Pray for Others

Save my Son Darrick, Father. Save my entire family and all my loved ones. Save, heal, protect, provide, grant wisdom, favor, restoration and love. Darrick, Barbara, Karyn, Karyn, Dee, Linda, Louis, Heather, Dorian, DJ, Rickey and un-named loved ones. IKn the name of Jesus. Amen.

I am absolutely DESPERATE to find a job. I am a single mother of 2 children who can no longer pay rent or bills. I am a certified teacher but haven't been able to find a teaching job. I don't even know where to turn any more and have become very depressed over the situation. I have just started fasting but would appreciate any prayers you can offer for God's direction to become clear in my life. Thank you!

thanks all you pastors and prayer worrirs please keep me in prayer iam moving in to a new apartment may i get moved in by the 30 and may i get my rentting historie cleanened up may i pay my bills on timemay the LORD bless and anoit this apartment pray that i find a good thing in the LORDS favor pray for store for the HOLY SPIRIT to pour out on this store may the customers have the money to pay for the grceries they put in their carts pray for the associates to get a bonuss this quator pray for the associates to get 40 or more hours per week pray for the corperation that runswalmart to be more fair tourds the associates pray for me to be fast and strong tonight pray for it to be a fast and easy night pray for the gas prices to go down for same sex merriages to stop and for abortion to stop pray for prayer to be put back in the school system pray for all the youths in our minnistrie pray for it to stay quiet were i am movieing pray for cindy and kevin to move back out to pray for my income to increase pray that the place were i live to use me to help matence around the complex pray for isreal and all other nations pray for my family pray for lolo and chris to grow more tourds the LORD and keep working pray for paul too pray for scott to get working and open his eyes and let go of the cigerets and let GOD do what HE has plans for him pray for prayer to be put back in the school system pray for the goverment to spend for GOD and not a gainst HIM pray that perry would come across a car or truck that i can afford pray for rain out in arizona to put out fiers and storage pray for me to grow more in the word and pray for cindy and kevin to come and see me pray for pastor ed to cut loos what he needs to cut loos IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN GOD BLESS

please pray for Carol. She wants to conceive and hasn't been able to

Father, I pray for devine healing and restoration. Heal my body and let the ENT doctor confirm that the lump in my throat is nothing. Heal my heart and bless me with the miracle of Love. Restore renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Intervene on my behalf. In Jesus, name. Amen.

I ask that God please help my mom for her well being and getting her car fixed annd that I can go back to school this spring.

please pray for jane and her family as they cope with her husband's illnesses. thank you

Please pray that the swelling from lymphedema will leave my left arm.
Also help my grandson with his depression, he is 14 years old.
Thank you.

please pray for bruce and rosanna who are battling cancer and now bruce has had a heart attack as well. thank you

please pray for the protection of my children and for me to be a better mother for them and make wise decisions on their behalf. thank you