Pray for Others

Dear Prayer group
I have been smuking for over 30 years. I always decide to quit smokimg, but I find myself smoking. I am worried I might have heart attack or smoking related cancer. Olease Pray for me . I believe God ia able.

Hi, this request is for me. I'm having a lot of anger issues which in turn is affecting my job (I'm in the Army), my friendships, my self-esteem etc. I'm also having issues with my faith. I keep asking myself...."what if it's all a lie?" Referring to Jesus. I"m afraid to believe because what if it's NOT real?? I need some serious prayers because I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. So I'm requesting a prayer for God to help me see things better, be a calmer person and a happier person. Thank You.

Pray for John and Tommy to get along tomorrow

pray John has a safe trip home tonight after work

Please pray that Christine will be healed.. She is in the hospital with both Friedrichs Ataxia and Crohns Disease. She has been suffering from these ailments since 2006 and she is only 25 years old.

please pray so that we will find a buyer for the house

My name is Madison. I'm 19 years old, and my life is in absolute shambles. I humbly ask that anyone who reads this request will please pray for my family. I am so discouraged and so overwhelmingly tired right now, but I know it is in moments like this that God can be seen in full color if one remembers to pray. If anyone decides to pray for my family situation right now, please know that you will have my eternal gratitude.

i had been seeing this gentleman for 3 years we became friends first and then fell in love we were so happy in july we planned to be married nov 10 on oct he passesd away suddely, please pray for me at this difficult time thank you

Save my family, Father. Darrick, Barbara, Karyn, Karyn, Dee, Heather, Dorian, Rickey, DJ, and extended family and loved ones. Draw all men to you so that they may be saved. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Father God, Please bless me with the miracle of Love. Help me to know and belive in your Love. Restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Intervene on my behalf, Father. Bless me with the desire of my heart, real Love and a blessed, intimate, happy, Christ centered, relationship and marriage to Louis. Grant my miracle, Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.