Pray for Others


Please pray for a healthy new year for all family and friends, pray for my son Hector for peace of mind and heart, worry for him every,never has a good night sleep and stressing all the time, afraid for him, blood pressure is up..plz pray and me having too many health issues with bladder and colon..sister Linda need mental support afraid to demenia and sister is more and more losing her eye sight...thanks Angels on Earth

please pray for the protection of my children and for me to be a better mother for them. thank you

Please pray for Benjamin. He is a 4-year old little boy from my hometown. He is fighting for his life. He was diagnosed with leukemia in April and has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in the last week. His doctors have not given him very long. The whole town is praying for a miracle. We will take all the help we can in lifting this little boy up in prayer.
Thank you,

financial how apy light bill repay money borrowed for water bill-month ly $100 and gas bill all bills,daughter needs job -shots for dogs

Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone there! I am requesting prayer, as I was wrongfully terminated after 7+ years employment (after a 1 week stay in the hospital). The so called Christians I worked for were very greedy and it was a toxic environment. Praise God that I'm not still there, but I have not been able to find work. I know that HE catapulted me out of that situation, but I desperately need work. I'm over $3,000 in arrears with my condo fees. I have great faith, so please pray for me and I thank you.
God Bless!

I just got payed and I have no money to get by until Jan 6,2012, which will be my next payday. There's no one I can ask for a loan until then and I have overextended my self. Please pray for me and thank you for the Christmas greeting. God Bless you.

I ask prayer that God will let me feel His presence. I need my heart healed from being broken. I am also depressed and ask to be released from depression.

Personal relationship with Christ, career Direction, financial stability, mental stability, and a Christ filled life for my one year old daughter. My soul mate would be an added bonus. Thank-You. Cynthia

I wish to request a prayer for my son Ryan who is currently suffering from pericarditis (a heart defect of the sac) he is a healthy 24 year old who has never had health issues before.. :*( I am very saddened by this. Please help me so GOD may hear my prayers.