Pray for Others

My wife Laura and I ( Patricio) are in need of prayers for our marriage. Our marriage has been torn open do to my drinking ( Working the A.A. steps now) I have nothing left but prayer for the healing of this marriage that also has been rocked by adopting a special needs child ( that we love dearly). Please pray for my marriage with Laura and for our son Alec. I am working on improving myself thru the fellowship and spirital power of A.A. May God Bless you all.

Please pray for my cousin's 23 year old son who has leukemia. He's been hospitalized for six months and now is in ICU.

ASking for prayer for my granddaughter (Lamisa) and husband (Kacey). Kacey had emergency surgery Dec.20th for meckel's diverticulumm.It's a congenital diverticulum and it perforated and leaked into the cavity around the intestines. they have no insurance so have a huge medical bill and Kacey can't work for 6 weeks.Thank God for the excellent care even if they have no insurance he was appointed a very caring Dr.these kids got married last March 11,2011. Lamisa has a job but without his pay check for 6 weeks they are really in bad shape financialy. Asking our good Lord to get them thru this financialy And Thank the good Lord for all his Blessings on them.

Please pray for me, Muscle stiffness and pain and head aches, and for a job

please pray for my daughter-in-law, DeAnn - She is a very unhappy person and seems to be bi-polar or have depression. She has been with my son for 8 years and her behavior has not changed in all that time. She has been repeating the same problems and words since I have known her, each time I talk to her. I love her, but when I am with her I never know what I will do that will upset her moment to moment. She is miserable and unhappy every Christmas even though she has the sweetest, most precious, happy 6 year old daughter. I am concerned that her behavior and personality will affect my granddaughter. It is no fun walking on eggshells wondering what will happen next. She also thinks everyone is out to get her and everyone is mean to her, not understanding that her behavior causes people to back away. Thank you for listening.

Geoff told me before the holidays he wanted a divorce. He wouldn't consider counseling and did not want to talk about it. He said he was leaving after the holidays (we have a 6 year old son.) Over the holidays he sent mixed signals by being affectionate with me. We also found out his kidneys are failing due to a vitamin D deficiency.
I need strength to get through this. I would like my marriage to heal, if it is God's will. I ask for prayers for Geoffrey's health also. Thank you so much for your assistance.
thank you,

please pray for Oakville hospital running rampent with infection going from patient to patient attacking seniors violently;need prayers that they not die especailly Shirley T. in serious condition in hospital.(shes elderly). pray for the staff of hospital to take this a lot more seriously then there doing.pray for a full 1-2 weeks cause no-one prays in these families; you're her only hope.Also pray for all of heaven to get to Jane the prayer cards she ordered from Florida miraculous.

want to work in my home city again job moved 100 miles away

My parents and brother aren't speaking. Please pray that they can reconcile their differences before its too late. Also please pray that they leave me out of it, im torn in the middle and its killing me.

Please pray for me and my marriage. I am having a difficult time with family as well. I ask for protection and strength too.