Pray for Others

Pray for my wife.She has never drank or smoke or did drugs.She found out today her liver is deseased and in stage 4.We had our 37 aniversary yesterday.Pray for healing and for the right doctor.Plz help me to for I am having problems too.My health is poor.I need help from God I cant handle it feel so helpless.

I'm usually a positive person, however, we've had some problems within our family. I am having terrible anxiety where I had faith.

Please pray for healing and relief from this sudden onset of pain in my left hip, left lower back and leg. It is excruiating pain. I pray that God will deliver and heal, in the name of Jesus. Also that I will be able to pay my mortgate and my bills. Lord, please have mercy.

My name is Jo, my children were taken from me 3 years ago. Please pray for me that my children return safetly to me before the deadline in March! In Jesus Christ name. Amen!

I have to go to court on January 25,2012. I am praying that all the charges that have been laid against my husband, myself and my brother in law be dismissed by the magistrate.

Have been tossing my cookies with the FLU -- If you would continue to pray for my recovery I would be thankful. That nausea and G-I bloatedness would leave and I would redeem the time or just sleep a lot. Early rest tonight, thank you in Jesus name.

I am Katherine - I was widowed in 2007. My businesses collapsed and I have struggled every day since then. I need to sell my property before I lose it. I am working in a nursing home night shift from 11 PM til 7 AM. I have a mobile store to work events when the ability arises. I am still paying off debt my husband had that I have had no hand in creating. I want to have this debt cleared. I have paid these debts , I have not bankrupted, because I think I need to do the right thing. If I owed this money, I would want it paid so I have paid and paid. I am so tired and I am 68 years old. I want to step out of this situation. God has blessed me all my life and I know it. Please pray for my finances to clear up, for my credit score to rise, for someone to buy this property, for this all to be behind me. Thank you for your prayers, Godbless you and your work. Katherine-

Please pray for jobs for a granddaughter, Son and Grandmother.
Thank you

My name is Marie -. I want inner peace, love and sucess. I want all problem to be dismiss by the judge, my lawyer on my side and everthing i am going through to work out for the best. I want doors to be open to be and for me to make god and my mother proud of me. I want my mind, body and soul to be heal. For god blessing to follow me and everthing that come in my ways for him to be there to take care of it for me. For god to keep my enemies aways from me and to keep me safe when i am a wake and when i am sleeping. I dont want to be judge by other but be accepting by other in jesus name amen

I praise the Lord for all the prayers offered up already and in praise to to the Lord for your ministry.
Please pray for:
1) husband's mental and physical health and for us to know intimacy we haven't had for so many years
2) family reconcilation
3) Salvation for my agnostic friend Gordan
4) Wisdom for me as a wife
5) my friend Charlene's need to know God's love and comfort w/r to her mental health etc
Love, thanks be to God!