Pray for Others

im needin a big powerful pray im up here at hospital in nc and im needin a big prayer so i can go home pray that i can go home for christmas please im askin will you please pray a powerful prayer that i get to go home and can go home drs up here wont let me go home till i have my baby. but my baby boy is fine so please pray that they will let me go home for christmas please im askin keep me in your prayers please i want to go home really so bad pray that i can go home please thank you thaank you very so much in name of jesus aman please dont for get about me or pray!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for my grandson:
Matthew - 22 years old. Massive brain damage due to motorcycle accident. Happened 1 Jan 2011 - cannot talk, cannot walk, cannot feed himself, on diapers. Totally completely disabled. Eyesight also damaged. Can hear and understand some things, cannot press red button for nurse. sometimes they don't check him often to change diaper, he has come a long way, but has a long way to still go. Insurance stopped paying, is on medicaid but needs therapy that so far he doesn't have, such as speech, physical and occupational.

Continued guidance and protection from our Holy Father for my daughter. She has been very ill and faces more physical challanges. Going back for her Masters, but has only found possible part time work. She is living with us, trying to catch up on past due bills before she can go back to living on her own. I wish she could find "mr. right". Thank you.

please pray for my family and i we are fixing to lose our house in april we dont find a way to pay the back taxes on it and we have nowhere else to go so please pray that we find away to pay them some how and please pray that my health gets better soon ive had bad teeth and cnat get them taken care of till after christmas we have very limited income i am disabled because i have a muslce disease and many other helath problems so please pray for us thank you all so much merry christmas and god bless

My husband is living his life as if he is lost. I am afraid.

That I am pain free.
Thank you,

Praise and thanks to God! Please pray for the Lord's mercy, grace and power for complete healing and a friend. In JESUS name. Blessings.

please pray that my daughter will get her christian life back in order, pray that satin will back off, that her husband will see that he needs the lord in his life, pray that she will keep her faith strong, that her son which is 6 an has ADHD, will start to do better in his classes, an at home that he will stop misbehaving, an do better, pray that this will be a better year coming up for us, pray that she will be able to get her trailor fixed, pray that i will keep my faith going strong, that we will find a good church an get going strong in one, that my husband will open his eyes up an start to do better, that my son will start to do better, this i ask in jesus name amen

That my husband, Edward , is healed of his Vertigo.
Thank you,

Please keep me in your prayers during this time. I am going through a divorce and had all the bills dumped on me. I am also raising 2 children as I got custody of them, which I requested. My children blame me for the divorce. I also have been getting attacked by them because I don't have the money they want all the time and can't afford to get them everything that they want. I keep getting comments that I didn't help my son out during a special dance at school but I just couldn't afford it. I thought him and his fiance understood but I found out today how wrong I was. He is 17 and his fiance is pregnant. they are getting married next month and going to stay at her dads. I try to make suggestions on things that they need to do and get told it doesn't concern me. My daughter is 14 and having health issues and she gets upset at me to when it comes to money. She wanted an ipod touch for Christmas but I couldn't afford it. Now she just wants Christmas to be over. I have medical problems and can't pay the doctor so I can see him and get a prescription refilled that he had me on. I also have other prescriptions to get filled. I am struggling financially. one of the bills that I found out that I will have to take care of if my soon to be ex doesn't help out with it, is a car loan that I signed on so he could get the car. That loan is over $10,000 and he isn't able to help pay it or the part he is supposed to on the children's medical bills. Please just pray for me and for a miracle to happen where the finances are concerned. I also want to move in June of 2012 into a smaller place with my daughter and don't know how I am going to do that yet. Please pray for us. thank you.