Pray for Others

Please pray for my oldest daughter, who is living with an older divorced man who has brought much evil into her life. SHe has rejected her family, her faith, and her friends as a result of this man's control and manipulations. Sara is in grave emotional and spiritual danger while with this man. Please pray for her return to her Lord and to her family. Please pray for my youngest daughter, who has rejected God's teachings Please pray for her return to the Lord as well. We were once a very close-knit Christian family, but the past six years, we have been under attack. Please pray for strength and peace during this very painful time. Amen.

Louis, Father. Open doors, create the perfect opportunity for him, encourage and comfort him. Bless and comfort his family. Restore, renew and grow our relationship. Open communication, shift circunstances, turn his heart. Send Godly counsel. Grant him wisdom and courage. Grant me favor, grant us favor. Help me to trust you. Bless us with a future together. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

that the school board can balance their budget and i don't lose my job.

Immediate need!! Please pray that God will turn Christian's life around now that he is getting out of jail and that he will not harm his two children or their mother ever again. Thank you.

My son, Adam, experienced SEVERE frostbile while on a 200 mile hike in October.... We REALLY could use some help & prayer for a full and complete healing & recovery in BOTH HANDS & FINGERS.
Thank you soooooooo much

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in May 2011. My mother is extremely ill and I am her caregiver. However I need a job in environmental, natural resources, or conservation to start paying my school loans back. I am willing and capable of doing both.
Sheryl , Michigan

Requesting a prayer fror my son Jesse who is currently going through some tough times in his life in needs God's guidance and protection. Jayne

Father in heaven in the name of Jesus The Jesus Christ my reimbusement is being held captive by the judge who has not signed of on the reimbursement. Please pray thet my stuck blessing will get loose and that my attorney will be more forth comiing with information that I need. Father in heaven in the name of Jesus please let the judge sign off on my reimbursement so that I may donate to Guide post, Operation blessing, and Doctors without borders in the next few days Amen and Amen!

For God's blessing and peace on our marriage, for healing of both of us after my husband's affair. For healing of deep emotional wounds.

Some days it seems more difficult to live "don't be discouraged or be dismayed for I am with you always,even to the end of the age"
Many of you reading this may be feeling this way also. So,I pray for you as you pray for me and in turn as we petition our Lord, He is lifting you and I up---right now---as we are praying. I am so grateful,He hears and answers our
prayers and accepts our praise.As we ask for strength and courage,He
freely and lovingly grants that to you and I. Thank you Father for hearing our prayers!