Pray for Others

My fiance, Jacque, has had pneumonia and a chronic cough. He is 45 and told me that when he was 19 on a job site that he breathed in asbestos without any protection. Please pray for healing and protection of his lungs from infection, disease, and the harmful effects of asbestos.

I am praying for my 4 children, Andrew, Christina, Bryan and Jonathon be drawn to God and live for God, walk with God. I am praying for strength, wisdom, direction and protection.
I am praying that my family be restored, as well as my mental health and my childrens as well.
i am praying for a job that I love to do and can be blessed by. One that pays well and a home to call my own Amen and Amen

i need prayer for healing in my body. i have a back disorder and on medication. lately the medicine has not been working. i am iN severe pain. also my legs feel very heavy and hurt. i do not have money to go to the doctor because i am not working. i need GOD'S HEALING MERCY AND I NEED A FINANCIAL MIRACLE. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

I've been reading the Bible regularly and praying to the Lord. With that, I've experienced frequent enemy attacks. I need protection. In Jesus' name Amen.

My mom is being operated on right now. She was found to have colon cancer. Please pray for her to survive the operation and that she responds well to the radiation that will follow. Amen.

please pray god answers my prayers

Dear GOD I come to you asking you to please help me find a job,I thank you Father for the little odds and ends I been doing,I love you and praise you Lord,in your name I pray,AMEN

please pray that sir cliff r- will be our new immediate prime minister of england cliff has compassion and understanding that poor people really need --- but i have only jesus can see into our hearts amen

My husband did not meet me last night to collect his things to go to work and now I can't find him. Jesus I am so worried that he is hurt someone or possibly even slept outside in the cold last night. Please, please guide Alex back to me safely today. He missed on two jobs and I just don't know what I'm going to do for the small cash I need to take of my daily needs. Please, please surround Alex and I right now at this very moment in time as I am typing this with love, favor and blessings to give us an opportunity to see each other face to face. I love Alex so much and I trust you Lord to return him safely to me today in good health and a good spirit. Lord you know the requirements I face to fulfill my probation and I give these requirements to you and ask you for your blessing to be able to meet all those requirements without failure. Ibelieve that you desire for me to set a good example for Alex to see what you mean when you tell us to trust in you, not ourselves, our own strengths, or even the strength of our friends. So bless me in your favor with your awe inspiring power in my spirit to walk out daily my pledge to trust in you alone for my success in my own goals and dreams. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing and having already answered my prayers concerning these issues which I have just now listed to you. You are reminding me that the faithful who persevere will surely see your goodness in not only this life but the life to come. Firmly I profess that your rod and staff are my comfort and that though I walk through the valley of what appears to be the shadow of death (in not knowing where Alex is right now)yet I fear no evil for your angels protect and keep me (Alex too) safe from all evil that no harm befalls me or those I love. I entrust my everything to you Lord Jesus. Money I don't have but my faith I give to you that I would honor the life you gave for me on the cross at calvary. Thank you Jesus. All this I pray in the precious name of you my Savior Jesus. Amen.

i am a 15 almost 16 year
old masturbator and addicted porn viewer
please pray 4 me to stop this addiction and be free.