Pray for Others

Piece to The Gulf War. May the spirit of christmas be with our troops

That I may have courage to face life without my husband.

Please pray for ethal a miracle healing body,mind,soul.

Bless me were ever I go this holidays and pray for every one I go see or talk to with prayers of christmas. may they all look at christmas from a religious, Jesus point of view as well. I bless u for ur prayer minister mike

I need a Christmas miracle in my marrriage

PASTOR J- B-(holiness,deliverance,righteousness,obedience to GOD,be a better leader)

My prayer request for the year 2012 is that all is well with my health and strength. That my finances be blessed and i get some relief from debt. Thank you and God bless you also.

Please pray for me to have a closer relationship with Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Dear Jesus - please watch over my son today as he travels home. Please keep him safe for his journey, and let our family have the best Christmas yet. In Your Name I pray - Amen.

Please keep Jenny safe as she travels. God, I obviously am overwhelmed by hurt from others...please guide me to a resolution on this.