Pray for Others

I pray and ask God to bless my daughter who is currently in medical school and needs God's blessing & favor she sometimes she
loses her faith, please join me in prayer for God to bless her thru
the difficult times, and to excel above adverage in all classes and she does the will of our almighty Father. Thank You1

I proclaim your Word where two or more pray that you will hear through your son Jesus Christ my finances be met and my job leads me back home to my children. Amen Sabina - , your child

I pray for job prospects and job offers in 2012. I thank God for all his bleesings and allowing me to make this far in pharmacy school/ Finances have been tight and had become tighter and I am behind in paying back some student loans. I pray that I will find resources soon to pay these back. I would also would like my husband to have better job outlook in 2012. Please draw him closer to You and believe that you are there for him

I pray for the family of a 24 year old, Emerald -, who died in a car crash on 12/27/11. I did not know her but can only imagine the grief of a parent losing a child. Pray for peace and comfort for the family.

well I have send you so many prayers request and I keep doing it Iam trying to keep my faith,my situation is very serious,I lost my job oct 14 and have not been able to find work,yet.I have no money I have been going to the church food bank for food,Iam about to be evicted out of my apartment for non payment of rent.I havebeen trying to get emergency help from various city agencies and they have turn me down.for what reason I have no idea.I live alone and have no relatives close family had help in the past but they can not continue to do Iam in my last straw.please pray that my situation gets better so I can continue name is stefan- and I live in florida,please pray for me and may god hear your prayers. thanks

Please Pray for me and my family. Pray that my husband learns the consequences of infidelity and take responsibility for his mistakes. God help me forgive him and find a resolution to our relationship. I want to be a good mother and provider for my children with or without his help if that is your will please gide us in this troubled stage of our life. I pray in the name of the Holly Trinity, Amen.

I need a job that pays at least $20 hr. I thought God was going to make provisions on this job that will end for me tomorrow. I been faithful in my tithes/offerings

Please God, grant my daughter, Jennifer and her family, peace : because one person (her husband) will not take his medication and cannot control his rages. Good health for all. There is autism, Reynauds, chronic fatigue among other issues. Thank you and God bless you for caring and giving so much.

Please pray that my husband gets the job he went to see about this morning, and I got a call about a job I really want, so pray for me too. It's been a long rough road, but in it all I haven't forgotten other people by putting them first and giving what I have, and I feel God Blesses me for it, so please pray that we get these jobs.

Please pray for my niece, Susan. She is going in for a second
back surgery. She had her first surgery for a compressed disk less than 2 months ago and now she has another compressed disk.
Pray for a successful surgery and a complete healing. Thank you
and God Bless you.