Pray for Others

IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME please pray for me, really pray for me. Thank you and GOD bless. Lou

Lord I pray for the financial wisdom to pay off my debt and create no more debt. Lord I pray for your guidance and wisdom in John - and my relationship. Lord let your will be done. Lord I pray I am able to purchase this house in August 2012. Amen

Due to helping family members who have lost jobs, had serious illnesses, or other financial needs,I now have a large amount of credit card debt. My prayer is to get out of debt. Help only when I have the money in my checking or savings account. "NO" does not come easy to me. I wish I could help everyone, but by doing so, I am deeply in debt.

i would like prayer for me to quit doing drugs i want to quit and everytime i say i going to quit i start back i dont want it any more i spent my check on it and thats not what i want to do i ask god to help me but it seems to me that he dont hear me i know its wrong i pray every night and day it just seems that god is mad with me i know god loves me and i love him why want he help to quit pray for me please to god for help now i know he can if its his will

for Martin, deeply troubled, confused, frustrated, angry, depressed, alienated from his mother. Please pray that the Lord will comfort and restore his soul, restore his faith, restore the joy of the Lord to him, help him to accept himself and accept others, forgive himself and forgive others and not blame others for anything. Help him to accept forgiveness and love from the Lord and be at peace. Help him to find purpose in life and motivation to work, no matter how menial or boring the job may be. Lord, have mercy on him and save him from despair and darkness and death. Give him life -- a new lease on life, a joy he has never experienced before, the love of God to flood his soul and to cast out all fear. Give him sight, riches, healing of the mind, and all that he needs in Christ to find.

Please pray for my son Rohan who is staying in the college campus. I am worried that he is not focusing on his studies and career as he has got very bad marks in his 4 semisters. His exam's are starting from 2nd of january please pray that he studies hard and gets excellent marks in all the subject as it important that he gets good mark in the remaining 4 semister because only than can he do his further studies. Please pray for his good health.

please pray for me that i might find a job i am about to lose everything my name is steve and i live in -, florida.i lost a job of 6 years in june lost my girlfriend and i am about to lose my car and my home i love god and pray all the time i really need help
i havent given up but i am so discouraged please pray for me ...thank you
peace and love

My son lives w me his father and i have been praying for protection for him, his mother keeps hurting him but every route i go to help him keeps coming up w dead ends. She keeps getting away w it. On top of this she keeps trying to lie about me and set me up in court. She has a lot of problem s and i pray that God will carry and protect my son and me through all this and bring justice and help me take my son and keep him safe and in a Christian environment. Bringing justice where justice keeps failing my son and i. Also i ask for prayers financially for all this has benefit expensive. Its all benefit extremely hard spiritially and has felt as if my prayers haven't benefit heard. So i just need prayers for all these issues, thankyou very much. Sincerely curt -

i need deliverance from drugs and severe mental illness. hepititis. arthritis and chronic fatigue. o god,please heal me.

I have been out of work for 5 months so far ( not as long as many I know, but a long time for a first timer). I am an RN with 23 years experience. I just need prayer support in finding the right job for me since I do have some physical disabilities. I know prayer works. I have seen the results. I just need all the prayer support I can get for a ob, for sanity, and for peace of mind. It is really hard being without a job for the first time in 28 years.