Pray for Others

Dear God, please let those that are in jail feel you. Let my friend Victor see the light and turn to you, let him feel better in health and life. for me please bless me with a lottery win so I can get a place in Florida so he has a safe place when he gets out.

Please pray for safe travel for Mark - and Brittney as they drive from CA to , NV tonight (12-23-11) and onto NV on Christmas Day and home again to California on Monday.
Pray they will be spared delay, accidents, breakdowns, bad weather, tickets, theft, or any other travel problem.

I would like prayer for this Christmas season as it is especially trying with family illness, strife, spiritual warfare, and people who are bullies in my place of work. I'd like prayer for strength, wisdom, kindness, and victory over all situations so the love of God may shine through me, too brilliantly to ignore.
Thank you so much.

I am in need of a financial belssing in the worst way. I'm at my wits end. My husband can't work and I am partially retired so I am only allowed to make a certain amount of money. I am not able to pay our bills and it seems like it is getting worse every month. I don't exactly know what I am doing wrong but I don't feel like God is listening to me. It is almost Christmas Eve and I can not even get my children or most of my grandchildren anything for Christmas. I was able to get something for the 3 little grandchildren. I'm gonna use my bill money to get stuff for Christmas dinner. I know I am saved and I know God is there but I'm not sure he's listening to me right now. I could really use your prayers right now. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.

Pray for Roy to receive Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Plead the Blood of Jesus over Roy. Please pray for Roy's emotional healing. Please pray for his physical health issues and chronic pain. Thank you.

Please pray for health protection and safety for me. In Jesus Name Thank You Amen

Thanksgiving that my Mommy is back home from being in the hospital these past week. She is eating and drinking again and more upbeat as reported by my niece Maya. You see, Mommy is in the Philippines while we are here in Virginia. Praying that she stays well. Here's to her upcoming 89th birthday on 09 February ...can't wait to be with her to celebrate with family and friends!

please pray for my son Joe so he may find solution to his difficult home situation. Thank you.

PRAYING FOR KARLIE and pray for this very sick little girl.

There is a little girl in a Children's Hospital in Al who is fighting for her life right now. She is in kidney failure due to a parasite and Ecoli infection. She needs immediate prayers from as many people as possible.