Pray for Others

I ask for prayer for healing emotionally and physically.

Dear Servant Leaders of our Calvary,
I just wanted to give you the sad news that Lorri-was told she has only about 2 months left here on earth. She is trying to be strong for her girls.
She is in lots of pain and is not favorable to hospice care.
Although I have not placed this out on our e-news, please feel free to share this information so that others can pray. Lorri wanted her Calvary family to know....and to pray.
Please pray for her and her family.

Please pray that my body will manifest optimum health.

Please pray for all my children, especially my oldest son who is now 45 years old and a very brilliant man (although he does not believe in God)to find their path to Jesus. My heart is heavy that the oldest does not believe in our Lord, although he was brought up in the same home as the other three. I pray for their health, peace in their hearts and God's guidance to bring up my grandchildren in the Lord's light. I pray for better health for myself and for all in the world who are ill mentally,
physically, emotionally, but especially those that are ill spiritually. I pray for peace on earth. In Jesus's great name.

Travel mercies for my family this holiday season.

Please pray for a marriage in trouble,my daughter Sasha - and her husband Roque-..they have 3 little boy's who dont know what's about to happen to their parent's or themselve's, sasha and roque's anniversary is on new year's eve and they wont be celebrateing this year..this is their last christmas together as a family,my daughter has taken a supriseing 180 turn from who she was to a woman who want's excitement and partying, she was happy for the kind of husband she has and for her little family, I dont know what happened, she caught us all off guard, she isnt the same..and to throw it all out the window is sad..they are even buying a house..I told her the grass isnt greener on the other side, she wont listen and her father is a strong athiest and is a bad instegater in this..sasha also now has a couple drink's after work now as she never did before this..her husband is a real sweetheart..she say's her marriage lacks excitement..Im praying for your help here that something will happen here to change her mind..thank you for your help..this is urgent! they live in wash... sincerely...her mom marcella

I pray for my husband to be sensitive to the Holy Spirits conviction and come to recognize his need for the Lord. I ask the Lord to breathe on my dead marriage so it will come to life and be restored suddenly. I pray my husband will love his wife like Christ loved the church. I pray for the Holy Spirit to convict my husband’s heart to call and spend Christmas Eve with me and his son. I pray in agreement with others on this website for their needs. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Save my son, Darrick, Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

My husband has had 3 heart attack this year alone, and now 40% of his heart is dead. Because of his health we had to shut down our business, and I had a terrible job finding another job. I finally found a part-time minimum wage position the end of October, 2011, but it wasn't soon enough to take care of our financial problems. We are facing foreclosure on our home - in fact we just received word today that the sale on our dream home will be on Jan 13, 2013. Please pray that the bank will reconsider this decision, and at least allow us to remain in our home until my husband's disability payments start or we will be homeless. We really need your prayers, as I am starting to lose my faith....

Father God, I pray that you heal my body and confirm your healing. Open communication, restore, renew and grow my relationship with Louis. Any thing is possible with you, Father. I ask in faith for you to bless me, bless us with the miracle of Love.