Pray for Others

Please pray for my sister to be healed of cancer. She had an operation today.
God Bless you IJMN. Amen.

my wife to get a job ,kids behavior,money trouble thank you

God please help me to think of the real reason for Christmas. I know it is Jesus birthday and I am trying to do less this year to take time to be with him and not hussling and keeping to busy to think of him. I am really sad though that my Mother and Father are with the Lord and my Children with not be with us for Christmas. I am feeling a little depressed, but with God's help I will get through this too. Merry Christmas to all of you too. Thanks for all you do and the prayers for others as well

May the lite of jesus be over our troops in afgan and the battle fields and bring piece this holiday seasom I bless u for ur prayer minister mike

Piece to The Gulf War. May the spirit of christmas be with our troops

That I may have courage to face life without my husband.

Please pray for ethal a miracle healing body,mind,soul.

Bless me were ever I go this holidays and pray for every one I go see or talk to with prayers of christmas. may they all look at christmas from a religious, Jesus point of view as well. I bless u for ur prayer minister mike

I need a Christmas miracle in my marrriage

PASTOR J- B-(holiness,deliverance,righteousness,obedience to GOD,be a better leader)