Pray for Others

Dear Friends, thank you for your prayers and support during the transaction of my flat. Hopefully things are going through, but I need your prayers regarding finding a 2 bedroom house. Pray that I will find a little house soon and the move will go fine. Thanks again for your prayers and support during these stressful time.

My prayer request is for My Almighty Lord Jesus help my husband and my son get the Job that they have been waitining for,for the past month or so I know he has spmething new for us in the year of 2012,also for him to give light and enter into the people that need him in there life.

Dear Lord this is me again Dianne I come to you this new day didn't get much sleep on last night first of all saying thank you for watching over my family and I and protecting us from all harm and giving us strength to be strong thank you.I thank you for get my family and I up so we can see this new day and that we have our health and strength and are able to do our own thing without help of other ,we thank for all you have done for us and for the gift of life throught your son jesus chris whom I do beleive die so my sin can be forgiving.thank you for all you will do for us.I come to you this new day Lord in prayer wishing I had someone to help me get this $ 200 dollar before the end of the day on Monday.I pray that if it your will be done Lord please send help our way in jesus name we give you all the praise amen Dianne.

Pray for me and my family and all our spiritual health happiness and financial needs. Bless each of us and give us a good happy healthy safe wonderful life anf Sunday. Bless Lisa and Tina and give them a awesome happy healthy safe wonderful financially set life and let all be great for them and give them both a great day and bless Rebekah and Natalie and give them both a happy healthy safe wonderful great life and Sunday and let all be great for them and please let Rebekah do her project today my Lord. Bless me my Lord over and over and over again and please give me a good happy healthy safe wonderful life and Sunday and heal my whole body and let all the pain and limp go away and give me a great day at work and please help me to pay all my bills my Lord and let all be good and please just pour your mighty showers of blessings over and over and over again for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my Lord Amen and Amen my Lord.

Please continue prayer for my children and especially Tim and Cameron. Pray also for my neighbor and his son. Thank you!

Praise the Lord, O My Soul!!! Heavenly Father, bless my family, friends, and the sick namely Aunt Anna, Aggie, Beth, Christina, Cousin Bill, Kimmie, and Patrick. Amen

Dear God please guide me in what to do about John...please guide my children so they can start to get along and guide me to be a better mom to my children. Please help me financially so i can find a way to pay off this one loan so I can go back to school help me find a way to get my teaching license.

Please pray for Misty as she has a bond hearing tomorrow. I am praying for my daughter that she will get Gods guidance and he will lead her in the paths she needs to go. Please pray that we will be able to find a home to rent near Misty and that these three girls will be fine in their new school and that I will have a job. Also for the first time in ten years I have met someone that I feel good about and am hoping this relationship works. Praise the Lord

I am in an adulterous relationship and now she may be pregnant. I pray she is not pregnant and that God will give me the strenght to end the relationship.

i need jesus to send in the money this week for my bills my prayers are not working