Pray for Others

I love him .I pray he love me. I pray for God's love. I pray for God's help.

Please pray that God’s will is done in the lives and decisions of the leaders of all nations and that God gives them the wisdom and knowledge to lead their nations in accordance with His will. Thank you.

Thanks be to God for all my blessings. I pray for MIC, RCS, HJV, OSC, JCS. May God bless their dreams and gives them good health to rejoice in God's plan. I pray for my older sister financial recovery. I pray for my younger sister surgery recovery. I pray for daughter success in college. I pray for my son success in his career. I ask this in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith-wtih kindness-joy-love-gratitude.

Please pray that God’s will be done in the lives of all my households, that He rid us of any fear, anxiety, anger, stress and depression and that He fill us with His peace, love, joy and happiness; that He gets us all in a church where we belong, that God provides our every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus more exceedingly and more abundantly than we can even think or ask and that He fills our lives with gratitude, thanksgiving, humility, peace, good health, wealth, joy and prosperity, and let us be a servant to You and others. Thank you.

For my stepson that he may come to Christ before its to late, and for his girlfriend also. Roger

My father is in the hospital now for more than a week. his white cell count i am told is 22,000 which isn't good. please send him your prayers to get well. my daughter and i will make the 5 hour drive to see him this weekend, but i know it would help keeping him in all your prayers. thanks so much and blessing to all.

Hello! I've submitted my prayers here several times before, and the most important ones have been answered. I turn 24 in 4 days. I have battled depression since I was 19. I'm on medication for it, and I desire to be healed from this affliction once and for all. I am currently suffering from a broken heart, because my boyfriend cheated on me. God is so good, I found out early on, before I did anything crazy or self-destructive.
Please continue praying for my heart and my life's healing and may I find immense joy in God's love for me, such that I don't need to seek it in other people.. Or places. May God give me strength to live a renewed life focused on Him. Finally, I pray that God gives me more opportunities to bring joy to others as well.
I thank you for your kindness. :) -Macel

Need God's peace and reassurance for my life. Have been struggling for quite a while now.

Please help my friend Kara - through her depression and pray for God's favor to help her financially. She helped a neighbor of her's last year and the neighbor left her with a 13,000. bill and has no intention of repayment. Please God help Kara. Thank you Lord Amen.