Pray for Others

Please pray for our grandaughter Lauren.
Thanks, Ann

Please pray for God's will to be done in my daughter Haley's life and her ex husband Josh. I pray that they would get back together and their marriage restored. They have a child that needs both of them. Thanks

I ask God will give me several hours of catch-up sleep in Jesus name.

I, Kyle -, repent of my sinful ways. I do not want to live my life the same as I have been. While my intentions were good, in the end I was just living for myself. I believe that God has a better way, He is the better way for me to live my life, be a husband, a father and person. I pray that I am filled with the holy spirit, and I am reminded of the things in my life that do not measure up to the Holy standard and that I will be able to do things differently. I want to put God first in my life, above everything. I need God to teach me to live life different, better. I do not know how to do things, I need to be taught. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and lead me so I may be a leader for my wife and children.
In Jesus name I pray,

Please pray for Amy who has IV stage lung cancer. She is only 34 and a non-smoker. She is very sick from this new chemo. We are so afraid that Amy is going to die soon. Please pray for Amy and her 4 year old daughter Grace. My daughter is so sick it hurts so much to see her suffering i can not bear the thought of losing her. please pray for my daughter. God Bless and thank you. Barbara

My 100 yr old father feel on Dec 23 and has broken his elbow and is badly bruised from head to toe with a big hematoma on his head. On Christmas eve he suffered a heart attack, but he has rallied and hopefully will head to rehab on Tues. Please pray that whatever God has in store for him, he does not suffer needlessly and for strength for me to care for him and for my husband who is going for radiation for prostrate cancer.

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

please pray for my son his wife left him and he is upset please pray that all goes well and he straighten up and get a job and keep it i love him dearly but all i can do is pray for him help him Jesus ty

please lord hear my prayers.i am desperately in need of getting a job soon.i have no income right now and i cant pay my bills.i am so worried lord that i feel i just cant keep going like this.lord please give me some strenght and courage to keep going.i know i can work but it is so hard right now to find a life has been very difficult lord.please please hear my prayers send me a miracle so i can pay my bills.i am getting so sick worrying that i cant let that happen.i have no insurance i have nothing please pray for me thank you lord i love you

My prayers are for shannon to find may jobs to support herself and not go back to prostitution to support herself and for me to get out o f financial debt soon..i know this is a "quick and dirty" prayer but She and i are both desperate and need to get back to the Lord..and i She and i are trying..Daniel