Pray for Others

I was let go from my job almost 2 years ago and no company will hire me because of past police reccords.Im almost at the end of myself.Please pray for me.I will be willing to do any thing in any work.

Thank you for your prayers!! My house is in escrow and I must find a new place to live by Jan 1st 2012. Please pray that this escrow goes smoothly and that I will have enough money from the sale to buy a car and find a safe home for me and my five cats!! It may be difficult to find a rental that will take five indoor-outdoor cats, especially at this time of year!!. This is an urgent request for prayer help!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a fabulous Holiday and may God bless everyone!!!

Please pray for us to keep our house. We need to remodify our loan and pay our property taxes. We need a miracle soon. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband Gary today. He is having an MRI to see what the nodules are on his liver. Pray against cancer as most are inoperable. He is a kind, good, loving man and our family needs him so much. In Jesus Christ's name, heal him. Amen.

I have not made enough money this month to pay my bills. Please pray that I will receive a miracle. I have worked hard but there are things about this I cannot control. I need supernatural faith and strength to come to my heart and I really need to see the Lord provide for me this month. Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for Bella age 3 and Luca age 18 months as they will be defenseless against their drug addicted,criminally charged, neglectful father whom the court has enforced a mandatory unsupervised visit for this Saturday,Christmas Eve.Bella and Luca will have to miss the Church Christmas program as he will not let them attend or be in it.Thank you.God Bless and have a Merry Christmas.

I have been divorced from my Ex since 2007, we tried a couple of times there after but never seemed to get things back. I NEVER wanted the divorce to begin with and NEVER stop loving him, which made it easy for him to keep coming back whenever he felt like it, and I would take him back... Shame on Me. Nonetheless, I havent been successful at moving on and guess what.. My Ex has contacted me again.. No he doesent want me back because now he has found someone and is happy...but me.. I'm without and ANGRY! I don't want him contacting me but when he does I don't respond back. I don't want to change my # again because I do it so much yet he gets it again.. I'm TIRED! I'm TIRED and want to move on ... Yes, I guess I still love him... I really dislike that too, but it is the truth., Please can you pray for me I dont' know what to do and I'm miserable.... thank you so much. Victoria

Please prayer for my daughter Elissa. She has been sick with flu like symptoms and cannot seem to get better.

Hope to find a new job next year.
Also like to find some one a male to work out with me so I can loose some weight.

Please pray that I have a good week. Pray that Brad will go to his meeting Wed and pay the fine and get the classes started. Pray he will stay and get back on the right track. Pray he will contact me in a good positive way and will get his check and go back to V.R. to either get his things or to resolve his problems. Pray he will be ok with his job and have work and to save his money and to stay away from bad influence and wrong people and to get in touch with good people and they will him. Pray he will call Blayne also and his children. THANKS MUCH- DENISE ( FOR BRAD)