Pray for Others

I REQUEST PRayers for continual spiritual growth. I'm wrestling with a problem which has yet to yield a resolution. I seek the answers that have been kept from me. Please, God, reveal to me the truth and give me guidance. Thank you.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for another blessed day. Dear Lord, I am so grateful for for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. Dear Lord, I pray that the new year will bring good health, happiness and prosperity to me, my family and friends. Dear Lord, I pray that you will continue to heal my mother and restore her to good health. Dear Lord, I pray that DP, SW and HF and anyone else looking for a good job, will be able to find great opportunities in the new year. Dear Lord, I have faith that this year will be much better than last year. I pray this in Jesus name. AMEN.

please pray for my adult daughter. she suffers from adhd and she loses everything. please pray for her organizational skills and time management as it effects her life but it effects our relationship as well.

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony & Susie.

My husband David & I married late in our 40's. We had a stressful
1st year of marriage- family problems, finances, loss of jobs, both
Had medical issues and no insurance. I put my husband before God
Instead of God first , made alot of new wife mistakes. He left me after
13 months & is talking divorce. I am standing for our covenant marriage.
Do not want the sin of divorce. We have a great church family, PTL!
Tea, prayer, friends holding me together just barely. PLEASE
Pray for Reconcilation. Thank you. Warm Blessings, Sheila

I need to finish an online course by 01-12-2012 or I will have to start all over. My prayer request is that God's Will be done no matter what, and He will give me the strength to KNOW the end result is His Will.
Angie in -, GA

Today I have an accident. Sorry Jesus , I am careless do looking at the mirror. Please keep me in the workplace at D-. I love my work and ask for permanent work. Help me that my boss still give me work despite little accident with fence. Have compassion and mercy on me this time. I will be careful next time. Jesus thank you so much for the work, you got for me. In Jesus Name. Amen

please, brethren, help pray that i win this custody battle my ex is waging on me for our 12 yr old daughter, moon. he wants her to fly alone to germany and no way will i permit this. he has other outrageous demands and i am always so fearful and intimidated by him. please help me win this case, that my lawyer, atty. k-will represent me well and that moon's interests and happiness will never ever be jeopardized. pls. help pray that he will stop bullying me and our daughter. her stepdad who raised her since she was 11 months passed away and she is also still grieving. that was her real dad. but i guess the biological dad is threatened and is suing me. pls. help me pray. please dear Lord, let me win this battle. please. all for the sake of moon. let the judge have mercy on me and moon and not on him. thank you. samantha -

My family relocated recently to another State. We have applied for and interviewed for jobs without success. Please pray for jobs for mom, dad, adult son, teenage son.
GOD bless, Thank you

Hi! my name is Kenneth -and i'm requesting prayer tonight. I have some medical problems that i'm dealing with and I need to give it all to God. theres no one else who can fix this problem but God! So please pray for me so God can lead me and guide into the right path God bless you.