Pray for Others

dear lord hear my prayers.o lord i am in desperately need of you.i have so many worries on my shoulders o dear lord that its so overcoming.i cant sleep or really do much because of these worries.lord please can you hear my prayers for sending a miracle to me very soon loke me getting a job tomorro. let someone call me to offer me a job. i have applied everywhere o lord noone calling me.pray for us o dear lord that we can all straighten out our lives.lord hear my prayers.without you o lord there is nothing.

God, please comfort, protect and help us today. Continue to guide us and may we honor You in all that we say and do. I praise You. You are in charge.

A prayer for all the people who are critically ill with cancer, especially an aunt of a dear friend,she is very sick and in need of our prayers,, also for the family who is involved and suffering too!

I pray for financial provision for my family this week so we can meet all our obligations. I'm also asking God's help to keep me on the path to getting ourselves out of the debt we are in.

I am asking for prayers. Please pray my boyfriend's father likes me and accepts me today and wants me in their lives, please pray our meeting goes well. Please pray for my boyfriends salvation &his kids. Please pray in agreement in Jesus Holy Name that he does NOT breakup with me as I am pregnant with his baby, that he becomes closer &more loving to me, encourages me and for him to try even harder than before to raise this baby. I am very sorry I am pregnant, asking God for total forgiveness

I am disabled due to the military.I have a travel board hearing for my disability on Jan. 30th,2012.Plaese pray that my appeal will be approved at 70 to 100 percent.Pray for my health that I can continue helping at ministries for the lord.
God bless you.

dear Lord bless my family and I and all others. please forgive us our sins. p;ease forgive me for things i have done, but i did it for the family. please bless all prayer requests and help us all be better christian people. help my wife and daughters get better. please help our daughter come home. in sweet Jesus name i pray Amen!

Prayer for Tracy's ease and quick recovery during and after his colon surgery tomorrow morning.

Please pray that th wed lord will delivet me out of the hands of the enemie so I mijt prosper please thank you.

Lord, i pray that you will help my son alex advocare business today. Thank you for helping my son alex to be successful with his advocare business today.