Pray for Others

I would like someone to pray that my flight from Toronto on January 4, 2012, to Dallas, Texas, goes as planned. I am worried about weather, and the possibility it may be cancelled. This is very important to me. It's not just a leisure trip, I am travelling to visit a friend who needs me. Please pray for me.

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

Asking for prayer for relief from this dizziness, anxiety and depression so I can make it to Dr. appointments. I need strength to fight this.

Pleasae pray that my anxiety will calm down. I have a respiratory infection and the medication the doctor gave me causes my anxiety to flare up. Please pray that I can get well soon and not feel afraid. Thank you

Please pray for my 22 mo. old grandson, Ian, as he was born at 24 wks. and weighed 1 lb. 15 oz. He is now 23 lbs. and is suffering from cerebral palsy, legally blind, seizures, has hydroencephilitis (a shunt), and various other issues. He is a wonderfully sweet child and never fusses or complains unless he is sick. I love him very much and would happily take on all of his problems to make him happy and normal and whole. Please pray that God will restore and heal this little one so that he may be like other "normal" children. Please also pray for his parents, Kristin and Anthony as they deal with and love this little one each day. Thank you so very much.

Please I need prayer for both my Grandchildren who are both sick and my youngest grandchild needs prayer to get in to see an immunologist as soon as possible. We also need prayer ourselves for reliable good transportation so my husband has a way to work.

There is a young man by the name of Ray in Georgia that has serious medical problems and no money. Unfortunately, his current state is of his own making. But maybe with prayer he can be made more comfortable, even if he isn't a believer. May God send his blessings to all on Earth, even those that haven't found His pure love and everlasting life.

Salvation for all our unsaved loved ones. Financial prosperity. God bless all of you.

dear lord, i need prayers for me, my co workers..darline, d-. from arrestment at work.also for the very ill , and people that got laid off, or fired. please open doors for them. and let Michael who has fetal cancer get his settlement soon lord. and thanks for letting my son call me from prison( myron) please send both my sons your your holy name jesus....amen

My wife to receive a job,kids behavior and money trouble thank you