Pray for Others

I ask for the lord to give me a heart of love and keep my salvation. I ask for protection of my family, Job and Finanices. I claim healing and long life over my Aunt Elzada - from Arthritis and give her very long life. I need her here with me. I and going into surgery on 1/10/12. I ask that the lord be with me and that the procedure turns out to be successful. I ask for the lord to send my husband to me. Someone that is filled with Gods holy spirit, and everything else I have always wanted for a husband to be.I ask for 2012 to be the best year of my life and that I will be where God wants me to be. Love Melissa -

Granddaughter Christeena and husband Ross have 3 kids and 1 on the way. He has no job or car.Thank you!

Please pray for my husband, Barry's, health, especially his sugar diabetes & arthritis which causes him much pain. God bless.

I am feeling down although I am trying to be positive.I feel so alone. I need prayers.

I need prayer for my workplace: it is so stressful under the present leadership. Some of the co-workers are experiencing health issues due to this situation ( I am also included). I am constantly praying for this situation. Thanks in advance......

I've lost my job. Something I never thought would happen to me. My boss started abusing me about a year ago, and I couldn't put up with it anymore. It was destroying my sense of self-worth and self-esteem. It was so subtle, I didn't even notice it was happening, or wrong, until it came to a head. I asked the higher manager to help me, and she assured me she would, and it wouldn't mean me walking out the door. Then she let her abuse me more, and told me I couldn't talk to any of my friends about it. They'll figure it out that it was my supervisor, and I pray they find out sooner than later. She will find another victim, until they wise up. It's unbelievable that this could happen to me at this point in my life, with what was supposed to be my dream job. I know God has something better in store for me. Thank you for praying on this. God Bless.

food, lodging, a job for my neice Teresa

Some good things are being to happen to me and it is coming at a good time.
I got a check that I didnot know I was going to get,some friends at church have given some gifts that I have to open up on 12-25,
Friends have invited me to have dinner with them on12-24 and 12-25.

please pray for my daugter SJ as her nerves are frayed. She needs serenity and a piece of mind that she will do well in school this week. Pls also pray for her ongoing health issues, hoping for some answers soon.

I need all of you to please pray hard for me that this works out. My landlord is mad because I wouldn't pay for repairs that needed done to this place when I moved in 3 -1/2 years ago that had just gotten worse until he had to do something. It said in the papers that I have been dropped by HUD. I cannot rent anyplace on my income with out assistance. There is no telling what he has told them. They know this place was leaking in several places and moldy. I have told them that from the beginning, so it is not like they didn't know about it. I called my attorney who is not charging me, hoping he can get something done. I haven't heard from him today. I got the notice delivered last night late and left him a message on his email.