Pray for Others

Please continue to pray that my daughter Molly's life will be turned to the good, that she may be healed from her drug addiction and lying. Thank You!

Pray that God will pour his blessings mercy and grace upon me and my family in 2012. That he will protect us from all harm and evil. And that we draw closer to him and Love him more than we love ourselves. That we will stand up and lift up our heads, because our redemption draws near. God bless. Worthy is the Lamb.

Please pray for my accute awareness as to what God wants me to do, so that I don't miss out on an opportunity to please him. Please pray for my grandchild that is due August 6th 2012. Please pray that God will help me find a way to make some income. I quit my job as a legal secretary in 2003 to care for my grandchildren so that my son wouldn't lose his home. He could not afford daycare. I stay up late and am good with writing and typing. Please ask God to let a good home job opportunity come my way. In Jesus name. Love Diane

Please pray for me. God knows my situation. It just feels so hopeless today. Please pray for me to have strength, wisdom, comfort, hope and a little bit of luck. Thank you.

Peace for Ashley

Healing prayers for grandson Charles as he recovers from surgery for ruptured appendix. He is eleven yrs old

I ask you to bless me indeed. I ask you to enlarge my territory. I ask you to put your hand upon me and keep me from evil.

Father, I want to abandon LW. We are full of misunderstanding and mistakes. Please heal us and lead us to the right direction. Please help with our relationship that we will not hurt each other. Father, please HELP, Thank You.

I ask you to bless me more than abundantly so I can help out people who are less fortunate than myself. I want to be a philanthropist for God!

Dear Prayer Partners, Would you agree with me in prayer for the following?: I ask our Lord Jesus for a financial miracle so that we can pay off credit card debt, move to our home town -, Alberta Canada, buy this home (that I believe the Lord has led me to) 1123 P- Cres. and to buy our dream business, a christian gift store.