Pray for Others

Pls pray for spiritual and physcial healing. Pls pray for suffering to stop years. Young at 58 fighting for my life. Pls pls pray for LIFE HEALING and to God be the glory for it as God wills. Loss of fear and death for me and marriage protected. No Chirstimas this year however pls pray for God to provide rent money no money because I'm disabled and cannot afford med care prescrips drs fees pray for his favor as Jesus wills. Help to BREATH Dr. trying to take me off Prenidosone cannot breath lungs problems for long time constant problems. many. Pls pray for marriage and love to aboud more than ever God to bless our marriage and let us see his face and walk w/Him to know Him to know his love and become secure in Jesus. I feel unworthy too bad that I'm not worth Him taking me. False Help us to ground our life on God's truth and find. Salvation assuarance and salvation for family 3 boys all to the saved loves God to surround them especially T and that he is loved and the marriage blesssed.
salvation healing for all of family
In Jesus Holy Name

My husband and I and our 3 daughters are in business with my husbands brother.My husband and I are reborn, but his brother and his wife is into the occult. We have been placed in a situation where we cannot get free from them financially, and are opressed,My husbands brother is in charge of all of our finances, and has cheated my husband out of our farm, as well as our house. My husband works really hard, but we never see any of the money as his brother does the books. We also share a property that is supposed to be in my husbands name, as he paid for it, but it was only put in his brothers name, now he has taken a bond on our property so that it cannot go in my husbands name. My husband is not a young man any more, he works so hard, yet nothing is on our name anymore because his brother lied. We are spiritually opressed as well.Please pray for us for complete deliverance emotionally, financially and spiritually, as well as protection from all spiritual attacks. May God bless you in Christ Jesus.

Dearest Lord, My God, ALL MIGHTY and MERCIFUL Father, By the POWER of YOUR COMMAND, I THANK YOU for Blessing me and Sam and Mom and my Stepfather, Einar and Nina, Donna, Laura, J.J., Gordon, Randy, Uncle Theodore and Aunt Slyvia and each of our Family Members, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, Customers, Clients, Co-Workers and Business Partners with YOUR UNLIMITED Spiritual Grace and Wisdom and Integrity and Financial BLESSINGS and Riches In Glory Beyond our Wildest dreams! So that in our RENEWED STATE, we may Bless and SERVE YOU!!!! Now and Forever, Amen!

Please God, My provider, bless me with a job that will meet my needs and my family.

My husband keeps backsliding batting more and more demons according to scripture. He has a weed addiction that needs broken. Please pray for him.

I pray for a good family Christmas season with siblings and grandchildren all getting along. I pray for safety for the family while travelling. I pray for good fellowship with all.
Lord help me to continue to watch my diet and remain steadfast in losing weight. Thank you for your help these pass 6 weeks. Althought it is coming off slower than I hoped for I am happy with the progress. Help Earl also to get on track and continue to lose.
Lord I pray for a blessed Christmas service at church, and in particular help me remember the love that God has given to me through his beloved son. Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me this year. I pray that I may continue to serve you to the best of my ability. Lord thank you for your presence and promises in my life. Thank you for my husdband and family and all of my friends.

Please pray that God will touch me and let my sugar go down as I have diabetes and my sugar is high. I want to feel better. Please pray.

My friends, Lou & Irene-. Irene must have Aorta Valve Surgery and Lou will have his bladder removed on Feb 29. thank You. Lois -

My children to be graduated,to succeed in life.

I am having financial problems just like everyone else is at this time. I ask for prayer for everyone struggling finacialy as I am. Please pray for my financial needs that the Lord will bless me. I don't want to lose my Van and don't want to get evicted from my apartment. Thank You so much and Merry Christmas to all.
Norma-of CA.