Pray for Others

Please pray for Joe as he mourns the loss of his beloved twenty-year old cat, Bogart. Thank you.

For world peace and love and joy to all - heal the sick, comfort the lonely, help the poor! Love to all for this holiday season and all year long
beverly -

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that the christian man who is to call me soon will do so if it is God's will for me.

needed a new heart,closer to god

Please pray that Vicki and Dave and Jimmy and Rene have strong, healthy, happy, loving and SPIRITUAL marriages. Please pray that Jimmy and Rene can work out their problems for their sake and the sake of their little son, Adam. Thank you.

Please pray that Jimmy, Dave, Mary, Carl, Jill and Mark get jobs. They are all good people who need and want jobs so they can support themselves and their families. Please say a prayer of thanks for Ashley getting a job. Thank you.

My friend and I work in a stressful and abusive school environment. Last year, I found great strength and support from him when my world started to crumble. This year, he is facing similar struggles. Students are noticing the changes in him and a few have come to me with their worries. He recently broke communication with me after we had a misunderstanding. I don't know if that split was planned or permanent, but while I miss my friend terribly, I am worried that he is hurting from other events as well that are affecting his personal relationships as well as his employment status.

Please pray that my husband, Joe is vindicated of charges concerning his work. Joe is a very good, decent, honest, caring and spiritual man who is always trying to help people and do the right thing. Please say a prayer of thanks for him not losing his temper or being nervous at a meeting held on 10/19. Thank you.

We request God's will concerning a loan modification for our home. We have help from a place called "N-", which is a neighborhood advocacy group of volunteer Realtors. If God wants us to stay here in our home, then I request resources, energy, and knowledge of how to maintain it right. More than anything, I want God to be honored in this situation. Thank you so much!

Some tough decisions need to be made regarding my parents. I pray for clarity from God in this regard.