Pray for Others

First I would like to thank you for all of your prayers, they really do work and they really matter greatly to me. To know that someone is praying with me means a lot. We have been praying steadily for work. My husband is self employed. He is an excellent software developer with many years of experience with non profit organizations. Due to the economic downturn, he has had trouble finding the long term contracts that he worked with in the past. His skills and knowledge in this area are great. He was with a major non profit organization for going on twelve years when due to the economy they had to downsize their programs. Please pray with us that my husband, whose talents and skills could help and benefit many people all over the world can find work again in this field
Please pray for us. We need a steady source of income. Thank you.

Pray that Luiz sells the house soon and my investment is returned soon!
Pray that Patty overcomes her confusion. Minister to her needs and keep her on your path dear Lord.
Pray that I remain on your path Dear Lord and out of harms way.
Pray for all my relatives and friends.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit guide us all to be holy people for the greater glory of God's Holy Name through Jesus Christ- Amen

Help. Thank You God. Holy Trinity. Amen

Please pray for me so that I will have a stable job that is compatible to me. From Edgardo - of Philippines.

Father God I pray grant me complete and total healing for everything that ails me. Please restore me to full health in mind and body. I pray for a bountiful new year for me and my whole family. Please keep me and my whole family safe everyday of our lives. Thank you so much for all the blessings that you've been showering us.. Please help my son Paul - to focus on his studies and keep him safe all day of his life.

Please help me find another job or some way to make more money so that I can provide for my children and keep our house and car.

Please pray for Patricia. She has had a lots of pain in her back for years now. Thanks

My daughter-in-law's adopted sister , Takayla's house went up in flames tonight , she probably lost everything. She's in her 20's and is a Christian. She's a nurse and single. Please pray for her.

Dear God please help my son Takeo i love him please watch after him. Amen