Pray for Others


My prayer concerns: All of my 4 children in crises: 2 are drug-addicted; one very severely. One having crisis at work; one barely able to support self. I have health problems.
Thank you

Please ask God to heal me of my mental illness. Thank you. Amen

That my wife will let me come home today to reunite her, our 4 children with me today...and forever. Thank you.

Please Please pray for Brad that he will snap out of this depression and to get back on the right track and to get his unresolved issues resolved and to be ok with his job. Pray he gets the issues with his job resolved and they call him or he calls them and gets his check and to figure out if needs to stay at this job or persue another one but please let there be enough work for him. Pray he gets away from any wrong or bad influence people and he stays in contact with his girls. Pray he will be ok financially. Pray he gets to his meeting Wed. of this week and gets the fine paid and to have the money and also to figure out his classes that will help him and where and he will make the right decisions and drives safely. Pray he doesnt get into any more trouble and all will work out for him and he will take steps in the right direction and makes the right decisions soon- THANKS MUCH FOR BRAD...

Please pray with me for my son Iseea - he got in to some
Im a mother and im fasting as well.The responce must be good.
Thank you for agreeing with me, in your name Holy Holy Jesus

Please pray for Baylee Grace, a child of God, that she will be born with healthy kidneys and the rest of her body healthy as well. She is due Feb. 12,2012. Please pray for her and her mama. Thank you Lord and Bless Guideposts for this space to use to ask for prayer.

my son is going to court today and I am asking for prayer for a good outcome

Today as I was vacuuming at work, an instructor who has always thought that she was superior to me had the audacity to close the door while talking to another instructor. The instructor closed the door in a manner that she suspected I was eavesdropping, which I was not. I would like to pray for myself first because I would like to confront her and tell her the nerve that she had but I would also like to pray for her and her issues of superiority that she has as well. NOw that me and others who work for my company have been laid off, the instructors are acting funny and distancing themselves. The funny thing is, everyone knew but us. Please also pray for me that my boss at my other job pays me. He is a doctor and I do custodian work for him. He wants the work done, but he does not want to pay. I am requesting $75 from him because I feel like he owes me that much.

pray for peace in home an joy and unconditional love!!