Pray for Others

I am worried about my health and health of love ones and our finances and Christmas and future,Husband is yelling at me and I ask to overcome and Lord have Mercy upon Kim,William and HM and all love ones and Mike and RH and pray for me.PM

Please pray for my son Jonathan. He has a mental illness and is not taking his medication. He is so sad please pray for his mental and physical. I have been praying that he will start back his medication without having to be hospitalized. He is so quiet and withdrawn.

I am contemplating facilitating a Companions in Christ study at my church. I was a participant in the first, and only, one led at my church. For the past few months or so I have had this on my heart. Please pray that I have the wisdom to know God's will for me in this.
Mary Lou -

pray for increase in our finances to be debt free.

i am having back pain please pray God will relieve the pain

prayer for my marriage be restored with my wife and myself.

My son, Travis, and his wife, Jen< desperately need a child. They have tried all methods to no avail. People have babies so easily, so easily, so easily, why not them. I do not see them anymore because it hurts so much to see cousins have them out of wedlock and have more than they want, so easily. Ask the LORD to bless them with a child!!!!!
Why God's answer always NO? Pray for them!!!!

please pray for the protection of my children, for me to be a better mother, and for bruce who is fighting cancer. thank you

pray that the nodules on my lungs are ok. I will give God the praise for my healing.

please pray for my son taborie - and desmond - so they can band also to help him with is focus