Pray for Others

Dear God, Give us the wisdom and patience and serenity to cope with our family. Bring peace to our relationships and understanding and lots and lots of love.We dedicate the upcoming New Year to good things happening to all of us. Thank you for all your blessings of the past year. Gertrude

The Devil is trying to get to me using my own body. Sexual temptation is something I struggle with every day. I'm a virgin, but there are so many ways to please myself... and sometimes people watch. I let them. I need to stop. I also find myself being tempted by girls now. Before it was just guys. Help. I try not to get into situations where I'm tempted but eventually I stop thinking and it happens anyway. Help me.

Please help me pray for my son Richard, he has a drinking problem and can't stop.He has done rehab and counseling and still no good results. I am very worried. Please pray for him.

For my sister who has bone cancer her name is PAT

Please pray for me and my family I am a mother of three and currently I feel like giving up i'm running from myself I feel like i'm in a dark place and i'm the enemy of my own character I don't know who I am anymore I don't think I ever known Just please guide me through this dark tunnel and pray I overcome it

Yes Lord I come in prayer thanking you for providing the way, the truth and the life for me and anyone else who accepts your wonderful gift. Lord I pray a specific prayer that you provide financial blessing of greatness for my business and pesonal debts and ob;igations. Lord I am giving you my troubles and ask that you resolve every last one.Tonight over 2000 years ago you sent your son to be born Christmas Eve and I thank you for this greatest gift of all. In Jersus name I pray. Amen

From my friend: "Hey guys- if you live in -, horseshoe bay area and see a big, green alexander parrot, black and red ring and big red beak- please let me know. Someone rocked up looking for one and I'm helpin em. Turns out its someone who used to really look out for me, one of my carers when I was younger and they do mean a lot. This parrot is old and is like a human; bought up with dogs and will come to them and nibble their ears, etc. Please guys.. if ye see it, please give me a yell. The names honey. Whistles back to wolf whistle and the dog call whistle, if ye know what I mean?" thank you for praying.

Jesus bless me,with a positive attitude, and help me get better so I may help others who are ill and may die from Evil.My eyes have seen all the greed ,lies, and hate for the old and the ill,This must stop,Lord open their minds and hearts.May the Lord bless me,with Prayer and Jesus keep my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Lord and Prayer are coming, and Evil will lose.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others that will help.May all problems and issues be solved , and the Lord stop all Evil for everyone.The Holy Spirit will vanish all Evil.Faith Conquers and Prayer brings it home.My Fears, pain,and cancer will vanish with the power of the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.My Lord, we need help here,do not foresakin us,.give us all that help, the strength and wisdom to fight and stop all Evil.Foregive and Bless all of Us.

Please pray that Neron and Meagan will have a wonderful life together; that she calms down and be a good wife and mother; that Stefan will be a happy, healthy baby; that God will bless them and hold them in the palm of his hand, sheltering them from all danger. Amen.

I need prayers for me and my family....we need a home.we have to vacate our house by the end of the month and i don't know where am going with four kids.please i need your prayers for God to help me.thanks....God Bless you all.