Pray for Others

Please lift my entire family and extended family up in prayer. We need guidence, patience and peace with each other as we go through our difficult time. Thank you.

Tina and Penny.Lisa and family. Fran and family.Gj's surgery and tax issues...Help me to return to my peaceful nature and learn to manage anger or any crisis situation....Thank you for the blessings and for Tina's new walk with God.

Please pray for us: Jim and Cheryl we need prayer in our marriage, our finances and many other areas of our life please help us start out for a new year in 2012. I love jesus but have health problems and am a weak person giving in to satan when I need to turn to my LORD AND SAVIOR!!!

Well its the end off another year's, those still looking for a blessing, please don't give up, keep praying, keep loving, keep living, because we don't no what God have for us next year. So I am wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year with all your prayer's answered. God you know what I'm praying for.

please pray for me--my nerves are a mess--my son and his stepdaughter and her 2 yr. old are here--I am very anxious/nervous--they are going to be here another week--they are messy and do not work and only care about what they can get

Please pray that I can start this new year out new and have no anxiety attacks. I want to be able to live a full life and not be in panic all the time. I want to be able to live my life to the fullest and not be so anxious all the time. Please help me to be able to do things for other people and make me feel okay. Please help me to find happiness somehow.

My daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with asthma, and was hospitalized for about a week; currently is having to wear a heart monitor and right now this is limiting her to stay at home, which means she is unable to work and attend classes for her bachelors degree. She and my son have adopted two children (a brother (3 yrs old) and sister(2 yrs old) and currently have their little brother (8 mos old) in their care. They will be adopting him in the near future. All the children were victims of abuse. She fell this morning & is really down because she feels she is not progressing with her illness as she should. Please pray for her and the whole family as I know they are doing God's will in adopting these children. They are precious. They are under attack in various ways: health, financial, spiritual. Thanks so much for your prayers.

please pray for my family contunued blessings and protection in our daily lives especially in our work areas,for our health both spiritually , physically and mentally. Job security and patience in our daily chalenges and struggles,may the Lord extend us His Holy Hand and may we bask in his Glory Amen Brunilda -

I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer....I got a good report and had a double mastectomy.. I had speech problems after surgery and it comes and goes.. I need complete healing..My husband is not saved and during this wanted a divorce.. He since has decided to work on things... I need total healing and I know God wants me healed.. They want to do more tests to make sure all is okay. I am asking that nothing major going on and God restores me to full health In Christ Debbie

Dear God please make my year better for me and my family Amen.Happy New Year God