Pray for Others

My son, Travis, and his wife, Jen< desperately need a child. They have tried all methods to no avail. People have babies so easily, so easily, so easily, why not them. I do not see them anymore because it hurts so much to see cousins have them out of wedlock and have more than they want, so easily. Ask the LORD to bless them with a child!!!!!
Why God's answer always NO? Pray for them!!!!

please pray for the protection of my children, for me to be a better mother, and for bruce who is fighting cancer. thank you

pray that the nodules on my lungs are ok. I will give God the praise for my healing.

please pray for my son taborie - and desmond - so they can band also to help him with is focus

My mom is struggaling with drug addiction. she got clean a couple years ago, but she is back at it again...its putting a strain on faith, trust, hope. everything. its threatening her marriage, and her life, and is more than i can handle. please pray for a spiritual awakening for her.

I need you now Lord. I'm lonely, scared, broken hearted, depressed, anxious and feeling abandoned. I pray for open communication, restoration, renewal and growth of my relationship with Louis. Heal my heart Father. Louis is a good man and he is not responsible, our split opened a wound that has never healed. Heal my heart and my emotions, make me whole. Heal our relationship and bless us with a healthy, happy, communicative, intimate friendshp and relationship leading to a Christ centered marriage. I see my prayers for others answered, what about me? Grant me favor Father, grant the desire of my heart. I've waited so very long. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

please pray for my son Ralph for work and finances and for a chance for his dream of horses breeding and training. He is a 7year cancer survivor and has a very kind a giving heart. Please pray for Gods direction in his dream he is only 24

I'm hurting today from disappointment, please pray for God's comfort to surround me and for Him to heal me from all my hurts. Thank you.

please pray for my finances and for God to bring my husband home and allow us to pay our bills. We are both in our 60's and he is forced to work away from home to find work. Please pray for our family guest ranch that it might once more be able to support our families

Grace and Favor at Job - Favor and Grace on a double shift, busy day at work. Favor with customers, co-workers and managers. Protection from the evil that is abounding at my work place. Grace to show Christ, joy of the Lord to be my strength. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.