Pray for Others

Pray with me that my son have all charges drop against him in a court case that he is facing that he really caused noone any harm.

Health for my family.

I have an appointment with a doctor this morning because of a possible health issue. My prayer is that I do not have a serious problem. Please pray for me to be able to to free of worrying about this. Thank you.

please pray for a mother and her unborn child. their health is not good. they are both in danger. praying that the will of the Father will be for complete health for mother and child. thank you.

My son Alex is very depressed. We are working hard to find the right dr. and medicine to help him feel better. We are also trying to get him into an exercise routine to helpo him feel better. He is a senior in h.s. and a police Explorer. Could you please pray for him?
Mary Lou

my car isnt starting and I have no job feeling abandoned need gods peace to enter and surrond me

My husband and I own a small oilfield company and beacause of the bad economy we fell behind on state and irs taxes.. We need gods guidence and blessing. I am so worried that they will not work with us and start taking property. Please pray for us to reach agreements and increase of business.

Tonight, I would like to request a prayer for a friend that lost his job. That the Lord will help him to find another job ASAP. That Jesus give him wisdom, peace, patient and reveal to him his new plans for him.
Thank you, prayer warriors.

I am praying for my daughter for relief of her extreme anxiety and her depression, for my son for his moods, for my middle daughter who is pregnant, for my youngest daughter I give thanks for the blessing she is, for my oldest son, prayer that he finds his way, for S, health and happiness... And I am thanking Him for the good things and stress relief I know he is going to bring me... Blessings to all those who need His hand in their lives...

Please pray for Catherine -during her surgery Wednesday (1-4-12) morning from 8am-10am to release a frozen right shoulder. She will have a 9 week intensive physical therapy regimine after a 2 week recovery and then she needs to join a pain management service to avoid double disc replacement surgery in her lower back. This all stems from a bad motor vehicle accident a year and half ago and she has been in agonizing pain ever since. A beautiful devote Catholic mother of 3 who needs some extra prayers.
Thank you,
Alice =- concerned and loving friend