Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband, Allen and that the lump and pain in his back is nothing serious. Pray he can get some relief and find a better job so that he isn't in constant pain.

I need peace and God's will to be shown to me. I need to know how to handle this very difficult situation.

Asking for prayer again for my girlfriend Jeri, and I. That I may have peace over missing her. That God would intervene and help us to reconcile and reconnect.

pray that I trust in God blindly because he will guide me, that I leave all my hurts, worries and heartache to him as I can't do alone. Pray that I show my kids how much I love them with my actions and not material stuff. Help me to learn to be patient. I want to be a better person, be humble and not pass judgement. I want to zip my mouth before I make an ill comment about someone, let go of grudges and stop being hurt by my family. I know that all will happen in God's time and if he has someone in store for me it will happen. I need to stop feeling lonely. I will do my best.

Dear God please give me and my family A good christmas Amen

Please pray for the salvation of my son. He has been making poor choices and quit his job. I just spoke with him. He sounds desperate. It worries me. May the Lord touch him with grace and mercy. Also for the restoration of my family and marriage. This is very painful as my son was not raised this way. Thank you.

God, please reunite this family in Jesus mighty name the A. family

Please pray that our car will start and run fine. Please let there be nothing wrong with it when my husband goes to check it out. It locked up earlier today. I appreciate your prayers. Thank you and may God hear all your prayers and bless you all greatly. Sarah

My grandson graduated from college on Dec 16 this year. He has applied to several different dental colleges (he wants to be a dentist) but has not heard from any of them saying he has been accepted. Please pray that God has already found the college he wants Ryan to attend. He needs to start dental school by August of 2012. It will take him 4 years to finish Dental school. Thank you

I feel so lost sometimes that I don't know where to turn. I pray and believe things will all work out with my son and his drinking problem, with my youngest son having to live alone without his children because his girlfriend wanted to be signal again and me having to make a huge deicision with the man that wants to marry me. I've always put my son's and grandchildren first and I believe God is watching over us all but I can't seem to let go and allow my son and his drinking to live in the streets so I've allowed him to move back with me. This puts my life back on hold and I just don't know what to do anymore with him. I pray day and night for Go dto give me a sign, I beg that He shows me the right path but for over 10 years I've had to suffer along his side. He lived in a shelter for a few months but because of his drinking they threw him out. His brother wants no part of his life which I understand why but that only leaves me, alone having to deal with him. Please help me pray for both my son's and for myself as well because I know our Lord does not want us to be this unhappy. Thank you,