Pray for Others

please pray for a peaceful loving atmosephere in our home this christmas in our kids and us as parents!!

This may seem trite, but I need prayer to stop eating sugars and sweets and breads. thanks Linda

Please pray for my marriage. My husband (George) who is a Pastor, refuses to put his family first. He will follow all biblical teachings except for scriptures on marriage. He has not supported myself and my daughter financially, physically or emotionally. Everyone and thing is priority in his life. I ask that you would pray in agreement for the Lord to show him what he is doing is wrong. I know God hates divorce but i am exhausted and getting sick over this, it has been years of being alone yet married.

please pray for me inlaws and husband our are very critical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for us so that we will find a buyer for the house

Praise and thanks to God! Please pray for the Lord's mercy, grace and power for complete healing and a friend. In JESUS name. Blessings.

My mom is getting her lung biopsied right now. Please pray for her to not have any complications and that the cancer not be malignant. We get the results today or tomorrow from her colon biopsy. Please pray for that cancer to not be malignant, too. Thank you.

I am requesting prayer for my marriage and family. We need some security both financially and mentally. I want to keep our family together, I am praying my husband can overcome his demons and be the man I know he can be. I also pray for my children and there education. In the name of my savior Jesus Christ AMEN

that I get a job soon for the winter. that my knee heals soon, though better. Money to live on cominin mail. I have many blessings and we must share them as the are given.

Please pray for me and my four adult children. Also pray for my five grands, especially Chel who has a cold, thanks for praying for us, Barbara.