I need peace in my life.
God bless you.
Melissa G

Join me in prayer for Chrissy & her family...they are going through divorce...having experienced it myself it is very difficult to say the very least. I ask for guidance, strength and peace for them. May God surround them with His love & presence. In Christ's name I pray...Amen Blessings and peace to you for praying.

I need a miraculous and immediate break through healing of several health conditions.

Please pray that God gives me the strength to stop smoking permanently. I feel powerless over this addiction and I've tried the patch, the gum, the inhaler and e-cigarettes. I want to lay this addiction at Jesus' feet and say I just can't fight this any more myself PLEASE HELP ME. Show me the way, guide me, walk with me so I can leave this behind forever. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for me and my family and I ask you to ask God in prayer to stop and remove the legal and financial burdens in our lives and protect us from our adversaries. We love the Lord and I thank you for your prayers. Please pray He will shower us with His blessings and protect us.

Please pray for healing for my gastric discomfort, pray that it is nothing serious and that the meds will work well; pray that I will have the wisdom in my diet