Pray for Others

thanks pastors and all worriors for all your time keep me in prayer pray for the new year for evry one to turn tourd JESUS andfor it to be save and let the HOLY SPIRIT FLOW that day IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN GOD BLESS

Please pray for my mom who is in great pain.'s been awhile since I sent you a prayer request. Things have been going well, praise to God for that. But lately, I realize my family becomes complacent with God and I worry that they will allow all of life's temptations and trials to rob them of a closer relationship with Jesus. My request is that my husband Craig, daughter Danielle, son-in-law James and myself....Kathie will draw closer to God by embracing Jesus and what he did for us all. That they will know God's grace is all they need. That we will pray for others and completely surrender to God in all things. I pray for our salvation! Thank you and God bless you.

will stand please agree with me in prayer that my children, grand children, my husband and myself continue be protected and covered by the blood of JESUS and that his mercy grace and favor be always upon us in the entire year of 2012 and that many doors of opprunities open up for us. that my husband, daughter and i move into a much bigger modern blessed 3bedroom/2 bath apartment that has lots of closet and storage space, private balcony. an extra bedroom/bath for our daughter and grandaughter and a bedroom that i can make into a craft room..thank you cindyW

Please pray for JS whom I care about very much. He is having health problems of various severity, and is depressed and feeling alone and abandoned.
The Disciples have nnot abandoned him, and we count him as one of our own, and hold him in all our prayers.
Please join us in praying for the healing and comfort of JS, a good Christian and Disciple.

I pray that 2012 will be properous year for me and my family. I pray for peace, good health for everyone. I praise God for helping, guiding me through a difficult year. I Look forward too many blessing in 2012. Praise the Lord !!!

Prayer for employment for my girlfriend. She lives alone, unemployed and parents are passed. Praises to our Lord and Savior now and forever. Thank you.

Please pray for Rebecca and James. Please pray Rebecca falls back in love with James and both forgive each other. And that they make there relationship work. And that it leads to marriage. Please pray GOD would soften their hearts towards each other and that everything would be alright. Thank you
By eec

Please pray for my son and his wife. He returned from a year long deployment in Afghanistan with health issues and future uncertainty that is taking it's toll on their very new marriage. Thank you.

Pray for teen daughter who is having premartial sex. Was not raised like this.