Pray for Others

Lord, let your Holy Spirit complete your work and for your protection. Jesus, for the miracle YOU have promised me to bear fruit soon, when it is manifested I will sing your praises and I will be able to bear testimony to your greatness in my life. Jesus for breakthrough and your perfect will to be done. AMEN

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

I have 2 month old baby that I want to stay at home with. If it's God's will, it will happen. I pray for increased and renewed spirit, as I feel depressed about it.
Also, I have gone back to work at a place where I am not happy. My heart is not here. I pray that until I am able to stay at home or until I find a better opportunity that I am able to focus and do my job to the best of my ability and not slack.

Please pray for my family. My wife and I are deeply concerned for our two sons ages 17 and 20. Both are living a Godless life of drinking, pot, and sex. My wife and I are devote Christians and just are in wonderment how our sons ended up on this life style. I am very concerned for my wife also because this has put her in deep depression. We need a miracle. Satan has my sons in his control. Our biggest concern is for their true salvation. My prayers are "Oh Chirst bring these boys to you and do whatever you need to do, but please spare their lives" We know God is good and he honors faithfulness in him. Thank you much Dave

Heavenly Father please grant me a financial blessing that will allow me to pay off my credit card and quit my second job so that I can spend time with my children and grandchildren. Thank you. Amen.

Please pray that my husband will get a job in 2012. We are financially hurting and cannot sell our house, so your prayers would be gratefully appreciated.

Dear friends, I ask you most humbly to pray with me and for me; that GOd in His mercy will unite Dave and me in true love, that we will be granted the miracle of love and family in this New Year. May I never take a moment for granted. May we grow and work and love and create together, may our lives make God so happy and proud! May I provide service to the world and minister to stray animals, to help comfort and take care of them. Thank you with all my heart, may you all have a blessed New Year, and God Bless You for praying for me!!! Thank you with all my heart.

My sister is in need; her husband desperately needs a job. Pray he is blessed very soon. Bless those who are sick and place Your healing hands upon them, especially the children with chronic illnesses. Lord, there are many in need that have come here because they need You. I pray that they hear Your voice and they're prayers are answered.
Father, You are first in my heart, but I pray for You to please restore, renew and grow my relationship with Paul. Open the door, open communications, shift circumstances, please turn his heart, Father, and grant us favor. Bless us with a happy Christ centered relationship. Your will be done. I pray for peace in nations where there is unrest, killings, and poverty. Bless those who must endure the suppression. Anything and all will happen when people accept You as their loving Father. Thank You Blessed Mother, for sending work my way and keeping my children safe and healthy. Please, please bless my business with new and renewed clientele. Lord, please let it be Your will that my son does well in school. Please transfer Paul to P. A. All things are possible in Your name. I believe and though some things look very dark, I will continue to have Faith. Amen

Please pray for Joe as he mourns the loss of his beloved twenty-year old cat, Bogart. Thank you.

Dean and Janet- successfully straightening out insurance tangles