Pray for Others

Please pray that as we gather tonight as family celebrating this Christmas we may all have the hearts that is full of thanksgiving and gratitude because of Jesus and we may have rest and peace as we face the coming year. May the rest of my family give their lives or recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior and depend upon Him and that they may realize that without Jesus life is empty and meaningless. Pease pray also for protection upon this family. Thank you very much. Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all!

Thank You Lord Jesus that our noise is forgiven and we keep our apartment!

Thank You Lord Jesus Mother Mary for our wonderful friend Genelle and her prayer support to us, for my Mom's healing and me. Thank You for Genelle's great courage & sense of humor, she's resting & sleeping well, enjoying great happiness. That she stays healthy with all her conditions, ribs healed, heart strong, defibulator working well, body sinuses lungs ears digestive tract are all clear, moist, only healthy organisms. Thank You she is blessed with well-paying work that she can do easily, especially physically! This we pray for all who need. Amen

Prayer for ALL Mary - and her husband of 20 PLUS Years ,Vern - ,That Verns Daughter and Grandaughter will ,return all they have Stolen ,fROM our Home .

Please pray for Marianne she is traveling to the Phillipines tonight to be with her famiy pray for her she was very upset when she left , pray she finds the Lord peace &gudance for her & leaves the stress with the Lord.. Pray for her time with her family and a safe return home in January..

im in desperate need of medicaid for my dedication.also i need to win my disability suit.and these opression spirits to leave me alone.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Loving Guidance to our friend Carrie, her depression & pain gone, her healing path unfolding easily before her, that the help she needs (alternative treatments) & your guidance for this is easily available & clear to her. Thank You that she is strong healthy full of energy, resting sleeping well, & old medication easily clearing from her body. She is on best medication possible for her, feeling well with it, inflamation gone. Thank You she is happy & strong, much success with her new focus & new treatments working well with her medical treatment. Amen.

Dearest Lord Jesus we ask for Your Divine Intervention with Carolyn's son Parker, that he is able to stop drinking immediately, join programs to help addiction recover, for him & all family members (please help his mother Carolyn with her prayers for him), that the well part of him becomes stronger than the disease of addiction in Your Will & Grace. Thank You his stepson Tyler's heart & artificial valve & body all remain strong & healthy. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your blessings for all families recovering from the disease of addiction. Amen.

i had eye surgery and am still in a lot of pain and the meds for this has caused a bladder infection. I pray that I am able to enjoy Christmas with my family without to much discomfort. and I pray for all the less fortunate of the world and ones in so much pain today.

Please pray for the following: My husband is in the hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant, my daughter's husband just requested a divorce after 11 years and 3 children, my husband's brother was just given between 2 weeks to two months to live as he was diagnosed with an agressive form of non-hogkins lymphoma, I can't be in two places at once and need to be with my husband but my daughter needs me, increased sales at our business back home. I know that God does not give us more than we can handle and I trust in him. We have family & friends around the world praying for us but I'd love to know that others are praying for us also during this time. I'm asking for prayer for us and that we accept God's answer no matter what it is. Thank you so much.