Pray for Others

Please pray for my son, D.A., to have a great and blest experience and encounter with Jesus Christ and be in right relationship with Him and that he will have divine protection all of the time. Please pray for God to give D.A. a great peace over a hurtful experience from today and that he will not blame himself and also that other family members will not put any blame on him either.

Please pray that my husband's first day on the job is wonderfully good for him. I pray he enjoys it and it is the first day of a long career. I am so proud of him. Thank you for your prayer support. Ilove you Lord and am blessed with all of your answered prayers. God is good. I love you so much Lord. I pray for peace and happiness for all families. In Jesus' precious Name I pray, Amen.

Please pray that my finances are truly and abundantly blessed. Pray for burdens be lifted and doors start opening in the forms of money,jobs,peace and happiness and a car. 2011 was trying and worst year ever. Praying,trusting and believing in a better and blessed 2012! thank you and God Bless!

Mike K, stage 4 cancer.

For all humanity, to live in peace and harmony

I the monies to afford travel and hotel expenses to serve on the volunteer team for P. 2012 Conference for the next generation of Jesus followers for college students beginning Jan 1, 2012 at the G.D.

i need prayer for my soul the devil is trying to get me

Save my son, Darrick, Father. Protect him and grant him favor. Save my entire family. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for Steven - to know the joy of the Lord is his strength so that his heart will be transformed in the light of God's love.

Please pray for my husband Warren and his brother Grant to make the right decisions regarding the farm business. They both have different views on what to do with our business and disagree a lot. I am scared I will lose my home because of poor decisions.