Pray for Others

Please pray for my friend Sarah who has a drug addiction and is suicidal. Sarah please call home.

Thank you for praying for Monica she is asking the Lord for direction she has anxiety attackts, I suggested prayer first & making an apointment with her doctor. Pray for healing & an answer to this condition. Monic is a beliver *& believes in the Lord direction. Than you for praying for my firend Lord bless you as you pray..

I would like to sell a wall unit I pray that it goes to the right person and that the amount is fair. Lord I ask that you handle the sale then I know the unit will be sold at the right price.
In the last issue of guidepost, it was mention to pick a word, I am searching for that word to begin the new year with. I am leaning to wards trust. Lord direct my daily thoughts of you with trusting that you will help me overcome all concerns,situations when I come to you in prayer.

hy my name is griselda - and we need if u can pray for us speacialing for my brother mario -please and for my housband to emilio -my mom guadalupe- and trinidad-please thank u so much we really need it......

My best friend was a miniature schnauzer named Shorty. Shorty loved me, loved to be in the company of people and also loved to run. Last night I took him to the park so that he could run and enjoy himself. A horrible tragedy happened. My very best friend ran where he had never gone before and stepped off the curb to turn around as I called for him to return to me. My loving companion was struck by a speeding car and died a very violent death. I blame myself for allowing him off his leash, and I miss him so. I keep seeing his final moments over and over, I can't get them out of my head. I truly loved that little little guy and my heart is broken because of my foolishness. Please take a moment and say a little prayer for my wonderful little friend. I will miss him forever.

Please pray for me I miss my girlfriend she is in Africa and I am planning to go marry her and this time I have no capacity to do it but I need God to Unite Us ( both) by any means
thank you

please pray for my 90 year old dad-he is in the hospital with breathing problems and heart rhythm problems. thank you.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child for 18 months now and have not been successful. We have both been checked out by doctors and thankfully, nothing is medically wrong. However it makes it all the more depressing as to why we haven't been successful. The unknown. It seems that everyone around me is welcoming babies into the world, and I struggle with jealousy. I know this is a selfish prayer, but please God, please let us get pregnant this month. I want nothing more than to be a mommy and raise a good person in the world.

I would like to pray for spiritual growth, stress free, peace of mind, favor, health, joy and prosperous 2012 for me, my family and friends.

Please pray for my friends. My friend, L. has been sober for 2 years, but is struggling to decide whether to go out to clubs on New Year's Eve or stay at home with us. Her sister, S., my best friend, is worried and sad for her and trying desperately to convince her to make the best choice. Please pray that L. make the best decision and find a comfortable way to tell her friend no thanks (he doesn't know she is in recovery). Please pray that no matter what she decides, that she remain safe and not pick up where she left off 2 years ago. Please pray that S. feel comfort and trust in God to take care of her sister. Thank you.