Pray for Others

My Lord, please take care of Mado who has lost her three young children as well as both of her parents. May their souls rest in peace. Ease Mado's sufferings. Console and encourage her to trust You fully and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and support. Grant her hope,inner peace, patience, and strength. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray that my daughter is not mentally or physically attacked anymore by her husband and young 13 yr old daughter- they are joined at the hip so to speak.From day one my daughter who so desperately want a child so they adopted from Russia was totally shut out of her affection and daily care.Now comes the divorce after my daughter turned him in for illegal activity.BUT she is still choosing to be with her father over her mother this is after years of mental abuse, and it has taken a physical toll, this man is a mind control freak and I hate what it is doing to both my granddaughter and daughter.Pray for Leah,Arianna,and Dan for this madness to stop now.My daughter has had no fall fun for holloween,Thanksgiving,nor Christmas 2011 because of all the revenge and hate perpetuated by them against her.I ask this now in Jesus name.Amen. PS.My daughter is already in counseling I pray they get help to. Thank you for any and all prayer,Betty

Please pray for my brother who is in financally trouble because of me. He co-sign for a car that is now in default and the finance company took the car and asking for full payment of over 33,853.06 by December 30th. They only gave him ten days to pay. once he default on this they will freeze all his accounts. we are now trying to come up with 2,900.00 only because we written to the President of the company and told them the unfairness of their company. That the loan is too new to re-finance with another bank making it impossible to come up with the 33K their asking. We need to come up with this money ASAP and more is needed because of repo storage fee are adding daily. All this is happening at the same time my brother is about to loose his job of 24 years. Please pray for a financal blessing for my family.

Please pray for my and ex and I-that God would heal our hearts and draw us closer to Him. That our hearts would change and that we would mature and fall in love with Him. Please also pray that God would guide us about reconciliation or moving on. Thanks!

Please pray debt collectors will stop calling us.

please pray that clara will get well inevery way.thank you

My Lord, please enlighten the minds and hearts of those who are
harming or/and killing others. Grant them wisdom to decide to admit their sins to ask for forgiveness and grant You their hearts, minds, and their whole lives to change them and fill them with love, faith, hope, and peace. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

My Lord, please welcome in heaven all the Christians who have been killed in Iraq and other countries. Also, console and take care of the others who are still defending their faith and life.
Strengthen their belief in You and assist them in relying daily on Your love, guidance, and support. Grant them hope, inner peace, patience, and courage. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Pls pray for me for God's special help. I'm totally exhausted seeking employment for a long time. I've got my resume everywhere, and I'm truly hoping i can get back into the company I left 10 years ago to help out w/my mom, as I could not juggle both. I'm almost 60 but desperately need employment. Thank you for your prayers.

I need a prayer to help me do well on my job.To be able to deal with my interim manager effectively.And to be able to remain employed. I need God's grace.