Pray for Others

My Grandson will be born tomorrow,
they are inducing labor this evening, I pray and ask you to agree
for a blessed delivery, and Peace and calm for the Parents, Bobby and Molly, and for the Grandparents too.
In Jesus Name.

please pray for the safety for my son Geoffrey and husband Donald for a safe camping trip Tuesday tomorrow thru Thursday and they come home safe protect them on there travels and protect all of us while we are apart

Dear Lord, my Father is fighting for his life right now 1200 miles away from me. Please help him to pull through this if this is your will. If not, do not let him suffer, please. Lord please be with him and my stepmother at this time. Help them both. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Heavenly Father - I ask that Rebecca will apply for the position and that her application will be sent to the dept. Thank you. Amen.

Heavenly Father - Please grant me a financial blessing that will allow me to pay off my credit card and quit my second job so that I can spend time with my family. I miss them so much and I am so tired. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray for my daughter Rachel -, she had her first baby two weeks ago and he is my first grandchild. Rachel and I got into a small disagreement after she had the baby and she has vowed to "sever" communication with me indefinitely. She has not spoken to me or allowed me to see my grandson. It was a silly argument and I feel as if she is overreacting as well as possibly being spiritually attacked, I feel broken and sad and ache to see my grandbaby. THANK YOU in advance for your prayers. Katrina -

For my son Jonathan that he will find good friendship. That he will find strenght over drugs and alcohol. That he will be helped in his medical conditition of TBI

'Christina -' Justin - Britney - M- 'rock and roll' and pop and movie 'stars',etc.

Each day I need you more Lord for all the things I do. Please bring peace to my family and return my son and daughter. Please let them find forgiveness in their heart and forgive me for the way i treated them. Even though I am told by so many others that I am right, I would give everything just to have their love. Please heal Rick, Hank and Keith, bless them with health. Bless my family with love and prosperity and always be by my side.

Please pry for my three grandsons that God put a hedge of protection around them and help them realize, they need to be saved. also pray for me to be a light to them.also son and daughter-in law and pray for Susie God knows this problem. Thank again for Guidepost.