Pray for Others

Heavenly father thank you for blessing Michelle - with your spirit, I ask for blessing her with praying for the money we need for tthe tings that are needed, I ask for blessing the home base business with & over of abudance of money for a plce to live, more business, a truck, thank you in christ jesus name, Amen.

Lord, bless our world with peace! Please! It,s so sorrowful to hear what,s going on all over for families &. Others! Please help them find food and warm clothes, & pele who will help them understand that You exist. It's so wonderful to believe in You! Amen

please pray for Albert - and his family.

My Lord, please take care of Maria P after the death of her twin sister. May her sister's soul rest in peace. Assist the doctors and nurses in their work so that Maria recovers soon and lives a healthy life. Encourage her parents and relatives to trust You fully and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and support. Grant them hope, inner peace, patience, and strength. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Praise God for Brooks's safe trip home. Please pray for complete healing for Tessa. Thank you!

My week -end was very busy but I get a shock,in the mail.
Got a very nice check and I am going to put that money on bills.
Even thought I am not going anywhere for the HOLIDAYS, I still have my friends.


I have had a chronic health problem since this July. It's causing problems in my daily life and sleep. I need help and to know what it is. Please pray.

Please pray for my daughter Michelle on her employment opportunity that she has interviewed for. It is working with the elderly and she is very gifted in this area also so compasionate. Thank you

Please pray that my daughter will open her heart up to change the location of where her wedding is to be (as it is off a very busy highway and dangerous road and there is no parking. I found a better location close to where she had picked, please pray that the date would be available next June 23 for this facility. Please pray that there would be "intervention" to help with this matter. Also, that I can help with funding as my ex-husband (my daughter's father) said he cannot help with her wedding. Thank you. My name is Cheryl.