Pray for Others

please pray for me for -The bible says HE WILL GO AHEAD OF US , PRAY SO THAT HE WILL GO AHEAD OF US IN 2912
-Supernatural protection
- supernatural healing
- Supernatural deliverence

I am asking for prayer for healing. I have been having dizziness since Tuesday and it is causing me a great deal of anxiety. I am asking for the Lord's intervention to take this dizziness, anxiety and depression from me. Asking for Blessings of health for my family. THank you for your prayer.

CHRISTIAN SERVER -- I ask for stamina, alertness and grace to walk in love. I ask for favor, fruit of the Spirit and protection from evil, temptation and evil people.Finances and wisdom of which ministries to suport. Thank you in the Name of Jesus.

Please,please,please pray for Michael -. Please pray that the doctors are guided to provide him the best care and course of treatment,that his cancer treatments are successful, to ease any fear and anxiety for what he will endure, for the weather to be good so he will not miss treatments. To please during this season of miracles, cure him of this awful cancer. He is a good man and very much loved.

a better relationship with family and friends courage to follow the holy spirit. For the many people unemployed, and may God bless our USA. Sue

Please pray that I find peace and can truely follow the Lords will.

Please pray for my recovery from major depression. Also, please pray for my family because my illness causes suffering for them as well. Thank you. Tanya

Please pray for my husband who has been interviewing for the past
several weeks that he will hear something positive and that the Lord will bless him soon with a new position that he will enjoy and will be blessed to have.
Thank you all.

Please pray for my brother, Larry. He's getting into drugs.

I pray for continued healing in my relationship with my daughter. I pray she and her family will open their hearts to the miracle of God's love. - K