Pray for Others

Please pray that I find a better job: one where I use much more of my technical skills, allows me to fulfill both of the professional experience requirements, have more decision making authority and more distance from my supervisor and a raise in pay that reflects how hard I’ve worked to obtain my certifications. Please pray that I can find a job in a professional but relaxed environment with room for growth within the company.
Until then, please pray that my current job is less stressful and that my supervisor and I get along. Please pray that I am out of this job soon as I have been working hard to improve my resume. Please pray that the contacts I have made will help me to find my next position soon.
I pray for the many others who are doing worse than I am and would like to have any job right now. I pray the Lord meets their needs and brings them the same opportunity I know he’ll bring me. Amen.

I am in love with man who has no idea. I think of him all day. I dream of him. My heart aches for him. When I speak to him I get tongue tied. When I look in his eyes I feel like time stops.Please let this man feel about me like I do him. If he does not please take these feeling away from me so I may move on.It has been years since I have felt like this. I don't know what to do. Father I love you and trust in you. Let only your will be done. Amen

immediate prayers needed for Mike K. (cancer and cirrhosis)

My name is Minette - I now live in a shelter I am looking for prayer for a new low-income apartment. I also need a job in the clerical receptionist. I am need of money to began the process in just about every aspect of my life. Maybe a senior citizen apartment low-income on michigan ave preferably sky 55 apartment for seniors or low-income apartments within the dwelling unit. Food clothing job apartment and to pray to keep it. Please pray for education on how to get these requests from God and his divine plan for my life. To be good health and have a wonderful appearance, personality, and get along with people almost to do the supernatural in my life. Thank you have wonderful Holiday. With the Love of God may mine prayers be answered soon.

The panic attacks in my life are getting much worse and i don't feel like I can function in everyday things right now. Could you pray for me please for relief from them

i have financial problem with my business and my home

something is bothering me from the inside of my stomach and attacking me from the inside of my stomach day and night something evil with strange smells comeing in my room late at night while l am sleep.

Can you please continue to pray for my son Mark. He does not want a relationship with his dad or me, and this is very painful. He had chosen to live a sinful lifestyle, and does not have a relationship with Jesus. Please pray for his girlfriend Chanel, who lives with him and is not a Christian. Please pray that my husband would mature in his faith, and give up alchol and gambling. Pray also for Christian friends for us all. God Bless you

Prayer for a Financial Miracle Breakthrough for my Family, Debt free, Outreach Ministry, Graduate Seminary School, and Neighbors , Friends, and Aquatainces needs be met.Enlarge my Territory in Preaching, Teaching Gods Holy Word.

Please ask God to bless me, my father, and everyone else who needs them, with healing and financial miracles. Amen