Pray for Others

God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind. Thanks for all my blessings.Please keep me and my family safe. Please keep me and my husband happy together. I need 1600 by jan 10th to pay a bill off so I am not charged any interest and I know God will take care of this for me In Jesus Name. Amen

My brother Russell L - became a missing person on Christmas day He left two very disturbing letters saying he didn;t want to live anymore! His picture can be seen on my wall on facebook, or at FDLE under missing pesons! I recently lost my only living son and husband of 40 years, and feel very lost! I know Jesus, he;s my savior and best friend, right now though my heart is hurting to find the oldest brother I helped raise! Please pray he;s alive and his safe return.

Pray that this pregnancy is healthy and the baby is ok

Dear Lord,i lift Chris up to You...his eyes need Your healing...and if it's Your will i ask that he healed of his Sugar Diebetes.And whatever you ask for in prayer having faith and believing you will receive.Matthew21:22.Thank You Father God for hearing and answering my prayer.I love You and give You all the praise.In the most wonderful name Jesus.Amen

pray for good health heal and doctor my wife claudine my self ken from any sickness or disease ask for a miracle of great health also pray for our 2 baby girls kierah and chanteja god bless and thanks for your prayers love yous

This prayer is Lacy- who lives in NC. She has ovarain cancer that she is thaking the stand chemo and also and experimental cancer drug. She is a very positive person and beleive in the almighty above. However, after feeling so bad she is having alot of down days. Please pray the treatment will work, which they are but many more to come and that she will stay positive and maybe not feel too too bad. In Jesus Christ we both pray. Please pray for Lucy. Paul and Marie -

Please pray for my husband Paul who lives in NC. He had knee surgery 9 months ago that was not successful, he has lost alot of his balance and needless to say quality of life. Today he fell and fracture his hip. He will have surgery tomorrow at 9:30 am. Please pray that this will be successful and by going thru this he will be able to find someone to find what has been going on with his knee. Please pray, and in Jesus Christ I will pray.

This has been the worst week of my life... I pray that what has happened will be a blessing in disguise and I pray that Bryan will get his life together and wake up to what he has in his life.....

I can't pay my rent
I lost my job
My is Car broken I need around $1500 to make it work

My teenage daughter who is making bad choices including premartial sex.