Pray for Others

Dear Lord, I do not understand there is a position at a place i would love to work i have 15 or more years experience in that field of service im confused Lord why they would say it is not a match for me . Lord i confess im a sinner , i need to stop my acts of sexual immoraliity . i confess Lord of these sin . Lord i need your mercy, grace, and loving kindness to fine a job . forgive me of my addiction to porn help me to wash my body clean of this dirt i am sorry Lord for this , masturbation for self enjoy ment, i need to open up my heart for you to take controll of this shame i have Lord guide me away from this devil I ask In the blood of Jesus to wash this from my soul.

Please pray that I will be lifted from all my financial trials and tribulations. Thank you!

Our youngest daughter came up with the statement that she was "wild". Please join me in prayer that she give all "wildness". Her name is Andrea.
Thank you for your prayers.

Dear God,
Please help me God. This is my first time to celebrate new year with my family and im really excited to be with them, but why this happening until this time i feel very sad. God please help me i want my family happy when im with them i really hope that it will happen . God please help me to pursue my dreams. I really need your help please God help me i beg you help me...
Thank you very much
Antonio -

I would like to pray for my ex husband to begin to acknowledge that he has grandchildren that need his help in showing his love and support for them. I pray that God will touch his heart and help him to realize that he had a family of 30 yrs before he left and married a younger woman who treats him very badly. He does more for her than he has ever done for his first wife and even now he acts as if they never existed. Their granchildren are being raised by the grandmother and he doesn't even acknowledge that they need help financially or emotionally. Christmas is almost here and there is no money to buy decent things for the kids and there is no help from him or his side of the family. Just pray that God will show him that he still has family with the children even though we are not together anymore. There is no desire from me to want to be with him just want him to care for his grandchildren and children that he had before as well as the one he has now.

I -- My prayer request is to really hear where and what God has for me career as I was laid-off on Oct. 4, 2011. I feel God may be calling me to preach, teach and be a testimony of His love and promises to all un-believers and believers using wisdom and discernment. I also ask that you pray for my family's salvation, repent and be baptized. Also pray for Mazzin H-'s salvation, repent and be baptized as I am starting to pray daily Ephesians 1:17-18 for Mazzin; so please pray that scripture for him as well. I pray for protection, good health, wisdom, discernment and prosperity for my family, Mazzin and myself. But most importantly, I pray for my family and Mazzin to start and have a very rich fulfilled life by knowing, building and getting a deep loving relationship with Christ Jesus daily. I pray my walk gets deeper and deeper everyday and more intimate with Christ Jesus daily as well. Thank you for praying for my family, for Mazzin and myself. In Jesus' name, Amen

please pray for Carlos. He needs help. He is in financial trouble, he trys so hard. Please ask God to ease his burden. He really needs a miracle

I have a skeptical heart. My faith in God is being tested. Please pray for me.

First I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us for many years. I am asking prayer for a new house to raise my twin granchildren where the rent is affordable and I can stop struggling to make ends meet. We need food and clothes and each month is a struggle living on a disability check. Thank you Jesus in advance and may God Bless You All.

May the Holy Spirit fill me with love and patience for others.
I am in great physicsl pain and know God will take care of me if I only pray continually. I as also today for help for my eldest daughter, Kathy. She is unemployed and lonely. She charges things she can't possibly afford, and we can't continue to subsidise her wayward spending. She is active in her church but needs a barrage of prayers. God bless all of you and a very Merry Christmas, Monica