Pray for Others

my sisters step son was in a bike wreck he has injuries and needs the Lords touch ...

Pray for us as we go forward as a church. May workers come to harvest and willingly volunteer to serve as God leads. We have needs for at least 6 children's class leaders, and 4 youth leaders as well as adults/families willing to open their homes for New Life Groups. Pray for the "new" things in 2012 and for all of it to be done to the glory of God.

Looking for a greater faith in God, that this year will find me using my talents and skills where God calls me to go/be. I have shortchanged Him and the world of the great gifts he bestowed upon me long ago. Doubt, fears and insecurities have robbed me of the tremendous life I long to live. This is the year I am changed at the deepest level so I may accept all the good He has offered me and I have refused over the years. I pray that ALL of your dreams and dearest desires come true FOR YOU ! jlv

Thanks for standing in the gap for me this past week. My heart cath was great - - no sign of blockage nor disease. Please continue to intercede for others throughout the week as they undergo this procedure and for the surgeons/staff who perform them. Give thanks for the gifted minds and hands which are able to intercede in these matters.

Today, on this last day of 2011, I ask that I could examine the past, realize my mistakes, celebrate the blessings and prepare to move into 2012 with blessings and grace. Help me to be a better person and help others any chance I can.

I janice and Oneal ask for prayer for healing ,we are christians. also pray that curses be taken off us that a witch in the family has cast because she is trying to take all property from my husband. She has manipulated the mother into signing the property.She has asseta of 662.700 thousands of dollars. My husband and I are ill we have bgeen homeless and are about to be homeless again. please pray for us .We know God is protecting us and continue to believe.God has all power.Hercasting spells is weakening our bobies. thank you and may God bless you.

my 21 yr old grandson, Matthew, had been iunresponsive for 15 month after a severe, catastrophic brain injury . It was caused by a car wreck. PrN. - for Matthew and his family. .

My son Andrew needs housing. Adverse financial circumstances hascaused the mortgage company to foreclose on his home and it is scheduled for Sheriff's sale on February 17, 2012' please pray that God provides him a place to live before that date. Thank you.

my brother ronnie is in a VA hospital in -. He has been paralyzed for 49 years. Ever since he was 20 years old. He was in the Air force following an accident when this happened. On Dec 7,2011 he suffered a stroke, also kidney infection, lung infection with fluid buildup. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube. His chances of making it are very slim, his only chance is if God has plans to let us keep him and I ask for your prayers for him, he is suffering so. Spirituallly and physcally would you ask God for his love to be shown to Ronnie. Sincerely Sue

My sister, Amy, will soon be having surgery to have a biopsy done on one of her breast. Amy knows that Jesus is carrying her through this time in her life. Please pray for her.