Pray for Others

Heal my broken heart, Father. Send my Love. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

I am on a pre-dismissal process at my job right now. On 12/29/2011 is the date I will meet with an HR and she will make a decision on my employment on that date. I am asking God to please help turn the situation around and help me not to loose job because my husband just got lay off last week. I have two small children age 15 and 12 that I need to provide them food clothes and warm shelter. I am asking God to please remove the action against me. And let the HR who is against me at time know I made an unintentional mistake. I am asking God to help this HR understand my culture and tradition and understand what have told her is the truth. Please God tell this HR person that I don't have any intention to commit any fraud. Please God ask this HR person to forgive me and give me 2nd chance to proof myself. I never broke any rule, and this mistake I made is an unintentional mistake. Please help me keep my job dear Lord so I can provide food for my children, warm shelter and clothes for them. And please help my husband to find employment soon, please bless us and keep us safe and healthy always. Thank you so much Lord for everything. And you OurPrayer Ministry for praying for me.

please pray for me tokeep my faith, in all aspects of my life... my family, my relationships and my business... help me to have a grateful and trusting heart. pray that my friend and client keeps his promise to help me in my business.

Father God, I pray that you heal my body and confirm your healing. Open communication, restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Any thing is possible with you, Father. I ask in faith for you to bless me, bless us with the miracle of Love. Please send my Love. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please pray that Andrew would be healed of his cravings for drugs and alcohol, and that his life would bring glory to God as he serves others. Thanks for reading this and praying.

My grandfather is very ill and dying. It is quite possible that he will not make it to see tomorrow. He has dedicated his life to God and been a faithful follower his whole life. He was a hard worker, good provider and father, good husband, good grandfather and great grandfather. He is suffering, after being debilated by small strokes and Alzheimers, and recently a massive stroke. Please pray for mercy, no more suffering and that the Lord lift him and embrace him. His name is Rheal and I will miss him with all of my heart! :(

Louis, Father. Open doors, create the perfect opportunity for him, encourage and comfort him. Bless and comfort his family. Restore, renew and grow our relationship. Open communication, shift circunstances, turn his heart. Send Goldy counsel. Grant him wisdom and courage. Grant me favor, grant us favor. Help me to trust you. Bless us with a future together. Your will be done. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dear Lord,please save Sherry and Tanya.And send them wonderful christian husbands to love and care for them.Bless them,their lives,cars,homes,finances,health,relationships,work,jobs.May Charles break the yoke of foolishness from his life,Psalm50:14-15.Please save him,Margie,Jim,Deb.Thank You precious Jesus.And if we know that He hears us-whatever we ask-we know that we have what we asked of Him,1John5:15.Thank You Father God,i love You.In the most wonderful name Jesus.Amen

Praise be to the Holy Trinity.Kindly pray that my son Deepu be issued with job visa today. My family be protected and blessed.I be cured of allergy. With prayer-John

please pray with the me so that the damaging effects of my diabetic retinopathy and nueropathy are put to a halt ,stopped . so that i will not need amputative surgery and i may be at peace and calm to heal and level out my blood sugar . for faith and strength to carry on . Frances M