Pray for Others

God, I love you with all my heart, soul and mind. Thanks for all my blessings.Please keep me and my family safe and healthy. My husband still isnt speaking to me too much, I am putting this in Gods hands to take care of. Thanks and amen

Need prayer for finances and healing from cancer for spouse and co worker family member

I am feeling cranky and tired and lonely today. And sad about a certain relationship in my life. Please pray for me. I don't want to feel this way. I want to remember all of the blessings in my life. Thank you.

Pray for my family and myself that we be blessed with the holy spirit, and be led to ador the baby Jesus as we celebrate his birth.
Pray that my daughter , my son inlaw , my husband and myself, along with other members of our families, remain faithful in God, as we to await the birth of our new baby to the family.

Please pray for our Nation to turn to God and His laws and principles. Pray for our family business to survive in this economy. Pray for family unity and love and understanding. Pray for good health to complete our work on earth. Pray for all those who seek God's guidance. Thank Him for His eternal love and forgiveness and mercy. Anonymous

please pray for my brother(younger), pray that he will cooperate with my mom that he will help take care of me after she is gone.

Please pray for Jerry as he lay in the hospital not knowing for sure what is wrong. He has a large family who depend on him. Anonymous

Please pray for Barbara S who had heart surgery yesterday. May the surgery be successful, may she heal quickly and be free of illness. Thank you for your prayers for Barbara, God Bless.
Please pray for Rebecca P. May she heal and be free from breast cancer. Thanks for your prayers, God Bless.

please say prayers for my husband & I. Our marriage has been very turbulent over the last few years. We do LOVE each other and have put aside our differences. Things happened and hurt followed, We were weighted down with despair, We are trying to climb up together. DW

I ask for prayer for God to continue to guide me through my financial crisis and to be able to pay my bills and keep my home. I pray to mend relationships with friends, keep my marriage/family together, and to find a permanent job. I praise God for filling my heart with the Holy Spirit. Thank you