Pray for Others

Lord please help me get over this confusion with JH. Please help him to understand that this relationship is very important to me and Im trying to do everything in my power to please him. Help him to see and understand that he's not being open and understanding to me and show him how to learn to love and trust and forgive like you God. i pray for your forgiveness if I handled the situation wrong but I felt provoked. Please restore the happiness I've been feeling and bring the joy back. Please speak to JH and help him mentally, physically and spiritually.

My Grandson Hayden is Due on Jan 3rd, the Doctor and his parents
have decided to induce on Monday 26th, Molly (the mommy is at
1cm right now, I pray that he not be born to early, and that
old familial health issues surrounding early births are bound
now in Jesus Name, and that Both Mother and Baby and Daddy Bobby
to have a blessed and smooth delivery In Jesus Name, Also I have
had a cold for a while now with sore throat, I am beleiving for
my healing to manafest so I can visit my new grandson, In Jesus Name, Thanks for your prayers, Merry Christmas

Looking for a sign from God for direction for the rest of my life and the job he is leading me to.

Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit,
Place prayer, grace and favor. You know my prayers. Plse answer. god Bless..

I am losing my job, and am in debt more than I should be. I am very anxious and depressed at this special time of the year. I ask for a prayer that I might turn my worries over to Christ and believe in him.
Thank you. DKH

Ken for being able to breath better

Please pray for Jennifer, that the Lord will draw her near and restore her faith. She is living over a thousand miles from relatives and she and her husband are having difficulties. Her husband is a scientist who is not a believer. Pray that the Spirit of Christmas might embrace them both.

My daughter's health. Severe anxiety, narcolepsy, and now symptoms of meningitis. Going to the doctor for the fourth time today.
She wants to begin her Masters in January, but cannot get well enough to finish training for her part time job.
She is living with us just now and I know she hates to have to do that. She cannot make her debts and cannot work right now, due to poor health.
Thank you Father God and prayer volunteers.

For my brother-in-law, Rudy W- Failing health, having tests, have found a spot on lungs. He is a life long smoker. Not sure he is saved! Thank you.

For my son Fred. He has been going through bad health this fall and the Doctor's cannot figure out what is causing the problems. He had been mad at God for many years for allowing a car accident that left him with a closed head injury. I am praying for both reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ, and for healing of the health problems that popped up this fall. One that is concerning and worring him is a growth in his nose. Prayers that it is beign. Thank you for praying with me.