Pray for Others

Please pray for the M. family.

Dear Lord - I need your guidance and help in deciding what to do regarding Sarah. You know that I would like to move beyond being friends, but I fear my strong desire for this is clouding my ability to see your will. Please show me, in a way I can not reject, or rationalize away, or misinterpret, if I should let the whole thing drop or if I should continue to pursue it. If I am to let it go, please help me deal with the deep feelings of disappointment and sadness I will be left with. If I am to pursue something more, please show me how you want me to do it.
Thank you, Lord

please helpme pray that the problem with my car is minor and it will not cost much to have it repaired...thanks

Heavenly Father, the holy spirit keeps leading me to scriptures about your enduring mercy. Have mercy on me. Bless me with the miracle of love. Intervene on my behalf. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Bless us with a Christ centered love and lives that glorify you. Help me, Father, have mercy on me, help us. Your will be done. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pray for our son-in-law who is extremely difficult to live with. He is so mean to our daughter and their two young children. Thank you for your prayers!

Hello. My name is Debbie and I thank you so much for your help through prayer. It is so needed. I am a single mother, working full-time but only @ minimum wage. My youngest daughter, Camille, has severe autism & has made employment quite difficult @ times. I bought our present home in 2003 & have made many improvements in it to keep my daughter safe. Because of the recession I ended up facing foreclosure last year & in the 11th hour my home was purchased by a fellow. A very small amount of money came to me with that sale & I immediately gave that money back to him in the form of rent for the next few months. This has been a heart-breaking situation for me. On Feb. 15th my rent payments run out & we lose our home for good. I am not able to pay my other bills if I pay rent. My prayer request is to be able somehow, to stay in the home that we love so dearly. Our neighbors are wonderful, I'm close to work & my daughter finally has an opportunity to go to an autism specific school in our district. Losing our home also means losing those things. God Bless You All!!! Truly. Thank you aain for the prayers.

Please pray for my granddaughter and her family. Her mom is exasperated with failing grades, lack of motivation, etc. and wants to put her in a girls' home. Please pray for me as well, as this situation breaks my heart.

Please pray for my family. Please pray that we get a lease home this week in Ohio and we are together again. Please pray that my husband's test goes well and his job is secure. Please pray that Angela gives us a chance. Thank you Lord for hearing me and listening to me. I lift my heart to you and pray you will help me. I know you are my savior. I love you so much Lord. In Jesus' precious Name I pray, Amen.

I want to thank the Lord for His many blessings. Please pray for me for guidance, direction, peace, protection, restoration and financial blessings. That I am blessed with a good job, a car and a good wife. That I am covered by the blood of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. For my health and strength. That the Lord will bring the right people into my life and take the wrong ones out. In Jesus name. Amen.

Please pray for my sister who is going to undergo surgery in a few days.