Pray for Others

Please pray that my daughter, Kaylee and daughter-in-law, Becky will receive Jesus Christ and end their addictions to prescription pills. Please pray that my grandson Dillan's ultrasound will reveal no abnormalities. Restore our family and bless me with a home. Amen

Please pray for our financial situation - we are under a lot of pressure. Anonymous

I would like to request prayers for my Husband John. He has been unemployed for almost 9 months now. So far we have managed to stay afloat financially, but savings are starting to dwindle.....we have maybe another 3-4 months before we are going to be in trouble. he is having a very difficult time with it all - he is afraid we will loose the house and cars, the only things we owe for and it is hurting his heart, which is killing me......They are just things, they vpcan be replaced, but he feels like he is letting us down. He is such a wonderful Man - please pray for him to find peace with whatever happens, and for him to find a job of some sort. I know whatever happens is a part of God's plan for us. Thank you for your prayers!!

Please help me during these troubled times. Show me which direction I should go. Please bless all the poor animals that are neglected. They always show unconditional love even when people do not take care of them. Give people the strength to forgive like the animals do.

Lord, I pray that you will take away my daughter Christina T-'s appetite and my appetite so that we can lose weight over the holidays. thank you for helping to take away my daughter Christina T-'s appetite and my appetite so that we can lose weight over the holidays.

for mom and dad, robert and all. thank you.

Please pray that my friend Patricia keeps her job and is not let go.

That a lawsuit against us would be dropped, and the other person would just be willing to talk about a fair settlement. And that my husband would pray and release this whole mess to God and seek His plan and be able to relax. He is very wound up today. That the other person would surrender to the Lord, and us too. Thank you

help us to get our credit score and to get some mistakes on the credit report taken off so we can refinace our home.

My wife (29 year's old) and I (30 year's old) have been trying to conceive since February 2009 with no luck. We have tried all the ovulation testing methods available over the counter (ovulation tests, basil temperature, etc.) and we've not been successful. I have been tested, and I am A-Okay. We would prefer not to interfere with God's plan and go for any artificial procedures - we've seen from many Bible stories how doing such things can cause lots of strife (e.g. Sarah using Hagar instead of waiting for God).
Please pray that God would open my wife's womb, just as He opened up the wombs of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Elizabeth, and many others. Please pray that God Almighty blesses us with a healthy child, so that we can dedicate that child to Him in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.