Pray for Others

Please pray for my wife.She is pregnant and we worked very hard to get here. I pray that God would protect my wife and our unborn child. I pray that God would see fit to allow us to have a normal healthy child with no side effects to my wife or the baby and that He would guide and help us through the decisions we need to make during this time. I also pray that we can build our savings for the future, that we would both stay employed in our jobs and make wise financial decisions

God please help provision, full time and profit, victory, good news
Freedom, uncommon favor approved and released all the
Paperwork’s settlements, financial supernatural blessings
Sandra, Anna, Katrina, lee, warren, Tim, Bernard Jr, sr
Chyla, Beverly, Jason, Elaine, Robert, hunter, miller
Thank Psmals 23

I request prayer for my daughter C who is scheduled for a breast implant this Friday. I pray that she is open for God's guidance. I pray that God guides her.
Thank you for praying with me! I appreciate it so much!

I want to know your opinion based on love and faith for someone.
Can my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, first love, be healed if I have so much faith in God and great love for him?
When I first saw him before knowing him, I felt assured that he was the one I'd die with, blessed and grateful when we dated and my love for him grew strong and even when we have broken my feelings for him haven't changed and I still believe that we are going to be together forever.
We shared a lot in common, talked so much about our future together. I cry sometimes because of the love I have for him that I am afraid of letting him about because of our separation, these feelings are burning me inside. I have tried moving on but I would hear small voices at times telling me to hang on a bit.
I am still in love with Loyiso -and have so much faith that God is working on healing the relationship but is that enough? What more can I do?
Ease help me :-(. Thanks

I pray for Bill to come back to me, that the stronghold this other women has on him is broken, i pray for his forgivness and to reach into his heart for the love he has for me.

please pray fo my health that I am clean. And that I can give God all of my life

I would like to pray for spiritual growth

Please pray for my nefew Noah, his Grandma is in the hospital with a bad heart & no more Drs can do. He needs peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit also. Thank you & God Bless you All. Jan

Here again requesting prayer from "Our Prayer" the past you have comforted me with your response...on December 5th I will be somewhat homeless,,I am asking that the Lord opens a door for me to be in a situation that will be pleasing to Him..He has been faithful in always watching over me and know He knows all our needs...thanking you for your prayers and blessings to you...

Pray for Russel 49 years with lung cancer.Unable to sleep for coughing and pain. Please pray for healing and that he can rest and sleep during the night.
Thank you