Pray for Others

Louis, Father. Open doors, create the perfect opportunity for him, encourage and comfort him. Bless and comfort his family. Restore, renew and grow our relationship. Open communication, shift circumstances, turn his heart. Send Goldy counsel. Grant me favor, grant us favor. Help me to trust you. Bless us with a future together. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our family and a close family of ours, God knows our need.

Please pray for my recovery from major depression. Please pray for my family because my illness causes them to suffer also. Thank you. Tanya

My name is Sarah - and I would like to receive prayer for healing from a debilitating mental illness.

Pray for my friend Ralph -

Pray for justice with my son james, and lennie, we need support and protection from those that are against ue, pray that our enemies find peace and comfort in their hearts, pray for financial freedom

Understanding and renewed love for my marriage. We are feeling lost.

please pray for nancy to find her loved and valuable diamond earring. Lost on tues dec 20th. Pray to Jesus of course and if you believe in St.Anthony-saint of lost items -- I believe! I will let you know WHEN I find it. I hope it is soon. Thank you so much.

Please pray for Cathleen V. She has been missing from home since Monday. Her family is very worried. She suffers from depression. Pray for her safe return and may she come home before Christmas.

Father, I'm broken hearted and in crisis. I keep getting knocked down. I don't know what to pray for or how to pray. Help me please. Help me put my relationship with you first. Restore, renew and Send my earthly Love. Show me and bring my will in line with yours. In the name of Jesus.