Pray for Others

Please pray that me and my husband will find the right price of clothes to wear on our anniversary wedding (renewing of our vows). Thanks for your prayers.Blessings, Lucy

PLease pray for my daughter. She is in a relationship that is not healthy. I am afraid for her. Her husband is an addict. The pressure and stress from the marriage of his addiction is destroying her. PLease pray for her strength, protection and confidence. Pray for my grandchildren.
Thank you.

my house is to be auction off jan 9th.
Due to my filing bankruptcy 2 years ago, I'm finding it hard to rent an apt. Please pray for me that god will find favor with me and i will find a place to live .

my son joshua is a drug addict. for so long all his high school years he was the almost perfect son. now he wont work he has stolen from his family to support his habit. i have had it with the divel I ask that you pray for him I want my son back. we are tired of hiding our purses and anything that he may try to steel.

I pray and pray and I don't get hired for any job, I prayed hard for a Christmas miracle, and I don't see one yet. We are done. We have no more resources and we have nothing left, but a rundown motor home and a broke-down truck. We can't afford to cook or heat water, or even turn the heater on. God doesn't hear my prayers, or the prayers of others in my behalf. -- Please, if you have any faith left pray for a miracle for us, because we have very little faith left.
(Please pray)

this is for my son steven he went to AL, to work staying with a family that took him in he was supose to stay with a friend
when he got there he stay there for 1 week then they said he had to leave because while he was there the kids wouldn;t listen so he with this family that took him in god bless them well its gone to be new years eve then new years day and really no one to share it with him
he lives with older people hes 25yrs i feel bad for him please lord i ask in your name that he find some one to share time with him he never been in love yet please some one my hreat crys for him all his family is in nj i talk with him tonight and he really down i know lord in your name anything is possable, thank you lord jesus for hearing my crys for my son amen....

Please pray for my mother who has a sore throat and cough and also for the rest of the family who have not been feeling well!! thank you!

Please pray for Lindsay! She is very emotionaly unstable.

My name is Darla. I have been doctoring for neck pain and recently had an MRI which found significant spurring, arthritis and narrowing of the canal. Next step is to go to nuero surgeon specialist. I am very nervous about surgery. Please pray I go to the correct surgeon that can help me. I am still working in a factory which I have worked at for 34 years. I need to continue to work after this surgery. Please pray God has his hand in all of these decisions I will have to be making. In Jesus Name, I pray for guidance. Thank You in advance...

Please pray for William and his son Jake. Family problems.